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Monday, 9 April 2018

Big Brother Naija Shower Hour

Big Brother Naija Shower Hour Videos

Big Brother Naija officially entered it's 3rd edition early this year. As the show had previously been stopped for a while, fans of the popular Nigerian reality TV show all over Nigeria and the world as well were in jubilation as the show resumed viewing with season 2 and season 3 as well. Compared to Big Brother Mzansi and Big Brother Africa, Big Brother Naija gives the Nigerian viewers a break from watching reality TV show from other countries apart from Nigeria itself. We will be surely hoping for another Big Brother Naija TV show in the coming year (2019) and the consequent years as well, with the support of the sponsors of the show and the viewers as well. This will of course go well with the support of huge viewership from Nigeria and other countries as well to support the show. As the current situation is, the shows have been organized well and things have been going well so far as in terms of viewership is concerned.
As for the shower hour edition of  Big Brother Naija TV show, this has not been officially permitted by the organizers of the popular Nigerian reality TV show. This is because of various reasons but not limited to ethical dilemmas that have arisen from the shower hour editions of other Big Brother African TV shows. This has however not stopped nasty videos and photos from leaking over the internet of various housemates that are currently inside the BB Naija TV show. The videos are not limited to shower hour episodes, but involves housemates sharing very intimate moments with each other both inside and outside of the shower hour sessions.

Big Brother Naija Shower Hour Photos

And did I mention that there have been a couple of photos that have leaked over the internet of housemates from BB Naija TV show having some close moments together? Since there have been a couple of Big Brother Naija TV shows all together, from the first to the current BB Naija Double Wahala of 2018, you can hardly miss the photos online of various housemates having some out-world moments together. I will be happy to provide you with a couple of the photos for your amusements. If you are still reading this, I believe that you are waiting to see some cushy videos and photos of housemates having some relations together but you will have to be more patient. I will provide a few as my limits do allow me but you will have to bear with me. As for now, I would like to share with you a brief history of how Big Brother reality TV show started, its adaptation and how it got to our African continent and ended up in Nigeria as Big Brother Naija. The history is not that long as the show started in the white man's country and it involved housemates being locked up in a common house for a specific duration of time and while they were there, they would be guided by a common voice, and that would be of Big Brother A.K.A Biggie. The show soon gained popularity and was adopted in many other countries from Australia, America and many other parts of the world, including Africa. As the show got immensely popular in Africa, the producers of the show found it fit for it to have smaller versions of it that did not have to comprise of all the countries in Africa. Therefore,we ended up having smaller versions of Big Brother TV show in Africa, from Big Brother Xtremo (Angola and Mozambique), to Big Brother Mzansi (South Africa), The GodFather East Africa (East Africa) and lastly our very own, Big Brother Nigeria.

Big Brother Naija Shower Hour Moments

I did not have a good chance of mentioning this earlier, maybe I did but let me clarify on that first before we get to go any further. Of all things that we do look forward to in any reality TV show is the shower hour moments that are present as we get to see the housemates in their very own skin in a way that no other way can we do. Unfortunately, there is no formal way of getting this chance as the Big Brother Naija TV show is yet to permit the public viewing of shower hour moments of Big Brother Naija housemates. That simply means that there is no formal way of getting to see each individual housemates having their personal moments in the shower as it is not permitted by the organizers of the show. The good thing is that if you get lucky, some video footage or photos may surface anywhere on the internet to help us to see that. The only bad news to that is that the footage will be small and it will hardly be in detail as we all wish it to be. Moreover, the footage will consist of one or two housemates and that will be just it. Nothing more and nothing less. We can all live with that no, can't we? In future, I do pray and we all do pray that we will be able to see some good shower hour moments from various housemates from Big Brother Naija TV show. But what more can we say? Since the organizers of the show saw it fit to omit shower hour moments from Big Brother Naija, it is only right for us to be able to enjoy the show without having to see shower hour moments from each and every housemates from the current BB Naija Double Wahala show. Well that is the current situation unless if it gets to change in one way or another for one reason or another. You could blame this on the critics as they are to blame for the current situation that we are all facing right here right now. They are the reason why we are not currently at the laxity of enjoying shower hour moments from various housemates of the BBNaija TV show. If the critics get to change this in one way or another, or go slow on their harsh and firm stand against reality TV shows showing content that is considered 18+, then only then we will be talking a different story right now.

