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Monday, 22 July 2013

Elikem Jealousy Of A Brother

Elikem Jealousy Of A Brother
elikem jelous of a berothe

Yesterday Elikem who already got the RED FLAG from Dillish was eager to know what was going on between Dilllish and Melvin.

The Ghanaian housemate was rather surprised and looked hopeless when Melvin decided to tag along when Dillish when the two got to take a bath.

As if that was not enough Melvin shared a bed last night with Dillish this made him even more eager. What he doesn’t know is that Melvin and Dillish ”Friend zoned” each other and set up a rule that says ”They shall not hook up”.

However Elikem looked pretty much convinced that Dillish and Melvin are indeed a pair. Its best that Elikem rather concentrate on his Zimbabwean girlfriend because he will never understand the Dillish and Melvin situation.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Week 7 Polls, Big Brother Africa The Chase

BBA The Chase

These are the results of week 7 Polls. 

anna banana

Contestants with Most (to stay) Votes 

  • Angelo
  • Dillish

Contestants with Most (to leave house) Votes

  • Pokello
  • Annabel

Female Contestants Likely to win BBA

  • Pokello 
  • Dillish

Male Contestants Likely to win BBA

  • Melvin
  • Angelo

Contestants Likely to be Evicted

  • Annabel
  • Bassey

What are your thoughts on this weeks' polls?

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Live Updates - Day 55

Live Updates - Day 55
Live Updates - Day 55

16:30 - Feza says the hairdressers must bring the hair piece that she wants and they must be prepared to do her hair right.
16:00 - The Housemates are treated to a hairdo and they are all shout in jubilation.
15:30 - All the Chasemates are indoors and are chatting away as they eat a late lunch.
15:00 - Eveva tells Dillish and Pokello that they had a TV in the Emerald House where they could see all the Rubies and Diamonds and that's how they knew about them.
14:30 - Nando defends his wild ways by saying that he never lies about his intentions to the ladies, much like he didn't lie to Selly.
14:00 - Pokello is under massive scutiny on Bassey's talk show. She was asked to talk about the new guy Alusa.
11:30 - Annabel, Beverly and Sophie talk about the fact that people are bound to step on toes now that there it's a full house.
11:00 - Bimp win the Head of House Face-off challenge and is set to be leading the pack next week.
10:30 - Melvin and Beverly tell Busi that South African women have booty and hips.
10:00 - Busi emerges from the room dressed up like she's going to an important cocktail event and so Eveva starts teasing her by complimenting her look.
09:32 - Eveva tells Busie that the South Africans must be grateful for Mandela because he fought for all of them to be beautiful and cute.

09:30 - Alusa and JJ are playing for the highest score on a game of Table Tennis.

09:00 - Beverly and Sophie are sitting in the garden talking about their weight gain and loss.
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Friday, 19 July 2013

Annabel's Journey, BBA The Chase [Pictures]

Anna Banana

AnnaBanana‘Don’t wait, participate!’ is the motto in the local dailies where an advertisement has been placed to help save the only Kenyan left in The Chase for Big Brother’s money!
The gorgeous Annabel Mbaru, nickname Anna Banana, has had a tough and emotive stay in the house, surviving three nominations so far.
Here’s a look at her journey up until now:
annabel mbaru big brother africa
sulu and annabel mbaru
annabel mbaru
ann mbaru big brother africa
ann mbaru bba the chase
annabel mbaru
ann mbaru
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Natasha Now set To Become a Polititian | BBA Update

Natasha Eyes Balaka Parliamentary Seat

natasha polititianNatasha appeared on MBC TV a few minutes ago where she expressed her interest to join politics and contest in next year’s parliamentary elections in Balaka. Natasha who said she contested in primaries last year didn’t disclose her party.
Natasha also said her relationship with Fatima is cool and she brought her a gift from South Africa…..She said she would remain friends with Sulu although he is a ‘snake’ .
natasha polititian bba
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BBA Live Updates, Day 54

Live Updates, Day 54

oneal pokello
19:10 The Chasemates gathered the alcohol that they have left for a little drinking session in the Ruby bedroom. Uh-oh, we can only imagine what kind of shenanigans they will get up to tonight.

18:52 Sulu and Elikem try to figure out just how Both Houses ended up losing their Wagers.

18:25 After winning the HoH Task in the Diamond and Ruby House earlier today, Bimp and Angelo will have to battle it out in the Head of House Face Off Task tomorrow. Who will be crowned ruler of the Ruby House?

