Monday, 24 June 2013

Feza, Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Video

Feza Kessy from Tanzania

feza bba

Roki said, "I would touch the sky, just to be with The Chase ladies". It is no secret that Big Brother Africa 2013 has had beautiful ladies. Find out who was voted the most beautiful woman in Big Brother Africa The Chase. There was a 'most handsome' man category too. 

Feza might have lost The Chase, but she was a woman to watch out for. Her character set her apart from other contestants during Season 8 of BBA The Chase. She won the heart of many when she and Oneal teamed up to form Oneza.

Oneza did not manage to win the coveted prize for the most romantic gesture but their relationship has survived the turbulent waves. The two are still going strong, 6 months after the end of BBA The Chase.

Feza, Shower Hour

feza kessy shower hour

Feza's Shower hour video begins with her seated in the bathtub. She plays with the water, swirling it round her playfully. She swirls the water, as she adjusts the tap. All this time, she is wearing a bikini.

As Feza waits for the water to fill up the bathtub, she moves nervously in the bathtub, occasionally glancing around the washroom.

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