Big Brother Naija XXX Videos and Photos

So as we earlier discussed, official shower hour moments from BBNaija TV show will be hard to come by. As a matter of fact, we would only be lucky if we manage to get a few videos and photos of which more than 5 unique videos and photos will be very hard to come by. The same goes to XXX moments that do occur in the house. Needless to say these moments are very hard to come by and any housemates who find themselves having to go through grim XXX moments most often than not will end up being evicted or penalized in one way or another. So this inherently makes the BBNaija show to be somewhat boring, don't you think so? If it were not for that, the rating would possibly get higher and the number of viewership would also go high. The same would apply for the said 'critics' who would promote their agenda and that would of course involve making the Big Brother Naija TV show to disappear forever, and nobody would want that to happen, wouldn't you? So instead of making the Naija show to disappear forever, it would be in order to simply remove the Shower hour and XXX moments that includes Videos and Photos and keep the show all together. I can not conclusively say that this was the major reason as to why the show was stopped since the Season one started but having these moments publicized would be a blessing in as much as it would be disastrous for the organizers of the show. However, these are the moments that most of us live for and we would wish to see them much more frequently and so even if it may be banned from BB Naija, we simply hope it woun't be banned from Big Brother Africa as well as this would mean that the show will end up being not worthy to watch at all! Just like the shower hour moments, XXX moments are hard to come by and only a video or two consisting of the XXX moments will be available and it won't be as detailed as we would all wish to be. To make the long story short, it would be in order for me to advice you to continue watching and enjoy watching the show without having to think about Shower hour moments or XXX moments for that matter. That will mean you simply watching the show and not being bothered by the XXX moments besides the shower hour videos and the shower hour photos of various housemates in the house, however handsome they may be looking or beautiful the female house members may be like.

Sample Shower Hour Videos and Photos. 

Just to ensure that you do not read this whole long post for nothing, it would be in order for me to do the leg work and ensure that I at least provide you with some juicy photos and videos of Big Brother Naija housemates in the shower from the current season that is Double Wahala back to the first BB Naija  show that we have ever had. I will be embedding the videos, I hope that they will be available and working in the long run as the videos in one way or another may be pulled down from you tube for various reasons.

XXX Moments Tboss and Bally 

Apparently Tboss was caught on camera doing some banana job on Bally and all the action was caught on camera! The video below is at your disposal for you to see all the action. The video is from Big Brother Naija Season 2 that first appeared last year in 2017.

Nina and Miracle have some XXX moments Again!

This is another nasty video of XXX moments from the current Big Brother Naija Double Wahala 2018 show. In the video below, Nina and Miracle are captured on camera having some XXX moments another time. I did not manage to get the first footage, but I believe this second footage will completely serve the purpose.  Nina and Miracle have been known to be closely tied together in this 2018 season and something like this comes to no surprise to use. See the phootage below for yourself and enjoy it, in private....

Gifty and Bisola having A Jovial Shower Hour Moment

Here is another Juicy moment just for you to enjoy it whole! Here, we have three housemates enjoying their shower hour moment, that is at least what we get to see from the snapshot. However as the title goes, it is indeed Gifty and Bisola having some shower hour moments together. This phootage I believe comes from 2017's Big Brother Naija TV show. It is surely out dated but I have collected all the videos and photos and I have put them all in one place just for you to get to enjoy at your own comfort and with your own internet costs at

Teddy and Bambam XXX 

If you are too uptight on videos from past Big Brother Naija TV show, then this video here is dedicated for you and only you. This is a more recent one of Teddy and BamBam having XXX moments during shower hour. I would say to you that it only gets hotter as we are only getting started. This is just the beginning as there are many more videos just for you.

Tboss Bisola Debbie 

Back in the day again only for the die hard fans of Big Brother Naija. In this particular video, we have three housemates, all from 2017 BBNaija TV show. The footage contains 3 housemates arguably the hottes female housemates from the past BBNaija TV show. The three are TBoss, Bisola and Debbie. Now this is one shower hour video you do not wish to not see. You could skip any of the videos I have provided above, but surely not this one below. Enjoy at your own comfort and it goes without saying, at your own private time.