18:20 Biggie congratulated the newly Merged Housemates on making it until this point of the game. He reiterated that Sulu will remain as the official Head of House until Monday.

18:02 "I don't know how anyone can live like that. It was a pig sty," says Busi to Elikem about the Diamond House.

17:30 - The Rubies get back to their House to find the bedroom redesigned. Angelo books the corner bed for himself and Beverly.

17:24 - Bimp and Beverly still have their doubts about the Emerald Housemates. "I still have that 10 percent doubt," he says.

17:20 - "Let's go to the Ruby House in true Diamond fashion," Bimp suggests. Meaning that they must pack all their foodstuffs.

17;17 - The Ruby Housemates are next to leave the Diamond House.

17:10 - Sulu brags about being the overall HoH. "That's my House. I'm HoH there. I'm everyone's HoH," he clarifies.

17:08 - The Chasemates are confused when Biggie asks the Rubies and Diamonds to stay in the Diamond House while the Emeralds are told to stay in the garden. "What if we leave and never come back?," Busi pretends to be worried as Bimp and Nando say their goodbyes.

17:05 - "Is you accent a bad habit," Busi asks Bimp.

16:50 - Emeralds Sophie and Busi get to know Nando and Bimp a little bit better in the garden.

16:40 - Sulu and Nando tell Busi that she has to leave her boyfriend issues outside and enjoy the Big Brother Africa experience. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime, have fun."

16:30 - Looks like we're having a singing competition in the House right now. The melody is awesome.

15:45 - The guys want to know who is taking and who is available amongst the ladies in the House. Bimp makes it clear that he will never get with anyone in the game.

15:25 - The Housemates have no doubt that there's no sleeping tonight. There's a lot of catching up to do.

14:43 - The Rubies, Diamonds and Emeralds are now in the Diamond House where they find a long table set for them in the garden.

14:22 - Big Brother officially announces the Merger of the Ruby, Diamond and the Emerald Houses and everyone is moving into the Ruby House till the game ends.

13:57 - The Challenge has started and so far Sulu, Melvin, Nando, Bimp and JJ have gone through the paces.

airtel big brother africa

13:50 - Biggie's ninja demonstrates how the challenge goes.

13:35 - Bassey freaks out when fake Emerald Jazz tells them that there's a washing machine in the Emerald House.

13:30 - Eveva tells her Zambian people that she's been up for Eviction all the time.

13:25 - The Emeralds invade the Airtel Arena much to the surprise and excitement of the Chasemates.

13:20 - Beverly and her beau, Angelo hug and kiss. "I dreamt about you," Angelo tells her.

13:15 - The Rubies land in the Airtel Arena and there's a lot of catching up going on among the Chasemates.

12:59 - The Diamonds are so excited to arrive first at the Arena. Of course it's time for shout outs.

12:40 - Bassey tells Beverly that he wants to move back to the Ruby House because Bimp doesn't like him.

12:20 - The Chasemates are curious as to why they have to leave so early to the Airtel Arena. Aren't we all?

12:10 - The Chasemates get ready to hit the Airtel Arena. According to Biggie's brief, they have to be in their Airtel soccer kits.

11:50 - "That means we're not merging any time soon," Dillish says after Biggie announces next week's HoH.

11:47 - Bimp wins Diamond HoH for the second time in a row.

11:45 - Angelo is the Ruby HoH for next week. The look on Sulu's face is priceless!

sulu big brother africa

Must be thinking about his fate after he put him up for possible Eviction.

11:33 - The Rubies take part in the HoH race Task and after Sulu and Angelo battle it out to the end, Angelo is the eventual winner.

11:30 - Beverly excludes Annabel from taking part in the HoH Task because she is Nominated. "No reason, Biggie said I should give a reason," Beverly says.

11:25 - Cleo exercises her Power of No on Feza because she has been HoH twice already. This means Feza will not be taking part in this week's HoH Task.

11:20 - Pokello ponders about her son's promising soccer career. Sulu can't help being envious that the young lad is going for trials in Spain.

11:05 - "Only two countries are out of The Chase; Malawi and Angola, the rest of us are still in the running," Cleo says as the Rubies chill in the lounge.

10:30 - Sulu prepares breakfast under Angelo's supervision. Are these two friends or foes?

10:00 – Angelo jokes with a sleepy Oneal. “Hey brother, I’m just getting ready to go to the mall to meet the boys,” he says. “Bring back some groceries, especially for next week,”Oneal replies.

