Thursday, 22 August 2013

Big Brother Africa The Chase Winner 2013 Season 8

And The Winner is,

Big Brother Africa The Chase Winner

Who will be the winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase? We can't wait to see the results this Sunday 25th August 2013. Lets take a quick look at the recent trend of polls, Africa has been voting day and night to make their favourite contestant win the USD $ 300,000 cash prize.

But Before that, lets take a quick look at the contestant's bio. What reason did they give us for joining Big Brother Africa The Chase 2013? What did they tell us they will do if they win the cash prize?

Dark-skinned Beverly Osu,

beverly osu

This diva has managed to take Africa by storm. Besides breaking the record of the first contestant to ever go through 90 Days in Big Brother Africa without being on eviction, she has pulled one too many stunts in the house. If you read her bio here, you will get to appreciate who Beverly is.

Hunk Melvin Oduah

melvin bba

Melvin is a 27 year old Actor and Model from Nigeria. He says he will invest the money if he wins it. Read more here.

Dillish From Namibia

dillish bba

Dillish is a 22 year old Psychology student from Namibia. She joined Big Brother Africa because she wanted to be part of it. If she wins the money, Namibians must make sure she gives the money to charity.

Hunk Elikem


Elikem is a 24 year old Hunk from Ghana. He joined BBA for Money, Exposure and Game Play, which he has well. If he wins the money, Ghana should make sure he opens 3 retail stores in Accra as well as abroad, because that is what he promised.

Cleo a.k.a Ice Queen

Cleo is a 23 year old artist and Musician from Lusaka. She joined BBA The Chase because it would help her realise her dreams and goals in life. Read more on her bio here

BBA The Chase Winner

Take a look at the voting trends from various voting stations for BBA Season 8 winner.

Poll A

In Poll A, Melvin and Elikem are leading with a considerable margin. Dillish comes in a distant third. Melvin is the winner in this Poll A.

bba the chase polls

Poll B

In Poll B, Melvin is the leading contestant Again.  Dillish comes in second here with Cleo a distant third. Melvin is still the winner in thiss poll B. 
bba the chase polls

 Poll C

In poll C, Melvin still leads. Dillish comes second  and Cleo a distant third.

bba the chase polls
Melvin is with no doubt the winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase Season 8 2013. If there is anything Africa should be debating about is who will come in second. will it be Dillish, Cleo or Elikem?
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