Saturday, 29 June 2013

Week 5 Polls; Big Brother Africa

BBA The Chase Polls

Another grueling week finally comes to an end. The chase continues to get more and more interesting, as the days go by. We would like to thank Africa for their huge support, and determination to let their contestants win. These are the results of Week 5 polls.

Who Might Be Evicted?

From the analysis of data from our polls site, these are two contestants who might see themselves packing their bags today.

1. Bolt 

The polls, (which will be closed in a few hours) show Bolt is a contestant who is most likely to go home today. He is leading with the most votes, from Africans who want him out of their Television sets. It is very obvious that Bolt will be evicted today.

2. Natasha or Annabel

ann mbaru

Natasha has been nominated for eviction ever since she stepped into the house. This time round, she might not be that lucky. Kenya's Annabel too is in big danger this Sunday. Just like innocent Motamma, she might be evicted.

Who Can't Be Evicted

1. Dillish

Dillish is one of the contestants who we are sure will not be evicted tonight. Besides being the hottest woman in the chase, Dillish is more popular than her friend, Maria. We don't expect her to leave the house today. 

2. Pokello

Africa is yet to recover from the shocker Pokello pulled last weekend. Everyone was expecting her to be evicted, only to be saved by a total of  8 country votes!! Pokello is surely no ordinary Chasemate. She will not be leaving the house tonight.


We expect any surprises tonight from the Eviction show. However, it will not differ from the Polls prediction of Week 5.
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