09:45 – Angelo is excited about today’s Airtel Arena games but Sulu is not looking forward to it. Last night’s loss seems to have taken the wind out of this Zambian Housemate.

09:30 - While the Chasemates snooze away this morning, Africa is and has been rallying behind the Emeralds who are set to join the Chasemates today.

Angelo, Annabel, Bassey, Dillish and Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week.Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

BBA Live Updates, Day 53

Live Updates Day 53

17:15 - Sulu is in a very good mood. He amde up a song about the Rubies while dancing in front of fellow country mate Cleo.
17:05 - The Ruby Housemates practise their theme song for Tonight's Presentation. "Africa is a Ruby, Ruby."

16:39 - The Diamond Housemates get back into the full swing of their rehearsal since they are done with Diary Sessions.

16:25 - Beverly feels honoured to be in South Africa and she hopes to have Nelson Mandela's sense of courage.

15:51 - In her Diary Session today, Dillish said that she is impressed with herself; that she has lasted this long in the Big Brother House.

15:33 - In his Diary Session today, Nando shared with Biggie that he is inspired by Bassey's spirit. "I like it when someone is living his life. He's just wild 24/7."

15:24 - Bimp shares that what's on his mind is his hope for fate to take control. He's talking about his Save and Replace decision this week.

15:03 - When Biggie asks Melvin about the Diamond House progress on their Task, he seems to have a lot to defend.

14:38 - HoH Bimp read out Biggie's instructions on tonight's Task Presentation. Beverly listened intently, but admitted that the Diamonds are skating on thin ice this week.

14:25 - Big Brother called the Diamond Housemates to the lounge to await further instruction.

13:45 Oneal thinks Angelo Feza will be part of the top five Housemates in The Chase. Do you agree with him?

13:28 "It's about time I learn to handle my life in the Big Brother House as a man," said Sulu when Biggie asked about how he feels about revealing his 'Save and Replace'decision on Sunday.

13:20 Biggie consoled a teary eyed Cleo who shared with him her troubles with Feza and Oneal during her Diary session. 13:05 "She is selfish," Feza says about Cleo. "I like her. She is not a bad person but she just needs to change a few things," insisted the Tanzanian.

12:53 "This should be one of our best Presentations," Pokello boasts to Biggie in the Diary Room. Let's hope she is right, after all there is the Housemates' 100% Wager at stake.

12:31 The Diamonds have also been keeping busy practising their Circus act for the Task Presentation tonight. Ringmaster Bassey looks to be having the most fun playing around with the hula hoops.

11:47 How fun are the Rubies? Out of nowhere the Housemates just started dancing and jumping around the House singing "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!"

11:25 The Rubies have been working hard on a theme song for the Circus show that they will put on tonight at the Task Presentation. "Ring master Oneal controlling the show. Always worrying about global warming. These are a few of our favorite things," they sang.

10:56 Ruby House hula hoop girls Pokello and Cleo headed outside to practice their sexy moves for tonight's Task Presentation.

10:28 A hard working man is what Oneal is. The Tswana fellow headed out into the garden to continue working on the Rubies' advertising boards for the Circus Task. Do you think the Diamonds and the Rubies have worked hard enough to win their Wager tonight or have they been sleeping too much?

10:10 It's grooming time in the Ruby House. Ruby ladies Feza, Cleo and Pokello all spent some time prettying themselves. Not to be outdone, Oneal also joined in on the grooming action.

09:28 Angelo and Oneal work on sculpting their muscles in the Ruby living room.

09:24 Head of House, Sulu clearly likes being a hands on kind of leader. He got up early to clean up in the Ruby House.

09: 18 Ruby lovers Oneal and Feza share their views on making it this far in The Chase while in bed and how being in the House will grow their following on Twitter.

09:00 Bubbly Bassey is clearly feeling as right as rain this morning. As he went about his daily cleaning up and dish-washing routine in the kitchen the cheerful Diamond clucked like a chicken and sang out "Good morning, good morning to you," in a high pitched voice.

08:15 The Rubies seemed to really enjoy working up a sweat this morning with the Big Brother fitness trainer.

Pump it up

Angelo, Annabel, Bassey, Dillish and Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Diary: Beverly Continues To Crave For Angelo

Nigeria's Beverly Osu

beverly osu bba

At this particular juncture, when somebody mentions the names; Angelo and Beverly, the first thing that most probably comes to one’s mind is the romance these two Chasemates share.

Each passing day, the ‘love’ if that’s not hyping between the two is growing and it’s evident that both of them use the Diary Sessions to show their affection for each other.

