Sunday, 23 June 2013

Watch Selly and Nando S3x Video, Big Brother Africa

Selly and Nando Tape

selly nando video

Selly from Ghana and Nando from Tanzania decided to get a little too cosy. Selly, a.k.a Selly is this beautiful lady from who struggles a bit too hard to get the attention. It might be interesting to know how Selly managed to get from here, when she was still in the village to here.

Nando on the other hand is Tanzania's playboy who can make any girl scream. His looks are good enough to make the ladies ogle.  Nando is rumoured to be featuring in BBA Season 9 but we will give you the final confirmation here.

Bolt and Betty Saga

After Bolt and Betty saga, fans across Africa have become discontent with the actions of some contestants. It is important for Africa to note that  the actions of contestants neither represent those of BBA The Chase reality show, country or any culture

Nando Bones Selly [Video]

Did Nando have sex with Selly? Many people say they didn't really do the act but you need to see the video for yourself. See the video here un-cut, you won't believe it. Nando went ahead to claim that Selly infected Nando with a bad STD. Selly vehemently denied the claims. She even threatened to take him to court for defamation!

Selly and Nando Video Tape, Download/View

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