Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Lolu And Cee C Become Permanent Partners In The Big Brother Naija House

lolu cee c

Things have taken another turn in the BB Naija 2018 house as Lolu-Anto and Tobi-Cee C team have been switched, until further notice.

Big Brother tonight made this switch regarding the slip that happened between Lolu and Cee C when they were paired together for 24 hours.

Lolu and Cee C’s string had cut off yesterday while both refused to give in to the other. Big Brother had punished them last night but it seems he wasn’t done with them.

After their task presentation tonight, the whole housemates waited for their judgement from Big Brother. Big brother then called Lolu and Cee C and decided that they will become strategic partners.

This put the two pairs with the women crying and the men resigning to their fate. Now Tobi is paired with Anto and Lolu with Cee C.

This will change a lot of dynamics in the house with this new pairing.

What do you viewers think?
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Big Brothe Naija Video: Ahneeka caught M4sturbating In The House

In a trending video, they say Ahneeka was m4sturbating…. and we think so too, but then, some people said she was just sleeping.. But then again, who sleeps with their legs shaking?

There’s currently a trending video of BBNaija Housemate, Ahneeka on bed in the house, making some type of funny moves.. and some investigators have claimed she was self pleasuring herself!

The housemates of course know that there are cameras in the house, as big brother will be watching and of course the whole of Nigerians are watching, so whatever they do, they “stylishly” do it, or try to hide whatever.

In a trending video, they say Ahneeka was masturbating…. and we think so too, but then, some people said she was just sleeping.. But then again, who sleeps with their legs shaking?

Watch the video below, and tell us what you think;
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Full VIDEO- Miracle & Nina are The First To Have S3x in The Big Brother Naija House 2018

#BBNaija: Miracle & Nina Becomes The First To Officially Have $3XX-x in The Big Brother Naija House 2018 – VIDEO

bbnaija nina miracle
The housemates, after their Saturday Night party were all “high” AF, and they went on to do a kissing game.. Teddy and BamBam kissed.. Miracle, the birthday boy, and his pair, Nina kissed… Ahneeka refused to kiss Rico, Alex refused to kiss Alex.. etc.
After the whole charade, the housemates called it a night, and went on to bed.. But Our very own MINA had another thing up their sleeves.. THEY DID IT! See the video below
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More Nina and Miracle Full Videos in BBNaija 2017

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

2018 Big Brother Naija XXX - Bitto and Princess in Action

2018 Big Brother Naija XXX 

Big Brother Naija's 2018 housemate, Bitto (pictured below) might have received a warning from biggie today and that is because of what he was seen doing on camera by Biggie.
Bitto was seen after the cameras showed him on a bed getting a little too close to a fellow housemate, Princess, and he was immediately summoned to the diary room.
Recall that during the BBNaija 2, housemate Kemen lost his chance to continue the show after he touched Tboss without her consent. He was invited by Biggy into the diary room and expelled afterwards.

See more photos below.
bitto princess

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Watch Teddy and Bambam Passionately Kiss

Teddy and Bambam Share a Passionate Kiss

bbn teddy bambam
Big Brother Naija Housemates, BamBam and her partner, Teddy A, kissed on Saturday.
This occurred one week after BamBam said doesn’t have feelings for Teddy A because he smokes and has tattoos.
Teddy A is a father to a four-year-old boy but not married to his baby mama.
The outgoing week 2 of the BBNaija has churned out more drama than the previous.Recall that Cynthia Nwadiora, aka Cee- C, declared that she can make the N45 million prize money in a week.
Cee-C , in a conversation with fellow housemate BamBam, boasted that the money is not as important as what awaits her after the show.
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