During her Diary in the afternoon, Biggie asked the Nigerian model what she was looking forward to in the future, she said she was looking forward to winning The Chase, having a future and knowing her man better. Curiosity killed the cat but Biggie went on to inquire from her what she meant by “her man”. “Angelo,” she fondly replied.

Interestingly, yesterday during her Diary Beverly asked Biggie to grant her another Rendezvous session with Angelo and coincidentally, she won the most crushes from the Ruby house and she could be on course to achieve her dream second Rendezvous date with “her man”.

Apart from chasing ‘The Chase’s money, it seems some housemates are also chasing each other thus hitting two birds with one stone, quite interesting.

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Beverly Osu's Wish: To Know More Of Angelo

Beverly and Angelo

beverly angelo

This is getting serious, Beverly is taking her relationship with Angelo to another level and very serious.

Alright, let’s get it right, If right now and here you were asked to be granted three wishes, what would they be and why?…..For Nigeria’s Beverly, Winning the money, Have love opportunities out and knowing her man better are the priorities.

During her Diary session this afternoon, Beverly couldn’t keep it yo herself that she’d like to know more of her man when they get outside the Big Brother House.” I would like to win the money of course that is the main wish, to also know what people think of me and lastly I would like to know my man more and better when we are outside,” Beverly replied when Biggie asked the three wishes she’s ask for is she’s to be granted them. Talking about her man, there is no one alse except the South African dread-locked guy.

Despite the fact that Beverly connected with Angelo in a tipsy state, she feels the thing real and wants to take it to the next level. The two have been craving for each other and good eough God has been on their side as that he had embraced them with a romantic Rendzvous date where they got to know each other. We also cant’t help it to say that the twosome got some time to do frisky in a hot night bed action.

For those who have been following Beverly and her confessions, it is pretty clear that she finds Angelo the right man to marry. Beverly was recently heard confessing the following.

  • “I think he’s husband material” (Monday Diary room after the first kiss)

  • “My life is in God’s hands, I hand it to God everyday,mother is praying for me,a prophet told me i will marry this year and I can see it closer” (Wednesday night to Cleo after first kiss)

  •  ”Even me, I am almost in a relationship” (Diamond house Friday night during the truth/dare game)

  •  ”Elikem, I love Angelo, I love him love him “(Saturday night after getting caught)

  • On Monday during her Diary session, Beverly referred to “my Angelo” and Biggie wants her to clarify and she says; “he’s my man Biggie.”

  •  And today her wish is “To know her man better…her man being Angelo”!
There’s a pattern forming here and I strongly believe that Beverly is praying to be with Angelo for the rest of her life…..What is your say on this couple? 

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

BBA Live Updates: Day 51 | The Chase

Live updates, Day 51 BBA The Chase

angello collins
18:58 "Big Brother I want to be Big Sister," Dillish calls out. The Namibian then did her best impression of Biggie.

18:50 The Diamond Housemates all gathered around the kitchen table to eat dinner together except for Bassey who chose to wash the dishes.

18:15 Sulu gave a shout out to recently Evicted Selly. "We love you. We miss you and we gotta meet some other time," said the Zambian.

18:05 The Ruby Housemates went buck wild dancing like crazy as soon as, former StarGame Housemate, Mampi's song started blasting in the House.

16:45 - The Diamonds are singing some old school tracks as they prepare dinner in the kitchen.

16:20 - Oneal comes down hard on Elikem during his Diary session. "My plan is to get rid of him in the House. As he lets his guard down, that's when I'll strike," Oneal swears.

15:47 - Pokello calls Sulu a fake ninja telling Biggie that though he's always punting the Southern Africa card with her, she doesn't believe Sulu Saved her.

15:42 - Feza says she sees a bright future for her and Oneal.

15:30 - Ruby Diary sessions startin the Ruby House. Angelo says Sulu could have put him up for Eviction for all he knows.

15:18 - Dillish says she misses touching man and gestures to Bimp how she'd like to touch a man right now. Beverly says she misses touching a man down there and asks Bimp if she can touch him later today.

15:12 - "She said she was shocked to see us on Saturday yet she also said they watch us on TV sometimes," Bimp queries and this raises eyebrows. "I think we all competing for different prizes," Dillish suggests.

15:09 - "She's too staged. She already knew the questions to ask me. I'm just not buying it," Annabel tells the Diamonds.

15:03 - Busi and Annabel are having their video chat session. The questions are flowing. Busi wants to know about Bimp. Is Busi convincing enough?