King Effe and Bisola Shower Hour

This is a tribute to the former winner of Big Brother Naija TV show, Effe and of course one of the runners up and that would be Bisola. We are yet to know who will end up emerging the winners of the current BBNaija TV show, but either way, we will be in for some good thrill when the show comes to a finale. But before that, here is some footage all caught on camera of Bisola and Efe both who finished in the finals of BBNaija TV show. Enjoy...

Big Brother Naija Shower Hour Photos 

Away from the videos of Shower hour and XXX moments from various Big Brother Naija TV show, I will be showing you in a few some photos of the same. Remember what I told you earlier? There are only but a handful of them available online. Even with their availability, there is a limit as to what I can be able to show you lest  I find myself in trouble with the guys who pay me to run this website. If I get in trouble, I may be forced to shut down this website and that would mean that you will not be able to get any goodies from this site, and as for me, I will not be able to share stories and moments of various Big Brother TV show all over Africa and the world as well. Remember this is a global website and it can get to cover as many Big Brother content from all over the world as deemed necessary by our team of writers. And therefore, without much further ado, let us get to see some of the XXX photos from various Big Brother Naija TV shows that have been available so far...

Cocoice below showing her tutinas to some housemate in BBNaija show.
uriel bbnaija
Below is TBoss with a housemate who got evicted for apparently touching Tboss inappropriately while in the house in 2017. The housemate since issued an apology, but TBoss on the other hand never made it to the finals.  However, the two appear to be having fun as seen below.

TBoss and BBNaija 2017 finalist Bisola having some good moments together. 

bisola bbnaija

In Conclusion...

If in one way or another you did not find a way to read all the above, I will summarize it all in this short conclusion. Big Brother Naija does not allow viewing of  shower hour moments whether it is videos or simply photos. However, this does not meant that we won't be able to find a few videos and photos of XXX moments online all together. This can only be a handful and it won't be complete. Therefore, the little we do manage to get on time we will try our best to avail it to you only on this website, As for the rest, we should try to be patient and wait for the official Big Brother Africa TV show. From what we have heard, the show will be returning this year, so we won't have to wait that long. Cheers!

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

PHOTOS: Khloe Unclad in Big Brother Naija 2018

See Photos of the model Khloe in Big Brother Naija as she posses for the nvde photos before joining Big Brother Naija 2018.

khloe photos bbnaija 2018

khloe big brother naija

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Bitto Consoles Nina crying over Miracle in Double Wahala 2018

See Bitto in Action As He Tries To Console Nina over Miracle

Did you see what we say on live T.V? Here are the real photos in action. See how Bitto is mischievously trying to console Nina in his own way... OMG!!

bitto and nina bbnaija 2018

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Big Brother Naija 2018 Shower Hour Photos

More Shower Hour Photos From BBNaija Double Wahala 2018

Please note that this page is dedicated to showering hour photos of Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates. We will be putting up more pictures of the housemates in the shower for you to view and enjoy. Meanwhile, see what we have in store for you below...

big brother naija shower hour 2018

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Nina and Miracle Double Wahala Shour Hour Video Kiss

Big Brother Naija Shower Hour Kiss - Video

See the video of Nina and Miracle from Big Brother Naija Shower Hour Video. This year's show is themed #DoubleWahala and you can be able to see the whole video right here...

nina miracle big brother naija showre hour 2018

nina miracle big brother naija showre hour 2018

See the whole video of the Nina and Miracle thingy in Big Brother Naija 2018 Reality TV Show below...

More Shower Hour Videos of Big Brother Naija 2018 of Nina and Miracle & Others

big brother naija 2018 shower hour pictures

big brother naija 2018 shower hour photos

big brother naija 2018 shower hour video

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Big Brother Naija 2018 Starts on January 18th

The 2018th Version of Big Brother Naija is Expected To Start on January 18th

big bro naija

M-Net West Africa has announced that Big Brother Naija will indeed return in January 2018 and the starting day will be 18th of the same month. They have also announced that the show will premiere with a special two-hour episode on DStv channel 198 and Gotv channel 29.

The host for the season will be media personality Ebuka Obi0Uchendu. Auditions were held last year in six locations across Nigeria drawing massive crowds. This season, the winner will take home N$% million worth of prizes. 

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Thursday, 16 March 2017



Here is a naughty collection of all the naughty activities that have been going on in the currently ongoing Big Brother Naija TV show. As you all know, the show has been amazing so far with this week, Efe, Tboss, Thin Tall Tony and Debie Rise are up for eviction this week. 


