Saturday, 6 July 2013

Week 6 Polls; Big Brother Africa

BBA The Chase Polls

Week 6 Polls; Big Brother Africa

Another grueling week finally comes to an end. Week 6 it is! The chase continues to get more and more interesting, as the days go by.

We would like to thank Africa for their huge support, and determination to let their contestants win. These are the results of Week 6 polls.

Week 6 Polls;

Different from other polls, Week 6 polls have shown a new level of The Chase. The competition has just gotten stiffer. No longer are we seeing contestants who are hated so much, or are loved too much by Africa. The gap between the best and the worst contestant is very small, and evidence of a whole new level of competition.

Who Might Be Evicted?

From the analysis of data from our polls site, these are two contestants who might see themselves packing their bags today.

1. Fatima

FATIMA MUST GO HOME THIS SUNDAY. There is no single doubt about this. This Malawi contestant has the least votes, from Africa on "To Be Saved From Eviction" polls category. In addition to that, she has the most votes in "Voting Out" category of Big Brother Africa. You can go ahead and bet your next salary, if someone opposes this.

2. Nando or Bimp

Either Nando or Bimp will be the second contestant to be evicted from Big Brother Africa this Sunday. On "Voting Out" category, Nando has 20% votes, fourth to Fatima, Pokello and Hakeem. Pokello and Hakeem can not be evicted as they have a huge support from their African fans.
Bimp on the other hand raises not much emotions, and may be evicted, just like Motamma. There is nothing wrong about Ethiopia's Bimp, but we all know nice people always finish last.

Who Can't Be Evicted

Pokello, Angelo and Cleo

The trio, who happen to be nominated for eviction can not be evicted from Big Brother Africa this Sunday. If you are to bet with somebody, on who will be evicted this Sunday, please, do not choose either of these three. You may lose.


We expect any surprises tonight from the Eviction show.
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