14:58 - Elikem can't help sharing his video chat experience with the Rubies. He starts in the lounge before rushing upstairs to tell Sulu and Cleo.

14:48 - Elikem video chats with fake Emerald Housemate Alusa. Elikem has a few questions for him. Is Alusa convincing?

elikem bba the chase

14:28 - Feza burns her fingers in the kitchen and Oneal says she must put lemon or salt to soothe it. Really?

14:18 - "Did you have a fight with water today?" Pokello asks Elikem.

14:08 - Beverly is sulking in the Diary Room and tells Biggie that she hit her eye with a ball.

13:55 - Bassey says he's certain that Bimp put him up for possible Eviction. "I just know, my instinct tells me," he says.

13:40 - Nando tells Biggie that he's having difficulty sleeping but this won't affect him. He says he needs total silence to sleep.

13:36 - Dillish thinks Bassey is the clown because she's making them laugh and says she doesn't know who the Ringmaster is. Never mind Bassey's clearly non-clown-like outfit.

13:30 - Diary session start in the Diamond House. Bimp says Bassey has attacked him at any possible chance because he senses that he's the one that was Swapped.

13:20 - The Chasemates receive Circus props to practice for Thursday's festive Presentation.

12:48 - Dillish aka Sandra performs a trick on Melvin. She reveals his boxers, much to the circus' excitement.

12:42 - Ringmaster Bassey is back and he introduces Melvin the Magician and Anabananas (Annabel) the Bearded Lady.

12:22 - The Diamonds jump into their costumes and Ringmaster Bassey takes a well-deserved break. What do you think of Bassey's performance so far?

11:59 - Biggie calls the Diamonds to the lounge and gives them a lashing for being lax on the Task. They have been warned!

11:52 - Diamond Ringmaster Bassey is the only one wearing his costume in the Diamond House and he is already in character.


11:38 - The Chasemates change into the costumes in the garden and Oneal reminds them that they have to be in character all week. "You have to be submissive to me," Oneal (the Ringmaster) tells Feza (the Gypsy).

11:25 - A confident Sulu tells Biggie that his House Wagers 100 percent in the week's Task.

11:09 - It's Circus Week in The Chase and after much deliberation, the Diamonds go 100 percent.

11:00 - Big Brother calls HoH Bimp to the Diary Room to handover the week's Task brief. It's time for the Wager!

10:30 - Ruby HoH Sulu is dressed for success this morning; formal grey pants and maroon shirt trimmed with blue and a yellow plastic wine glass to complete the look. There's no doubt that he took a leaf from Elikem. Go Sulu go Sulu go!


09:59 - Sulu tells Cleo about how great Oneal's proposal to Feza was during the Wedding Task Week.

09:45 - Angelo wakes to some serious spring cleaning; washing dishes and mopping floors.

09:30 - The Nominated Housemates have been getting so much love from their fans across Africa.

Angelo, Annabel, Bassey, Dillish and Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.
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Monday, 15 July 2013

[ Revealed] What is Emeralds’ Mission?

Emeralds’ bba the chaseSpeculation is rife in the House and beyond as to who the Emerald Housemates are, and what their mission is exactly. Well Big Brother has roped in the Emeralds to spice up The Chase and to give the Chasemates a well needed adrenaline rush.
The Emeralds made an unexpected appearance at the Channel O Party on Saturday night and the effects were amazing. We saw a few Chasemates marking their territories after the Party. The likes of Pokello kissing Elikem openly and Beverly and Angelo bonding intimately in the bedroom as well as Feza telling Oneal how to act around the ladies.
During the Live Eviction Show, IK revealed that the Emeralds will move into the Big Brother House on Friday after competing against the Rubies and the Diamonds at the Airtel Arena Showdown. “These are fake Housemates so they are definitely not competing for the most coveted USD300 000 and you at home will not be Voting for them at any point.” IK emphasised.
He added that the Emerald Housemates have one mission and that is to confuse the real Housemates and convince them that the Emerald House is real, and has been co-existing with the Ruby and Diamond Houses since The Chase started. Blood pressures will hike during the course of the week as the Emerald Housemates will be making well calculated appearances via The Crush wall and Video Chat Sessions in the Diary Room. If what they did at the Party Zone is anything to go by, then the Chasemates are in for a nasty ride.
Do the fake Emerald Housemates have what it takes to succeed on their mission?
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5 Contestants On The Chopping Block This Week

