Saturday, 13 July 2013

Week 7: Big Brother Africa The Chase Polls

BBA The Chase Polls

With 18 contestants remaining in the house, we can all feel The Chase nearing its end. Week 7 is already ending and we are extremely proud to present to you what Africa has decided. These are the results of Week 7 voting, courtesy of Africa. Voting lines will be closed midday on Sunday.

Who Might Be Evicted



Its undeniable that many people hate Selly. From out Chat Forum, you are likely to see people talking about how much they hate Selly. Whatever Selly did to Africa to deserve such hate



Annabel is currently one of the least popular female contestants. Yes she has faithful fans, but they just might not be enough to keep her in the house for another week. Annabel is likely to be evicted this Sunday.

Who Will Not Be Evicted



Melvin is one contestant who will not be evicted from BBA. We all know he is from Nigeria, and Nigeria has been winning BBA more than any other country in Africa. They have the voting power, and Melvin will not go home this Sunday



Beautiful Cleo might not be evicted this Sunday. She is the third most popular female contestant in BBA, after Pokello and Dillish. She however might get nominated again for eviction this comming week, Week 8.

A Big Thank You To Africa For Voting
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