Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bolt and Betty, Steamy Shower Hour Video

Betty BBA

Betty's backlash continues.....
Many women agree that Betty is not behaving well in The Chase. She is not a description of what Ethiopian women are like. She is just one lost teacher, who don't deserve to be a teacher.
Other women claim she is just a human being with feelings. Betty happens to be having feelings for Bolt in BBA The Chase and its just unfortunate that she is behind cameras.

Bolt and Betty

This is just another shower hour video,and not a sex video as most of Africans may think. This is a shower hour video of Bolt and Betty. They are seated in a peculiar way in the bathtub. After a while, they crouch facing each other, then they start embracing each other.

Lets hope Betty is not getting played in this game.

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