Sunday, 23 June 2013

Open Letter To DSTV On Big Brother Africa (BBA)

Open Letter To Dstv, Big Brother Africa

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This open letter was written by a forward-thinking Nigerian youth, Rare Gentle, a letter which he posted on his Facebook fan page. It is a move that I’m sure a lot of people will laud, as we have come across a lot of voices vehemently protesting the concept of the Big Brother Africa entertainment ever since the current season started running.
“I urge and plead with all African Youths, let’s ask DSTV to give us a BBA where African Youths go and discuss, proffer solutions to solve the problems of our nations, not this morally-loose show where single parents who can’t keep their relationships go into the house to show their fallen breasts, and drug addicts, porn stars, and all sorts of ill-mannered people mix up and get rewarded. Ha! Having sex in the public with somebody who is not your spouse?

God have mercy! The demon of sexual immorality has etched its ugly head into the show, hence the next sane option is to nip the programme in the bud.

The BBA is all about immoral behavior and that is why it attracts lots of fans. They even prefer open sex every day. There is no single thing to learn from the programme, they just promote sex and immorality. It’s time we ignore it & speak up against it, for what it’s worth.

How long does it take to imbibe a habit? Twenty-one days. And BBA runs for ninety days, subtly making people addicts to bad habits. Say No to TV shows without value. A Reality show with immorality is a big No-No!”
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