1. TBOSS tries to S3ex with MIYONCE Big brother Naija-2017


Big Brother Naija 2017 bisola and bally having sex last night?

Catch Bisola and Bally red handed in the video below... All Big Brother Naija xxx... 


Big Brother Naija 2017 bally having sex with gifty day 20 #bbnaija


Keep visiting this page to be updated on more xxx stuff going on in Big Brother Naija 2017
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Photos of TTT’s wife and kids surface after oral s*x encounter with Bisola in Big Brother Naija

Photos of TTT’s wife and kids surface after oral s*x encounter with Bisola in Big Brother Naija

Thin Tall Tony BBNaija

Nigerians are still reeling in the rude shock of the clandestine oral s*x administered to Thin Tall Tony, TTT yesterday night by fellow housemate, Bisola despite his marital status.
Reports have it that TTT has been happily married for years to a very beautiful woman and they have two kids but this has failed to deter Bisola from romancing TTT on TV in the absence of his wife.
Thin Tall Tony BBNaija
There are rumours that yesterday’s mouth action enjoyed by TTT from Bisola will threaten the foundation of his marriage.

Thin Tall Tony BBNaija

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Big Brother Naija: Photos of Bisola’s baby daddy and seven year old cute daughter surface online

Big Brother Naija: Photos of Bisola’s baby daddy and seven year old cute daughter surface online

bisola baby daddy

A few weeks ago, Big Brother Naija contestant, Bisola in a radio chat revealed she has a 7 years daughter from a relationship that didn’t work out. Although she and her baby daddy maintain  a cordial relationship for the sake of their daughter.
She recounted how  a relationship she went into at 19, with a guy far older  than herself went sour when her partner stopped calling and started avoiding her. She had to pay him a visit with the only money she had, only for him to send her away from his house without transport fare.
Well, we have found that the baby dadyy’s name is Malcom and he is a showbiz promoter.
bisola baby daddy

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TBOSS Big Brother Naija Biography: Real name and beautiful photos of her family

TBOSS Big Brother Naija Real name and beautiful photos of her family

tboss family

 Tboss is one of the housemates of Big Brother Naija 2017. She well known for her famous romance with Miyonse in the TV reality show.Most people wants to know about the beautiful damsel. Tboss real name is Tokunbo Idowu. Her father is from Benin, Edo state Nigeria,while her mum is from Romania.

tboss family
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EXPOSED! Gifty's Wedding Photos from 2014. She Was Once Married Before Entering BBNaija

The Truth Revealed By Gifty's Cousin-in-law....

gifty wedding

She Says:

Gifty is Married to my Cousin David Sorochukwu Akumah AkA Sodafaces… a renowned Nollywood Director and Producer whom am not surprised that he decided to keep quiet over this matter till now because of his meek nature as a Quiet-Busy-Responsible man and had in the Past, vowed not to be associated with what ever Gifty is involved in because of scandals.

For the Records! My Cousine David never uploaded Gifty’s wedding pictures as an instrument in removing Gifty from BBN as accused, or to claim her further as his legally married wife,… rather what he did was to shut down Folders of upto 1000 copies of both Bachelors, Traditional and White wedding pictures of him and Gifty from his Facebook account, immediately after they had a problem that was not properly managed by the couple themselves about Gifty’s Cheating Life while still in his husband’s house.

It’s a Pity that Gifty is still a very big Liar, never truthful to her new Fans and will never be because that’s how her fake identified super model mother as she said in Pulse TV interview brought her up. Obviously you can’t give what you don’t have…Gifty was not morally brought up due to want of making it big with the mother by all means over the years.

Please Nigerians disregard whatever that comes out from that big fake liar’s mouth called Gifty because she cannot give what she does not have which is TRUTH. She was trained by a funny Mother who gave birth to over four children from different men inwhich all the children she have, never knew their father including the so called Gifty (#FACT).

Gifty… I decided to fight dirty through this piece of write up because you don’t know the disgrace you have robbed and brought upon Rev. Professor Akumah’s family which I belong to. You are a wife not some girlfriend of Mr2k or whatever he calls himself..and a point of advice to all men out there….please I beg of you try and find out a little info about any woman you are having an affair with because you may be sleeping with another man’s wife and thereby bringing a curse to yourself …don’t forget our traditions in Nigeria is still very strong to fight offenders…

…And for #BBN or #BBA…please make true identification findings about married people on your show before reducing our Nigerian morals to zero.

