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Saturday, 14 November 2015

BBA's Betty takes her Main Chick Out - PHOTOS

betty main chick

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Monday, 2 November 2015

A Tale of Rekindled Love As Seydou Reclaims Talia From Keagan

Even though a mouse may grow to the heights of a rabbit, its destiny is all the same, it is meant to be munched by the cat. Probably the happiest person at the moment is Angola's Seydou Soumaré who has managed to get his love with Zambia's Talia Hayward back on course.

Few weeks ago, Seydou was in Zambia to support his self-proclaimed lover Talia during the Big Brother Africa Dance party that was graced by two veteran broadcasters Kay Smash and Dj LBC.

It was a good moment when Seydou and Talia kissed and declared that the two were back together and praying that all should go well and make plans of marrying each other.

The love Triangle that sparked millions of viewers when Talia disappointed Seydou by having sex with SA's Keagan Petersen is making headlines again. It has been reported that Angola’s Seydou who has always been in love with Talia despite being disappointed on international TV when Talia had an all-night sexual encounter with Keagan, is now happy that He and Talia are back together and hoping to start making babies soon.

A Zibani Zambia Gossip Reporter who was at the party spotted the two kissing and showing each other some romantic feelings despite what had happened between Talia and Keagan while in the house. Reports from reliable sources indicate that Talia has always had feelings for Seydou and is happy that they are back together though she still insists that the relationship must be kept secret from the public although Seydou opted to spend a night at Talia and Tamara’s place in Lusaka after the party.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Betty Hanging Out With Huddah Monroe

Betty Hanging Out With Huddah

Betty Hanging Out With Huddah Monroe

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Watch Hitler Reaction To Betty's Sex Act in BBA The Chase

Hitler's Reaction to Betty Spoof

hitler betty scandal

See Hitler's reaction when he receives the news about Betty's shameful acts in Big Brother Africa The Chase. The video is not in English so you may not understand a word that is being uttered, but as they say, actions speak louder than words.

This is one of the comments from the video below will give you a rough idea of what the video is all about. Just for fun...

"very funny and creative. but let's leave this girl alone, she did it once & nothing is gonna change it, after all it is her private life, although if she did it knowingly that she would be taped is quite disturbing. Anyways I hope other candidates in the future have learned a big lesson from the majority's reaction."- filmnhad

Hittler's Reaction To BBA Betty's Sex Acts

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BBA Contestant Betty Abera Shares Hot Pictures After The Chase

Betty Abera's Life After The Chase

BBA's Betty Abera, the lady who created a lot of storm after getting intimate with Bolt in BBA The Chase. We understand that Ethiopia's culture is sensitive. The thing is that the new generation of young people, coping lifestyle, fashion and behaviour from the west are becoming more common in our society. Not only is is happening with Betty in Ethiopia, but in the rest of Africa. 

Betty Abera has shared some pictures here with her fan, from the time she left BBA The Chase. This is what Betty has been up to. Scroll down for the pictures...

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera

BBA Contestant Betty Abera
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Ethiopia: New Fugera News Leak About Betty From Big Brother Africa

New Fugera News Leak About Betty

news leak fungera

New Fungera News (we suppose it is a program for humorous news) leak Betty's 'shameful' acts on Big Brother Africa. If you understand Amharic language, you will enjoy watching this video.

The rest of us will keep waiting for the day when youtube will enable us translate videos from foreign language to English/ the language we understand.

New Fugera News Leak About Betty [Amharic Language]

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Happy Birthday Betty!! Betty Abera's Birthday

Betty Abera

betty abera

Happy Birthday Betty, we wish you many more years to come

BBA The Chase Blogspot

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why Sulu Refused To Kiss Selly

sulu selly bbaSulu made another attempt at trying to spark off a relationship with Selly. Despite a long talk in the Rendezvous Room with Selly that ended in disappointment, Sulu is not taking “no” for an answer. The Zambian sat with the sexy Ghanaian in the bedroom and wouldn’t leave her side.
When he started making his intentions of making Selly his number one lady known, Selly dug in her heels and reminded him that she can’t be in a relationship with him. “Sulu I care about you more than you know. That’s why I do everything for you. However, I can’t be your girlfriend. What should I do now to show you?” she asked.
When Selly playfully offered to give Sulu a French kiss so that he stops hounding her, Sulu didn’t find it to be an interesting proposition. The handsome Zambian refused, hoping for much more. Sulu has certainly held on to hope and deserves to be given an ‘A’ for effort.
Will Sulu wear Selly down enough to finally get the Ghanaian to say yes to a relationship, or should he drop it already?
Cleo, Natasha, Pokello, Selly, Melvin and Annabel are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.
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Video: “Forgive Betty just like Jesus forgave" BBA The Chase

