Friday, 31 May 2013

Pokello Se-x Tape [Video] BBA The Chase

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Word has been going around that Pokello and his boyfriend, Stunner has been leaked. Pokello is a Big Brother Africa contestant who is doing well in the house and is yet to be on the eviction list yet.

Video Tape

The sex tape shows Pokello humping Stunner for around 2 minutes before it ends with them saying "Bye Bye" to the camera. The video was created by the two, as Stunner, A.k.A Chideme was holding the camera.

When questioned by Big Brother Africa about the tape, Pokello claims to not have known a camera was in the room. This is ironical as Pokello and Chideme wave to the camera and kiss at the end of the tape.

 pokello tape video big brother africa


The tape has since gone viral and is receiving a lot of critics, especially from her home country Zimbabwe. Some women in Zimbabwe now want her to be evicted from Big Brother Africa The chase.

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