Sunday, 18 March 2018

Rico Swavey: Big Brother Naija

Even if he had a million dollars Rico Swavey would be in the House "just to catch the waves". He said he exploded of joy when he got his first big acting gig, and shared that he was a lion at heart, a protector who likes to stand up for the oppressed. When Rico Swavey is not busy charming ladies, he enjoys swimming and singing. Rico's parents and seven siblings are happy and supportive
What will you be bringing into the BB House: I'm a very easy person to like.
What will you do with the prize money: Help my cousin who has autism, invest in my music - I have a new sound called 'Afrosantana' and also give back to all those that stood up for me when things were difficult
What irritates you most in other people: I don't like lies.
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Vandora Big Brother Naija

Apart from being a foodie, Vandora likes talking to people, doing make up and watching TV. She says she was at her lowest when she failed her second year at university. However that misfortune turned to be what she describes as her highest point in life when she finally graduated at an advertising school. Vandora's family was shocked to find out about her going into the house but she knows they'll support her.
What irritates you the most about other people: I'm usually very tolerant but sometimes you just don't like people from the first time I see them.
What will you be bringing to the BB house: My personality, charisma, heated conversations
What will you do with the prize money: Invest (but I'm not sure on what to invest)
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Day 49: The Emotional After-Party

bbn 2018

Day 49: The Emotional After-Party

The Housemates tried to carry the party mood back into the House but as per usual, Cee-C and Tobi brought it down.
The party successfully raised the bar and left the Housemates wanting more. After screaming their lungs out and cheering excitedly when DJ Sose played the legbegbe mix with all their names as lyrics, the excitement could not be curbed, especially for Teddy A and Rico Swavey who had their music featured. A proud moment indeed.

Seeing as all good things come to an end, the Housemates said their goodbyes and saluted the Deejay for a job well done. They made their way back into the House and went on with their conversations about the party, the music and the alcohol. Talking about the alcohol, Cee-Cseemed to have lost it a bit as she screamed louder than usual and blamed it on the excitement of having her name mentioned by a giant of the decks. At some point, she tried to playfully make contact with Miracle but he just wouldn’t have it.

Once again, she and Tobi had one of their deep conversations, reminiscing on the past week’s events and playing the blame game. This time around, she accused him of referring to her with the B-word. He tried to defend his honour by summoning Alex who was tailed by Rico Swavey and had her try to explain what exactly he had said but this too didn’t work and the entire conversation went south. Tobi eventually broke free and went to chat up a storm with the other Housemates in the kicthen while Cee-C finding solace in the early morning breeze and her own company. She seemed to have heard Tobi telling the others about the argument because she called him out and questioned him angrily. It looked like it was gonna be a long night for the former lovers.

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Friday, 16 March 2018

Isaac Lugudde confirms that Diamond's Ex - Zari is “as dry as a rock”.

Isaac Lugudde confirms that Zari is “as dry as a rock”.

zari hassan and lk4

In a recent phone call interview with a local tabloid, Isaac Luggude confirmed to the public that his ex-lover Zari the boss lady, whose sex tape leaked to the media recently is as dry as a rock.

Zari, a mother of four, hooked up with Isaac Lugudde at Lugogo basketball Arena and a steamy relationship ensued.

“She used to come to Arena to watch the boys as they played basketball, shirtless, with their sweaty bodies. One day, she set her eyes on me and liked me. I also liked her and had been watching her all this while. So, when she made her intentions known, I was quick to give her what she wanted,” said Isaac stated.

The former Big Brother representative then went on to say that he was shocked by how dry the millionaire and big spender socialite was after their first encounter. “God, she was so dry, like a rock. I was disappointed,”he said.

Isaac’s comment confirms that the boss lady who has been in a relationship with over seven men in a space of 2 years is dry like a desert, as some people have put it. Even the video that leaked to the media recently portrays the same.

“I didn’t want to talk about it from the time I found out. Am glad the truth has come out,” Isaac added.

We will keep you posted.
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