Monday, 24 June 2013

Cleo, Shower Hour Video, Big Brother AFrica

Shower Hour Videos

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Cleo, Shower Hour Video

cleo, big brother africa shower hour video
Cleo is seen naked in the shower. The Cameraman is generous enough to show her full body, from knees to face. As her trademark, Cleo is having white stuff on her face. It looks like make-up, whatever the white stuff on her face helps her in.
Cleo is alone in the shower, looking as restless as a young teenager. She moves her legs synchronously uncontrollably frowning at herself. She goes ahead to soap her body. She is wearing a cap to protect her hair from water.
You will be interested to see how Cleo quickly washes her pubic area, before proceeding to wash herself clean and leave the shower room

See Cleo, Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Video

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