Video: “Forgive Betty just like Jesus forgave the adulterous woman”

betty abera ethiopiaBetty’s sex allegation in the Big Brother house is raising eyebrows among Ethiopians with rumor making rounds that a group of lawyers are planning to file charges against Betty’s sexual act.
However not all Ethiopians seem to be against Betty, Tamrat Strong K, has come out to urge his country men and women to pardon Betty.
In his own words, Tamrat Strong K is quoted to have said “Forgive Betty just like Jesus forgave the adulterous woman” what do Ethiopians think. Tamrat Strong K, leaves them with food for the thought.

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Betty To Be Sued For "Having Sex In Public"

Betty To be Sued for Having Sex in Big Brother Africa

So a group of lawyers in Addis Ababa are preparing themselves thoroughly to sue Big Brother Africa’s 2013 contestant, Betty Abera for having séx in public.

We all know times are hard and lawywers will jump at anything as long as there is good money for it, but this specific lawyer is heading the wrong direction.

Yes Betty had sex in Big Brother Africa

  • It was deep late into the night
  • Betty and Bolt were under-covers
  • Contestants actions are not representative of any country or group

Why should the lawyer trouble him/herself to sue Betty? Are they related?

According to a local radio show, Ethiopikalink, if she is convicted, Betty could potentially face up to six years behind bars.Ethiopia’s Betty and Sierra Leon’s Bolt became the first couple to engage in a “séx act” in Big Brother Africa The Chase.
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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ethiopia's Betty Has No Regrets BBA Update

Betty spent 28 days before exiting the house.
Ethiopia's Betty Has No Regrets BBA Update

Speaking with HVP on the telephone after her eviction, Betty expressed satisfaction participating in this year’s show.

“I had a nice time with my fellow housemates. I can say I really had a wonderful time in the house.” Adding, she said, “ I’m glad that I participated in this year’s competition.I know that I represented my country and the continent very well. I have learnt a lot of things about Africa.”

The gorgeous Ethiopian housemate was looking forward to winning the prize money. But unfortunately, she had to become the second housemate to leave the house after her name was announced for the eviction.

Even though she did not live to make it to the 91-day stay of the reality game, Betty feels she did her best. “I did my best, I feel like I am a winner and in my mind I thought I would stay till the end but I am proud of myself for having made it this far,” she said.

Asked if she had any regrets participating in this year’s show, Betty replied, “ There is nothing to regret here because I know that I did my best while in the house.”

A translator and teacher, Betty who holds a BSc in Applied Biology says she’s returning to her country to continue with her life.
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Interview With Motamma and Betty

Interview with Motamma and Betty

How did you enjoy your time in Big Brother Africa?

Motamma: It was very nice, I was able to interact with people from all over Africa and was able to see that we have cultural differences. I had a good time. I got along with
everyone. Even though I had a sad moment when I got the news that my grandfather passed away, I was able to get back into the game.

Betty: It was a bit challenging, it is very different staying in the Big Brother Africa house, but also it was a good experience because I was able to meet so many different people.

Motamma, how do you feel about being swapped and evicted only minutes after finding out you were up for eviction?

I really have no hard feeling towards Annabelle, I can imagine how hard it is to be Head of House. But I must admit that it would have been easier to find out on Monday, because then you have a week to prepare mentally and come to terms with the fact that you might leave the house.

Betty what attracted you to Bolt?
Well actually I saw Bolt before I entered the Big Brother Africa house, at the hotel but I didn't even know that he was also a housemate, so when I picked his smile I was so surprised that it was the guy I had seen earlier.

Who did you get most along with in the house and why?
Motamma: I got along with Feza. She was one of the people that I could relate most to, it was very sad that I could not say goodbye to
her because she was in the other house on Sunday.

Betty: Besides Bolt, I was also close to Bimp. Maybe it was because he was also from Ethiopia but I was able to really open up to him.a
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Betty Evicted From Big Brother Africa

betty evicted bolt bba

Betty gets Bolted out of BBA

The Nominated Housemates took it to the Diary Room to reflect on time spent in the House. Ethi0pia’s Betty has been booted out of The Chase! Tonight is indeed a sad day for Betty, and Bolt too. The gorgeous Ethiopian was all set to win not only a cool USD 300 000, but also a handsome Sierra Leonean man, as an icing on the cake.
Unfortunately, all those dreams have come crashing down like a deck full of cards. Not only is Betty leaving her fellow Housemates behind, but also bidding adieu to the man she fell in love with, as soon as she walked into the The Chase. 
Starting immediately, Bolt goes back to being single and will have no one to fawn over him like a hen in the Ruby House.
How Bolt will survive without his lady love keeping his bed warm at night remains to be seen by all. However, judging by the looks of anguish as Betty was Evicted, Bolt is in for one lonely road ahead in the house.
When Betty’s Eviction was announced, Bolt looked shell sh0cked. The Sierra Leonean’s mouth flew wide open as he tried to make sense of what had just happened.
He held on tightly and kissed her passionately for the last time, as Betty was quickly whisked to the Eviction doors.
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Interview With Betty's Mum BBA [Bolt and Betty's Saga]

