Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Maria, Cleo, Shower Hour Video BBA 2013

Shower Hour Video

This is one of the most awkward Shower hour videos ever shown on BBA The Chase. The video is of Cleo and Maria during Shower Hour. The video starts as the two, Maria and Cleo are already in the shower.

Cleo From Namibia

Cleo stands, soaping herself at the furthest end of the Camera. She looks busy and is facing away from the camera. She faces away from the camera most of the time. In fact, if you don't check clearly you may not notice her presence as the video progresses.

Maria From Namibia

As the video starts, Maria is seen soaping herself. She stands next to the camera, and all the focus rests solely on her. Maria is wearing a ganja head-gear to protect her hair. The camera zooms in as she turns and we see a cute necklace from behind her back.

Music plays as Maria and Cleo shower. The two looked bored, or too engrossed in their shower session, they utter not word throughout the video. Cleo eventually finishes and leaves Maria behind. Maria continues to shower, cleans herself, dries herself before leaving.

Click Here to View/Download Shower Hour Video Cleo and Maria

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