Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Watch Dillish Shower Hour [Video] BBA

Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos

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big brother africa shower hour video dellish namibia dillish

Dillish Mathews managed to prove to the world that indeed she is The Chase.  At the end of BBA The Chase, she managed to outrun all BBA The Chase contestants to win USD 300,000.

Dillish Mathews, who happens to be very good friend to Maria Nepembe, is that humble, polite yet outgoing bad girl. She was a bad girl since high school, standing out in most events.

Dillish from Namibia

dillish mathews shower hour

This is Dillish's Shower hour Video, exclusively of Big Brother Africa The Chase. From this site, you can trust us to ALWAYS provide you with the latest Shower hour videos. Google + See Delicious Dillish in the shower, BBA Gossip.


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