Interview With Betty's Mother, Big Brother Africa

interview with betty's mother, big brother africa
Following Bolt and Betty's Saga, this is what Betty's mother had to say, [video]

You probably clicked the video and you probably didn't understand the language. Maybe these comments will sum-up what Betty's mother had to say about the sex videos She took lesson from her mom, haha

Heni: ere enatyew teru cadre yewetachewal ..... anyways Betty is a spoiled brat raised by a Hippocratic mother,,
Can you translate this video? Please leave the translation and your name on the comment section below. Thank you.
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Watch Bolt and Betty s3x Video Tape

Ethiopia's Betty and Sierra Leone's Bolt s-e-x-ing

Read, download and watch the famous video of Bolt and Betty getting intimate in Big Brother Africa The Chase: Part 1, part 2 and part 3!

Big Brother Africa Scandal 2013

This will probably be remembered as the BBA scandal of the year 2013. That was the year when Bolt and Betty did the unexpected in the house while the whole world (who subscribed to BBA VIP) watched with their mouths wide open..

bolt and betty bba the chase video

Video and Pictures [Un-Cut]

It all started when BBA The Chase contestants were asleep deep into the night. Lighting in the house was dim. The lights were switched off, but it was not too dim for BBA cameras to capture the actions of  the contestants.

The video began with the two grinding and humping each other. A hand is seen grabbing the blanket and holding it tightly to shield the activity of the two from the ever alert BBA hidden cameras. Movement is seen under the blankets but no one knows for sure what is happening. 

A few minutes later, we see Betty removing her head from the blanket. She wanted to get some air or something, her hair looks furry. Bolt follows suit by emerging part of his head from the blanket.

The humping and grinding continues for a while before we see Bolt losing interest and starts to rest. All this while, Betty seemed pretty un enthusiastic on what was going on. She lied there, letting Bolt do whatever the work he was doing.

Minutes later, we see Bolt struggling to do something under the blanket. It is like he is trying to wear his pants or grab something that is held up under the blanket. It is during this scenario that we get to see Betty from down below, un-cut... The blanket moves further down and we see Betty without anything on .

ethiopian betty in bba de chase full leaked sex video

downloads big brother video of bold and betty sex video

betty sex video big brother



Part 3; Betty Actually Gets Bolted!! Do they do this every day?

Betty Full Video BBA The Chase

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Betty [Ethiopia] BBA The Chase [Pictures]

Big Brother Africa Contestant

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

Betty From Ethiopia

Betty is an teacher from Ethiopia. She was recently involved in a scandal with Bolt, but the storm has since passed. To read more on her profile, click here. Otherwise, this is a collection of Betty's pictures from Big Brother Africa, The Chase.

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

With her Master, Bolt From Sierra Leone

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

Nice Dress

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

That right there is her original hair, NO WEAVE

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

With Nando in Big Brother AFrica

Big Brother Africa Contestant    Betty From Ethiopia

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

About Betty BBA The Chase Contestant From Ethiopia

Betty From Ethiopia, Big Brother Africa

betty ethiopia bba the chase contestants, addis ababa

Betty is a 26 year old Teacher from Addis Ababa. She thinks she is brave, committed and able to make the right decisions at the right time.

Betty entered Big Brother Africa as she is inspired by it, and loves everything about it. She must be a super fan! Her favorite food is pizza and LOVES Hollywood

She likes punctual, reasonable, and confident people, but dislikes people with “big mouths”.

Her favourite food is pizza and favourite book is The Notebook. She says the best thing about Africa is the people, because they have showed the world they can do anything.

Her favourite spot in Ethiopia is Kuriftu Resort in Debrezeit, and her favourite place outside her home country is Hollywood, because she loves film and music “and that’s where the stars live”.

Betty entered Big Brother because she has always wanted to be a part of it and is inspired by “every crazy thing in the show”. She says that having Africa’s eyes glued to the show will make her feel “like a princess”. If she wins the grand prize, she’ll open a travel agency in Ethiopia.
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