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Watch Bolt and Betty s3x Video Tape

Ethiopia's Betty and Sierra Leone's Bolt s-e-x-ing

Read, download and watch the famous video of Bolt and Betty getting intimate in Big Brother Africa The Chase: Part 1, part 2 and part 3!

Big Brother Africa Scandal 2013

This will probably be remembered as the BBA scandal of the year 2013. That was the year when Bolt and Betty did the unexpected in the house while the whole world (who subscribed to BBA VIP) watched with their mouths wide open..

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Video and Pictures [Un-Cut]

It all started when BBA The Chase contestants were asleep deep into the night. Lighting in the house was dim. The lights were switched off, but it was not too dim for BBA cameras to capture the actions of  the contestants.

The video began with the two grinding and humping each other. A hand is seen grabbing the blanket and holding it tightly to shield the activity of the two from the ever alert BBA hidden cameras. Movement is seen under the blankets but no one knows for sure what is happening. 

A few minutes later, we see Betty removing her head from the blanket. She wanted to get some air or something, her hair looks furry. Bolt follows suit by emerging part of his head from the blanket.

The humping and grinding continues for a while before we see Bolt losing interest and starts to rest. All this while, Betty seemed pretty un enthusiastic on what was going on. She lied there, letting Bolt do whatever the work he was doing.

Minutes later, we see Bolt struggling to do something under the blanket. It is like he is trying to wear his pants or grab something that is held up under the blanket. It is during this scenario that we get to see Betty from down below, un-cut... The blanket moves further down and we see Betty without anything on .

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Part 3; Betty Actually Gets Bolted!! Do they do this every day?

Betty Full Video BBA The Chase

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