Thursday, 4 October 2018

Exclusive photo: Vicky Zugah and BIG BROTHER AFRICA star, Bolt welcome baby boy

Exclusive photo: Vicky Zugah and Big Brother Africa star, Bolt welcome baby boy

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah and her partner, Sierra Leone’s Big Brother Africa (The Chase) star, Bolt have welcomed a baby boy, can confirm.
The actress delivered the boy, named André, on August 31 at exactly 3pm at a private hospital in Accra.
Vicky, who has been off the screens for some time now, has been linked with Big Brother Chase star Bolt, born Adrian Bolt Lewis.
Although she has denied the rumours, the two, gathers, are engaged.
Recently, the actress denied media reports that she was pregnant. Her pregnancy was however confirmed after pictures of her baby bump hit the internet.
André will be outdoored in November this year.
vicky zugah and bolt
vicky zuga and bolt
big brother africa bolt and vicky zugah
vicky zugah bolt bb
bba bolt and vicky zugah
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Prezzo, Huddah and his gilfriend, Chagga Babie's Saga

Big Brother Stargame's Prezzo and Big Brother The Chase' Huddah in New Saga

    in summary
  • Prezzo's girlfriend exposes him on Instagram
  • Prezzo says he has moved on
  • Huddah Monroe shows interest in getting back with Prezzo
  • Huddah was Dumped by Prezzo in 2013
Chaga baibe prezz
Prezzo and his former girlfriend, chagga
Pictured above, Prezzo's girlfriend has gone on a rampage calling former BBA contestant names in public. She went ahead to post screenshots of conversation she had with Kenya's rapper, Prezzo.

It is unclear what made Chagga Baibe angry at Prezzo. Prezzo on the other hand kept his cool as he announced that he has moved on to the next girl. Read more on Chagga Baibe's rant here.

huddah monroe
Huddah Monroe
Meanwhile, Huddah Monroe has expressed her interest in getting back to Prezzo. She says she is happy and she is having the 'last laugh'. Read Huddah's story from Nairobiexposed here.

Huddah Monroe was dumped by Prezzo, prompting her to lash out at him some time back after they got intimate. Local newspaper accused them of airing their dirty linen in the public. Check out that story here.

The drama continues to unfold, 

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Watch Hakeem and Feza, Shower Hour Video Big Brother Africa 2013

big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos

First of all, we would like to defend shower hour videos of contestants that are being uploaded on this site. Big Brother Africa is 18+ rate reality show, and these are some of the perks that come with it. The decision to watch shower hour videos solely remains on the viewer. Viewers are not force to watch them

The housemates are well aware that cameras are all over the house. They are well prepared an adequately inform on the rule of the house before they are let in. If they want to get naked, they do so knowing the consequences of their actions. This would be a good time to see the moral uprightness of the contestants we daily watch on our T.Vs.
hakeem feza kiss shower hour bba8

N-ude Hakeem (Big Brother)

Hakeem is the hottest dude in Big Brother Africa the chase (According to the on-going polls). The shower hour video begins as Hakeem is in the shower. The camera shows his upper body, as he soaps himself. Minutes later, Feza is seen on the other end in the washroom.

Feza (BBA Shower Hour)

Feza is one of the few decent contestants in the house, with Koketso. With her trademark red hair, she showers with her bikini on. Hakeem then takes advantage of her and asks her to wash him. The video ends as Feza is seen scrubbing Hakeem's back. Where the ladies at?

Click here to See Hakeem an Feza Shower Hour Video

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Blue Writes A Fabulous Birthday Message To Brown Mbombo's Son

Former Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble housemate Blue 'Thandi Mbombo' has written her sister Brown Mbombo's little son the best birthday message that any young dude would wish to get from his auntie.
Blue Mbombo Birthday Message To Brown Mbombo Son BabyT

By the way Brown Mbombo's son BabyT was making 5 years and he also couldn't hide the excitment of becoming a year older.

Below is Blue Mbombo's message to her nephew;

May God's awesome blessings
Be upon you this day
And for the future years ahead,
May His blessings never fade
In every area of your life,
May God abound much more,
So you may be a fruitful vine
With the abundance of the Lord.
I break all the generational curses and I bless you my child. May you live long and live the life that we never had..but most of all May you grow in the presence of
The Lord.
Happy 5th year birthday babyT wa auntie Blue. I love you cc @brownmbombo

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Day 52 ft. Goitse, Sipe - Big Brother Hotshots Shower Hour Video

Day 52 Shower Hour: Sipe and Goitse

sipe goitse shower bba

Only on Big Brother Africa gossip site, See Sipe and goitse in big brother Africa hotshots shower hour session of day 52.

Sipe is in BBA from the first time and is a hopeful contestant from Malawi, while Goitse is a hopefull contestant from Botswana, a country in Africa.

As biggie says, the action of housemates and other participants in Big Brother Africa only represent them and not of any community or country that they are coming from.

This only means that whatever Sipe and Goitse decide to do on day 52 of the shower hour they can only blame themselves for that. The two can decide to do whatever they want in the shower, with each other or by themselves, but that will not be to represent any community or country.

Goitse in in the shower with some clothes on, but Sipe decides to go clean in the shower. Would you rather bathe in clothes or without clothes? How well will you be able to clean yourself? What if there were cameras in the room and the whole continent would be watching?...

See the full video for yourself... Sipe and Goitse in the Shower, Big Brother Africa hotshots shower hour videos

Day 52 ft. Goitse, Sipe Video

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