Friday, 28 June 2013

Hottest Woman in The Chase; Big Brother Africa

Big Brother Africa The Chase

This year's Big Brother Africa Season has had a fair share of women. Some women looked too hot, whil others were just Okay. After grueling weeks of Voting and Voting, Africa have finally had their say on who is the most beautiful woman in Big Brother Africa The Chase.

Most Beautiful in BBA The Chase


Leading the pack, is Namibia's one and only Dillish with 25%. Click Here to know more about Dellish from Namibia. You will be surprised at the comments you will find on her profile extra  page. Click here to see some of Dillish pictures.

Second on the list is Tanzania's beauty, Feza with 14%. Click Here to know more about Feza, from Tanzania. To see some of the pictures we collected of her, Click here.

Third on the list is Cleo, followed closely by Pokello. Both had 12% and 11% respectively.

So far, this is "HOTTEST CHICK IN BBA" results Poll. You can participate in the poll, as it has once again been opened for final votes casting.

  1. Dillish          25%
  2. Feza            14%
  3. Cleo            12%
  4. Pokello        11%
  5. Annabel        6%
  6. Maria            5%
  7. Motamma      5%
  8. Bevely           4%
  9. Selly              4%
  10. Koketso        4%
  11. Natasha         2%
  12. Huddah          1%
  13. Fatima            1%

NB: Betty was mistakenly excluded. However, she has been included in the new poll, where Africa has been requested to vote again.Vote for your most beautiful female contestant
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