Sunday, 9 June 2013

Feza Kessy, BBA The Chase[Pictures]

Big Brother Africa Season 8

These are random pictures of Feza, in Big Brother Africa. Feza is a renown Tanzanian artist. She is a mojor in the 'Bongo' niche of music. To read more about Feza from Big Brother Africa, click here.

Feza Kessy Pictures

Feza with A.Y, another bongo artist in Tanzania

Feza and AY

Feza at her hometown, Arusha

Feza and Elikem from Ghana, Big Brother Africa. Nice red hair

Feza with her pal, at Bongo 5 Studio

Nice purse, awww

Feels hot in here, woah

Feza and Nando, Big Brother Africa Counterpart

Chilling with pals on the beach

Album cover of one of her music releases

What do you think of Feza Kessy from Tanzania?

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