Saturday, 1 June 2013

Rubies Win Dancing Party Again

Winning Ruby House

Rubies have won hands down the dancing party again. It seems like Rubies is the favorite house for all Africans to watch. Besides having some weird characters in men, it has some super beautiful women.

Among the most outstanding dancers included Denzell, Pokello, Beverly, Angello, Melvin as well as Kenya's Huddah. The party ended abruptly and all the contestants are now onto other businesses. The mood has gone super low, especially for those contestants on the eviction list.

Eviction, BBA The Chase

So who will go home this Sunday?

1. Denzell

There is a high possibility that Denzell will be going home this Sunday  From the poll that has been going on in our blog, Denzell has got the most votes from people who want him out of the house. He however has developed some strong following and his drama causing habits may make Bigie not to let him go. 

2. Natasha

Natasha is another contestant who is highly likely to go home. Natasha is the second highest contestant after Denzel. People want her out of the house immediately!

3. Huddah

Barely hours after Prezzo declared his support for Huddah, her reputation has risen considerably. With her using her body as a bait, she is becoming a favorite contestant among many as she too is getting votes.

4. Selly

Selly is playing extra save and she might survive this Sunday. She has the least votes of people who want her out of the house. The same applies to Betty too.

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