Gifty those pictures online you saw and decided to react with lies when the game is over was a 2014 mobile upload pictures you used your hand to upload through my Cousin’s phone when you guys were living together as husband and wife…obviously because you felt he had more Nollywood followers in FB than you and decided to use his platform unknowing to him of the wrong English expression you had attached to those posts of yours that turned against he is undergoing a public disgrace and accusation from your likers that he wants to either use you to sale out as a brand or bring you down…Rubbish! Something he innocently knows nothing about and even does not know how to react to the blackmail because he is also a public figure.

READ  Cute photos of Tiwa Savage’s son, Jamil

I swear you get luck no be me dey marry you…seriously I for finish you in this your stupid online game.

In their wedding on 6th April 2014, our former Governor His Excellency Senator DR. SAM EGWU was in attendance alongside other important government dignitaries at Assemblies of God Church Odunukwe in Abakaliki followed by a grand wedding reception at WDC Hall in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State (#VERIFY- Please you are free to ask your friends around Abakaliki because it was a huge wedding)
gifty wedding bbnaija

gifty naija

Gifty! that your Husband whom though do not want to change his mind in not bringing you back to his house after all his family’s persuasion to do so when your manipulative immoral mother came to his house at Asaba and took you away to Ghana simply because she asked for my cousin after one week of their white wedding to open a boutique for her (Gifty’s Mother) in a choice place in Lagos and he begged her to be allowed for sometime to enable him recoup from his just concluded wedding spendings which she vehemently refused and took you! her daughter away.

I can only say may God forgive you and your mother because to you people… traditional and white wedding is just like a one day bikini Party moneyooo my cousin take use package such wedding no be Paperooo Danm!…

Please Gifty this is not Liberia where your mum grew up…This is Nigeria where a woman can only leave her husband for good or bad either by way of tradition through giving Dowry back by the Elders or Court dissolving the union via Divorce proceedings.

Please Be wise and say the truth before you loose everything including your new fans and be rest assured that my cousin Brother may not accept you back because you and your mother have crossed the line…and if you continue blackmailing or threatening him weather publicly with your so called Online PR Team or phone calls as you and your mum is doing at the moment, then I will be forced to release Audio and Video facts of all of these am saying because I know some of your likers will still blindly say these pictures below i took with my own camera during their traditional and white wedding and also when the couple were signing Marriage certificate were all photoshoped or you are been framed as usual…So in absence of your next actions, I say May God help your mother to help you redirect your life positively before its too late since you both are inseparable. I believe you can also make it bigger with little or more morals like most of our Nigerian celebrities… GoodLuck
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“Yes, I was once married…it is a dark part of my life I never want to go back to” – Former #BBNaija Housemate Gifty opens up on her Marriage

“Yes, I was once married…it is a dark part of my life I never want to go back to” – Former #BBNaija Housemate Gifty opens up on her Marriage

gifty bbnaija
In the interview, she gets emotional as she talks about getting married at 19, when she wasn’t emotionally or mentally ready and how the marriage put her in a dark place. She goes further to advise young girls not to rush into anything they are unsure of and to make sure they are ready before getting married.
Finally, she says she is no longer married as the bride price has been returned and that there was no court wedding.
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#BBNaija: “The man in question is a friend” –Tboss’ Family Releases Statement on Rumours that She’s Married & has a Child

 “The man in question is a friend” –Tboss’ Family Releases Statement on Rumours that She’s Married & has a Child
tboss bbnaija

A couple of hours ago there was a rumour circulating on social media that #BBNaija housemate TBoss is married and also has a child.
Her family has come forward to clear the rumours by releasing a statement via her official Instagram page.
Read the statement below.
Headline of the day. Is TBoss hiding a baby or possibly a man? The correct answer is NO NO NO NO NO NO. The man in question is a friend of TBoss and has a wife and that’s his baby. I do not think it’s a crime to have a friend. The rumors going around are totally false. TBoss wishes to have her own family soon but is Single at the moment. Ask @miss_goldilocks and I will tell you the real truth and nothing but the truth @bigbrothernaija2017
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#BBNaija’s Gifty Shares her Experience in the house, her Unique Accent, Soma & More on “Stripped” – a Bold Magazine & DStv Nigeria Collaboration