eviction in danger bba the chase
Nominations, nominations , nominations,… Every Monday in the Big Brother House are the heart boxing nominations and so was today.
This morning, Housemates as usual were to nominate two of their fellow Housemates up for this week’s possible eviction and so did they. Revealing the nominees in alphabetical order, from the Ruby house, Biggie mentioned Elikem and his lady Pokello did not survive the hot seat. For the save and replace decision, Sulu as the current Ruby HOH decided to save Elikem and replaced him with South Africa’s Angelo. Therefore Angelo and Pokello are the final Rubies on the chopping block.
From the Diamond House, the initial nominees were Annabel as usual with Dillish and and Bimp, for the save and replace decision Bimp the HOH took no second thought to save his head and placed Bassey in his stead.
Nominations regular Pokello as expected could not miss on Nominations list just like it was the case with the recently evicted Natasha. It is this time we’ll have to know how strong the Zimbabwean stands.
At the end of it all, this week’s final nominees are Angelo,Annabel, Bassey,Dillish  and Pokello. Start voting  now to keep your favorite  Housemates in the chase.
How did you find the Head save and replace decisions?
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Live Updates, Day 50 | BBA The Chase

Live Updates Big Brother Africa The Chase

Live Updates: Day 50
11:23 - Dillish Nominates Bimp as HoH and Nando as the HoH's buddy. Melvin also Nominates Bimp for the same reason and Annabel because he's not close to her.

11:20 - "I dreamed that you impregnated Cleo," Beverly to Bimp. "I was so pissed off," she adds, much to Bimp's astonishment.

11:16 - Beverly Nominates Annabel as her least favourite person and Bassey for being calculative.

11:13 - Bassey Nominates Bimp as HoH and struggles with his second before nailing Annabel for being competition. Nando is still mad at Melvin for putting up Hakeem and Nominates Dillish for being a tease.

11:07 - Bimp Nominates Annabel for the same reason she gave and finds Dillish to be competition.

11:05 - In the Diamond House Annabel Nominates Beverly and Bimp. Beverly because she confuses Housemates and Bimp because she hasn't gelled with him.

11:00 - Cleo finds Pokello to be a strong contender and wants to see how Elikem will fair on the chopping block. Angelo Nominates Feza and Cleo because she feels safe with her country-mate Sulu as HoH.

10:50 - Feza can't trust Elikem and says Pokello is an instigator. Pokello Nominates Cleo out of curiosity of how strong she actually is and Feza because she's the weakest link, not entertaining.

10:47 - Elikem Nominates Sulu as HoH and Angelo because he's competition. Oneal puts up Pokello for calling herself a member of the All Star team after surviving numerous Nominations. I find it too cocky." He also Nominates Elikem because "I'm no longer fascinated by the whole West African pageantry."

10:45 - Nominations start in the Ruby House with HoH Sulu who puts up Pokello and Angelo. He says Angelo is careless.

10:39 - Feza is tucked in bed looking bored while Oneal takes her through the effects of global warming.

10:30 - HoH Sulu feeds the fish with Elikem's help. Looks like something is worrying them about the fish though.

10:00 - Elikem and Sulu ponder on last night's Evictions and what the future holds for them in the game.

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.
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Post Eviction Tears: BBA Update

Post Eviction Tears

The mood was more than sombre in both the Ruby and Diamond Houses following tonight's dramatic Evictions.

As the reality of Natasha and Selly's emotional departure slowly sunk in, the Chasemates all went into separate corners to try and wrap their minds around what had just happened.

Beverly found a quiet spot in the garden and was later joined by Bimp. The Nigerian looked dazed as she stared into space. After a long, drawn out silence, tears started streaming down her face. "I'm depressed and I'm so scared. This is too much. I'm terrified of Nominating now", She said. "Making the Save and Replace decision is the toughest", Bimp said in solidarity.

Elikem, on the other hand, told Pokello how sad he is at Selly's departure. "I'm really not ready to think about what just happened to Salome", he said in a conversation with Zimbabwe's Pokello. Pokello also shared her fears concerning next week's Evictions. "I'm feeling the pressure. People in this house want me so bad. They will start gunning for me without a doubt", Pokello said.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

BBA Live Updates - Day 48

Live Updates - Day 48 

19:39 Pokello and Angelo both did a little dancing in the Ruby living room. Who is the better dancer?

19:14 "She is the reason that I want to be a good person," Natasha says about her daughter.

18:54 "I only feel comfortable with being naked in front of my husband. Even if we are Housemates we have to respect each others privacy," Natasha tells Bimp.

