Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 27; Selly, Nando Un-Cut Video Big Brother Africa

Selly and Nando

If you still don't believe they didn't do it, we would refer you to this link. Go and watch it all by your self. Viewers will be believers.
selly nando video un-cut

Un-Cut Video

The video begins with Nando and Selly cuddling in Bed. At first, nothing much is seen as both of them are below bed covers. 
Minutes later, the blanket slips down and we See Nando and Selly, passionately kissing. You can not mistake them for other contestants as they are unique. Their hair fill up the pillows they are lying upon.

Nando and Selly Video

The two kiss for some time, before Nando decides to do the un-thinkable. Nando hand is seen as it reaches down to Selly's pants. The two attempt to bring their hips together. Getting intimate in Big Brother Africa seems to be a huge task. Bolt and Betty tried this method and didn't work.

Nando gives up whatever style they were trying to do. At this point, viewers may wan't to throw up, or close the video and do something else as Nando does something very unusual.

Nando goes down on Selly

In this scene, viewers may think Nando has left Selly and gone somewhere else, only for Selly's unusual face impression to give away. Nando's head is seen, moving under the sheets, around where Selly's hips are. Nando could actually be giving Selly head!!

Download/See Nando and Selly getting Intimate Video, Big Brother Africa The Chase

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