Wednesday, 12 June 2013

‘Shameless Mother’ Pokello Could Be Evicted From Big Brother Africa

Shameless Mother

The highly controversial  Zimbabwe representative in the current Big Brother Africa House  Pokello is up for eviction just as it emerges that she has a ten year old son who is currently motherless across the Limpopo.
‘Shameless Mother’ Pokello Could Be Evicted From Big Brother Africa

The next few days might see the Zimbabwean contestant being kicked out of the house not only by outsiders but by her own mates in the house. Vivid video footage was broadcast of the Zimbabwean lass showing off her body parts in ways that are shameful to the general Zimbabwean and African culture.
Pokello who in the past few days stunned the whole world with her sexually outward acts has received condemnation from the outside world and close mates within the big brother house. The immoral  Pokello is being labelled a bully, she has been described as” controlling and wanting things to go her own way all the time”.

Pokello`s son Motherless

In the Western world her child would be taken away and put up for care. In Zimbabwe it appears she will not be touched, something has to change one day. Legislators should draft a law that punishes mothers who compromise and bring their motherhood into jeopardy such as Pokello. 
Social workers and scientists have raised concerns about Pokello`s vulnerable son who it is believed has already seen footage of his mother having fleshly intimacy with Zimbabwean musician Desmond Chideme aka Stunner.

Impact on the Child

Negative impacts on the child are set to continue as the child progresses into adulthood and this will see him being bullied and traumatized for life and may lead to drug and alcohol abuse to suppress the shame. It may take eternity to erase this from his mind. It may also lead  him to joining gangs and this is known to have very serious impact on his social standing in society.
Experts in child abuse cases and other related cases recommend intensive counselling and mentoring for  children exposed to sexual exposure which involves their parents.
The poor young boy may end up killing people or may become a serious criminal.

Shameless Mother Pokello might just get evicted from Big Brother Africa This Sunday!!

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