Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bolt and Betty Big Brother Africa Part 2

Bolt and Betty Big Brother Africa

Did Bolt and Betty really engage in sexual acts in Big Brother Africa? This video proves it all. Most people have already watched the first video and came to their conclusion. However, there still lingers un-answered questions that Betty ought to answer.
big brother africa bolt betty

Betty S3x Video

Did they really do it? This video below will answer your questions. The first video left many un-answered questions, but this video will put all doubts to rest. Clearly, this is not what we expected from an Ethiopian Teacher.

Bolt and Betty [PART 2] Big Brother Africa Video [Click To Download/View]

Part 1, Bolt an Betty BBA the Chase

Shower Hour Scenes, Bolt an Betty

Betty's BBA 2013 Apology

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