18:50 Selly calls her first move to the Diamond House, when she hooked up with Nando, "the mistake of my life in the House".

18:45 "Sulu makes me look bad in front of people," Selly tells Melvin as she clarifies her relationship with the Zambian.

18:28 Melvin and Selly in matching red outfits enjoyed a little champagne and jumped straight into deep conversation on their date in the Rendezvous Room.

18:00 "Did you sleep on the bed?" Angelo queried Oneal after his Rendezvous date with Feza. "No," answered the shocked Tswana fellow.

17:40 "I know I am a complex man, I don't even understand myself at times," Oneal tells Feza on their date in the Rendezvous Room.

16:05 - Angelo and Beverly can't keep their hands off each other in the Rendezvous Room.

14:30 - Nando says he has never had a real relationship before.

13:15 - Nando says he had a crush on Dillish and Selly when he first came into the game.

12:40 - Bimp tells Nando "I'm so glad we chose not to shred the Diamond Housemates letters. When we see them we'll have a clean conscience".

11:45 - Big Brother surprises the Housemates with letters from home. Tears flow as the Chasemates catch up on what's been happening outside.

10:35 - Sulu seems to have a lot of energy this morning. The Zambian Chasemate spent his entire morning cleaning the House and tidying up the garden.

10:00 - After an emotional reunion yesterday, Oneza decide to sleep in and play footsie under the covers. Sweet!

Annabel , Cleo, Melvin , Natasha, Pokello and Selly are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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Annabel's Voters To Be Paid!!

Annabel's Voters To Be Paid!

ann mbaruKenya’s only surviving representative to Big Brother Africa is up for possible Eviction This Weekend and a campaign to save Annabel was launched immediately her name was mentioned by Biggie for possible eviction.
Annabel was nominated yet again, this came after the sassy Kenyan received four nominations votes, second highest after Cleo, from fellow Diamond housemates.
Speaking to Biggie in one of her Diary Sessions, Feza said that Annabel was the weakest link and wasn’t very loyal and Bassey hated that she never cleaned up herself when she was done cooking. Anyhow, that’s not a problem because we can still keep her in the game by voting for her.
It has even become better now because as you vote for Annabel your name is entered into a weekly draw where you stand a chance to walk away with tons of great prizes. To vote for her, click HERE. Is the campaign message circulating on the internet.
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Week 7: Big Brother Africa The Chase Polls

BBA The Chase Polls

With 18 contestants remaining in the house, we can all feel The Chase nearing its end. Week 7 is already ending and we are extremely proud to present to you what Africa has decided. These are the results of Week 7 voting, courtesy of Africa. Voting lines will be closed midday on Sunday.

Who Might Be Evicted



Its undeniable that many people hate Selly. From out Chat Forum, you are likely to see people talking about how much they hate Selly. Whatever Selly did to Africa to deserve such hate



Annabel is currently one of the least popular female contestants. Yes she has faithful fans, but they just might not be enough to keep her in the house for another week. Annabel is likely to be evicted this Sunday.

Who Will Not Be Evicted



Melvin is one contestant who will not be evicted from BBA. We all know he is from Nigeria, and Nigeria has been winning BBA more than any other country in Africa. They have the voting power, and Melvin will not go home this Sunday



Beautiful Cleo might not be evicted this Sunday. She is the third most popular female contestant in BBA, after Pokello and Dillish. She however might get nominated again for eviction this comming week, Week 8.

A Big Thank You To Africa For Voting
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Friday, 12 July 2013

BBA Live Updates | Day 47

 Live Updates, Day 47
14:52 - Diamond 2, Ruby 1

14:45 - The Airtel Football Rising Star Playoff starts now.

14:05 - Off to the Arena they go! Will it be Team Ruby or Team Diamond today?

13:53 - Melvin has banned Beverly and Annabel from competing in the Arena.

13:34 - The Chasemates get soccer kits for today's Airtel Arena Challenge - it's on!

13:24 - Cleo relates her Emerald House dream. "It was big, it was far nicer than the Ruby House," she exclaims.

13:15 - Bimp joins the Diamond girls in a chat about hair. "This is Peruvian. Oh, it's Malaysian or is it Indian," that's the chat right now. What nationality is your hair though?

12:48 - Dillsh says she wasn't in talking terms with her mom when she moved into the House. "I want to have a relationship with her like a tight mom-daughter bond."

12:40 - Bimp and Dillish have a heart to heart about their similar family lives.

