Sunday, 2 June 2013

Watch Pokello S3X TAPE BBA The Chase 2013

Struggle To Be Famous

The struggle to become famous is ever increasing day by day. We are seeing people do the unthinkable, just to become famous. Is it really worth it? Or, is this part of the big conspiracy called Illuminati  We may never know, but one thing stands for sure that it is here with us.

Mad Sk!lls In B3d

Big Brother Africa Shaming Video

Pokello is one expert in bed. I have never seen a woman ride a wiener like that. The scene starts with the camera focusing on Pokello's tummy. It looks enlarged, like she had eaten too much, or she was pregnant, or she just has a tummy, as big as that of a man, who drinks too much beer, and eats lots of roasted meat.

Pokello is the main actor in the video. The camera focuses on her hips as she rides the poor guy like a uni-corn. She won't stop, she keeps going and going and going. The camera then shifted to her face, where we see handsome woman, with a mo-hawk style of hair, 

She seemed to be in deep pain, or is it pleasure? She is holding down her moans, as she holds her breath. She is all sweaty from her forehead to her neck. She is brown skinned and men love brown skin women.Then Stunner, a.k.a her boyfriend a.k.a the poor guy does the unthinkable and puts the camera right where his D is entering her P. 

Men tend to like yellow yellow girls more than dark-skinned girls, the reason why this video has gone viral. Girls on the other hand want to learn a thing or two from Pokello's visibly good skills. Where is this world surely going to?

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