Friday, 14 June 2013

Betty Actually Gets Bolted!! [Video] BBA

Bolt and Betty

Bolt and Betty indeed have been getting intimate with each other while other contestants were deep in their sleep, or during the shower hour videos. After a series of videos being released, we actually bumped into a real video footage of the two getting intimate
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Betty gets Bolted

The video clearly shows Betty getting Bolted, like really. The two are at first lying on the bed, deep into the night. Bolt prepares the bed as he spreads the bed-covers and the blanket wide on the bed. The two proceed to cover themselves completely with the blankets. After a little tussle here and there, the movements seen beneath the sheets indeed show that Betty is getting Bolted (probably every day) in BBA The Chase. This videos are not shown to the public and you have to get a VIP access to view them.

So What?

We already know the Ethiopians have disowned Betty. If she ever finds herself on eviction, she will have to bail herself out. Pokello already tainted her image, and with the on-going polls on our site, it is evident that Africans are throwing her out of the house.
Are they even using protection? Or are we waiting for the first ever wedding, or marriage on Big Brother Africa live before it ends?

Betty gets Bolted, Click Here To See/Download Video

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