11:30 Boss Bimp is set to rule the Diamond House. His Head of House duties commence on Monday.

11:19 "I want to compete," pouted, excluded Housemate, Feza as the rest of the Diamonds prepared to compete in the Head of House Task.

11:05 After the Housemates had a ball throwing Task, Sulu was crowned the Ruby Head of House. "I needed this," the Zambian exclaimed with joy.

10:47 In the Diamond House Cleo used her Power of No against Feza. "Because I hate the way that she cut her hair," joked Cleo when the Diamonds asked her why Feza.

10: 43 Angelo finally got his revenge on Elikem for putting him up for Eviction. Today the South African chose to use his Power of No against the Ghana man.

10:32 The Diamonds discuss how they should dress up for the Airtel Showdwon later today. Whichever House wins the Showdown will be the one that has their HoH determine which Housemates will be swapped.

10:07 "You should go back to the Ruby House. It's obvious that you want to be with Oneal," HoH Melvin tells Feza. "We will always be together even outside the House," the Tanzanian retorted.

09:54 Angelo flexed his vocal muscles singing "Lean On Me" as the Ruby fellas continued cleaning up outside.

09:44 "I enjoy shopping in this House," said Sulu this morning after the Rubies and Diamonds managed to once again bag their 100% Wager at the Task Presentationlast night.

09:53 Ruby boys, Angelo, Elikem and Sulu spent the morning clean grass outside. "It's looking good," the South African praised at their work.

09: 15 "I wish that I could be the Head of House," sang Sulu in the Ruby kitchen this morning. Later on today the Housemates will have their Head of House Task. Who do you think will be crowned the sheriffs of Ruby and Diamond House today?

Annabel , Cleo, Melvin , Natasha, Pokello and Selly are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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Prezzo Disses Tanzania's Superstar, Diamond

Unfortunately his rapcellency Prezzo has a knack of leaping from controversy to controversy. He and Jaguar are known for having a bad blood and it seems the bad boy is not about to turn over a new leaf. The latest is that the “Liqher” rapper has hit out at Tanzanian superstar, Diamond Platnumz.
Last night, Prezzo trolled Diamond saying the only diamonds he knows are those on his neck. This is after a Tanzanian newspaper published a photo of Prezzo and Diamond in which Diamond is speaking about the entertainment scene. It’s still unclear why “El Presidente” hit out at ‘Ukimwona’ hit maker. “Unfortunately only “diamonds” I know is the ones on ma neck fam” tweeted Prezzo.
Prezzo then asserted that whatever Diamond was baloney. “U talkin money or u talkin nonsense au anashindana na ndovu kunya?”
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Why The Cold Welcome For Fatima?

Why The Cold Welcome For Fatima?

fatima-nkataAt exactly 12:10 pm South African Airways (SAA) airplane that carried Fatima Nkata, the just evicted of one of the Malawi’s representatives in this year’s Big Brother Africa-The Chase landed at the Chileka International Airport on a cold Tuesday.
After a few minutes, the media, family and friends saw the evicted, Fatima coming out of the plane with a big smile on her face.
Despite arriving through the VIP lounge, the airport was at its usual business except those that were attracted by the presence of the press taking photographs and videos that seemed to know what was going on.
Though she was welcomed by a pretty little girl who gave her flowers as a symbol of warm welcome, Fatima did not get a pomp treatment like the previous housemates.
The VIP lounge was even booked on the same day whilst waiting for her arrival at the airport.
However, Fatima said she did not mind not being given a glamorous treatment like being paraded in town since she did not go to BBA for fame.
“I was already famous before I went there since I have been in the media industry for long,” she said, adding that she went into the house to expose her talent to the international world and to reinvent herself.
Multichoice Malawi Marketing Manager, Chimwemwe Nyirenda said it has been the organization’s tradition to give BBA representatives a special treatment but they failed to prepare promptly for Fatima because the first communication indicated that she would arrive through Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) and would probably not be in Blantyre on Wednesday.
“We were communicated later in the day on Tuesday and that’s why the media was also contacted late to cover her arrival,” he said.
Fatima stayed 49 days in the BBA house and was evicted the first time she was put on the chopping list.
According to Multichoice Malawi, Fatima’s homecoming party will be held at Blue Elephant in Blantyre.
Meanwhile, another Malawi’s representative, Natasha Tonthola is also up for eviction this week and Multichoice’s live eviction show will be held at Crossroads hotel in Lilongwe to be spiced up by live performance by Lulu.
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