Big Brother Naija's Gifty Shares Her Experience in the House
gifty bbnaija

Bold Magazine has collaborated with DStv Nigeria to feature all the contestants of Big Brother Naija every week.
Next in the series is Gifty , who left a couple of weeks.
Read excerpts below.
On when she thought the game might have been over for her: At the point when Soma left. Because I was going along with Soma who was my first target and I achieved that goal. When I saw that Soma actually left, I felt like the house will be awkward for me to be in but I just had to stay strong and make sure I target them all.
On her strategy entering the house: My strategy was to be controversial and hilarious. Soma was very very easy, he was so easy! like extremely easy. He was so easy for me to kiss and put down in a second. Also, in the house, I had a thing like I had to do a 2 in 1 with Soma and Miyonse. I had to use one stone to kill two birds.
On who she was attracted to in the house: I was attracted to Jon. I kind of liked Jon so much. I was moving close to Jon but he had his crazy ways that I was trying to add to my own plan. So it wasn’t easy to chase that.
On her relationship with Soma: First of all Soma is not my kind of guy. There is no lunch date, dinner date, nothing like that outside the house with anyone. I am just dedicated and married to my business. Right about now, its all about the money.
On her peculiar accent: The accent came in when I had this plan of being controversial and hilarious. You know in Nigeria everybody wants to know this kind of funny you in you. So I said to myself in the house let me try to be a little bit funny with my accent, try to be a little funky with it. I had to combine all the accent I have heard and listened to and I got the result I wanted from the viewing public.
On her comment on Falz and Banky W: I would say that part of it actually got me out of the house and part of it was also the accent. I was massively misunderstood. Normally you don’t judge people, you get to know the person well enough before making decisions on their characters. So I think I was quite judged and the Banky W and Falz drama, I was completely misunderstood. There is this appearance celebrities have on TV and in reality they don’t match up. So I had to ask to make sure who they were.
On who the slippery snake and the master strategist in the house are: I would say Bisola Uriel and Tboss is the slippery snake. The master strategist would be ThinTallTony…To be honest I don’t know, I would say everyone brought their “A” game and we all also over played the game at the same time.
On her plans of settling down and starting a family: Of course who no like better thing now. I would love to get married, have kids of my own and be successful. But for now, I would say I want to build that foundation first. I want my husband to be proud of me. I don’t want to depend on anybody, I don’t want to ask him for airtime, for sanitary pad, I want to be able to afford all those things first. And then if marriage comes after that, I am open.
See more photos below
gifty bbnaija

gifty bbnaija

gifty bbnaija

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#BBNaija Polls: Who is Your Most Favorite Big Brother Naija Housemate?

Most Popular Big Brother Naija Housemate Revealed

According to our polls, this is the list of Big Brother Naija Housemate from least popular to the most popular. The list has been compiled over a period of weeks and fans from all over Nigeria have participated in this polls. Are you interested to know who is the most popular Big Brother Naija Housemate? See below...

  1. Miyonse 
  2. Soma
  3. Kemen
  4. Cocolce
  5. Gifty
  6. Uriel
  7. Bassey
  8. Marvis
  9. Tboss
  10. ThinTallTony
  11. Efe
  12. Bisola
bbnaija polls

There you have it. Bisola is the most popular housemate followed closely by Efe. This does not mean that Bisola will eventually win the Big Brother Naija 2017 competition but it does suggest that she will get many votes. Who do you think will win Big Brother Naija Competition? Whom do you think will be evicted this Sunday? Don't forget to cast your vote on our site: BigBrotherAfricaKenya and see the results posted soon.

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#BBNaija Polls: Debie-Rise, ThinTallTony, Efe & TBoss Nominated for Eviction | Who do You think will Leave on Sunday?

Debie-Rise, ThinTallTony, Efe & TBoss Nominated for Eviction | Who do You think will Leave on Sunday?

BBnaija polls

The Big Brother Naija live eviction show just ended and the Housemates up for possible eviction have been revealed.
This week’s eviction is definitely going to be a tough one as Debie-Rise, ThinTallTony, TBoss, and Efe have been nominated.
Do you think one or two housemates will be evicted? Who do you think will leave the #BBNaija house this Sunday?
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