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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Launch of Prestige Cosmetics in Nigeria With Brand Ambassador Beverly Osu

Meet Beverly Osu on 24th Nov At The Launch of Prestige Cosmetics

Some news about that make up line she has always talked about... Besides being the brand ambassador, Beverly Osu is set to make a guest appearance at official launch of Prestige cosmetics in Nigeria. See the flier below for more details;
prestige cosmetics

prestige cosmetics
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

P0RN IMAGES Thought To Be Beverly Osu's Surface Online

Beverly in P0rn Videos?

beverly osu

Rumours have been going round that Nigeria's BBA rep Beverly Osu acted a ponographic movie. Some explicit and nasty pictures have surfaced online containing an image of a black woman suspected to be Beverly Osu who was in BBA The Chase.

Could this rumours be true? Remember when BBA The Chase started and a seex-tape of one of the contestants found its way online? Why is this happening to famous people, especially celebrities who have featured in Big Brother Africa?

Our correspondent came across blogs claiming Beverly Osu has been acting p*rnographic videos with white men. Is this true? Read one message that was written in one of the blogs below..
It is had to believe that desperation would actually pushed Nigeria's representative in BigBrother Africa show, Beverly Osu into selling her body acting a porn movie with white men.
Is it true that Beverly Osu could be acting p0rn with white men? Take a look at the pictures below. V!ewer discretion is advised. Images are not su!table for young viewers. 

beverly osu acting porn

We have not been able to verify the identity of the woman in the pictures above. Would Beverly Osu really do this?

Beverly Osu P0rn Picture from video one

Beverly Osu  P0rn Picture from video two [Expl1cit]

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Monday, 21 October 2013

"I Don't Want Relationships For Now" - Angleo

Bengelos is No More...

bengelo no more

Angelo has called quits in what seemed to be a relationship in 'turbulent waves'. The other day we were talking about how Angelo was breaking up with Beverly. The story seemed to hold its waters as Angelo posted this message on his Facebook page saying he wouldn't wish to be in a relationship at the moment. This could mean that he is no longer with his other girlfriend from South Africa, Candice Arends

Angelo claims to be too busy to be in a relationship as he wants to focus on what is important for him now: his career and youth development programs. He thinks it overshadows what he wants to do. What we don't understand is how Polikem is surviving as they do what they want to do as a couple, but we shouldn't be comparing ourselves with other people, right? See Angelo's message below..,

"I love u guys even the ones that hate...right now I need clarity...not chaos & scrutiny,I need to focus on what's important, my youth develoment programs and my family,I don't think I should be in a relationship right now it overshadows what I really wanna do,I hope u guys can respect me for my decision*thanks to everyone that supported me"
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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Beverly Who Wanted To Become a NUN Shares a Sexy Picture

Beverly Osu's New Sexy Picture

Beverly Osu is never far from controversy. One wonders what would have happened had she become a NUN as she keeps telling us. Would she be behaving like this? We have all heard of some priests misbehaving with Nuns, but that is a topic for another day. 

Beverly Osu shares a new intriguing picture below, notice all the liquor bottles around her? She might have drunk some of them to take a picture like this
beverly osu sexy pics

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Beverly Osu Fears God Even Though She Didn't Become A NUN

I Still Fear God

Beverly Osu in her recent interview said that she’d wanted to be a nun but abandoned that vision in her fifth year in a convent school…She goes on to explain how much this has really affected her. Read her recent interview below;

Beverly tells Punch;

I attended Daughters of Divine Love Convent, Enugu State. I thought I would be a reverend sister but I abandoned the vision when I dropped out in my fifth year. I finished my secondary education in a secular institution before moving to Babcock University. I could not finish from Babcock because I had some personal issues. Again, I dropped and enrolled at the National Open University.

It affected me in a very spiritual way. In as much as I know worldly things, I still fear God and have faith in Him. The reason why I wanted to become a nun was because I was raised in a Catholic home. I just felt it was the best thing for me to do at that time. I used to see myself as a messenger of God. Even though I did not become a nun, I still remain faithful to God. Part of my dreams is to establish a church and do a lot of charity work.
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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Beverly Apologised To Nigerians, Says She Didn’t Have Sex In BBA House

Beverly Osu Apology

beverly osuBeverly Osu, one of Nigeria’s representatives at the just concluded Big Brother The Chase, has said that contrary to the general assumption about what happened between her and fellow housemate, Angelo, while in the house, she never had sex both in the bathtub and under the duvet.
“Nothing happened between me and Angelo. I didn’t have sex in the house. Though there were awkward moments, we never had sex. I know what happened then between us but we never got down to have sex,” Beverly said while speaking at a media briefing in Lagos Thursday.
She disclosed that what happened between her and the South African housemate was real because she genuinely loved him.
“We talk everyday. He loves me and I still love him. I would get married to him if I had the chance,” said Beverly.
She said her 3-month stay in the Big Brother House was a lifetime experience and whatever people saw there was her real self with no pretence.
She said in spite of revelations concerning her lifestyle and that of her mother, she still got the backing of her mother who remains proud of her and her action while in the house.
“I can never go out of my way to disgrace and disappoint my mom intentionally. She has lectured me properly. And even if the whole world had reject me, my mom can’t reject me. I love my mom so much. I am her only daughter and last born. I’ve always been there for her and she’ll always be there for me,” 
About Nigerians who felt embarrassed by her general conduct while in the house, Beverly apologised and said the Big Brother House is “a mental challenge.”
“If you get into that house and stayed for 91 days, if you think you will be ok, you are lying. I tell you, you will be claustrophobic. And for those who were embarrassed, I am so sorry. I don’t feel happy about it since this will be the first time I will be representing Nigeria. But people should understand that one only tried to be as real as possible.
“I am a proud Nigerian and wouldn’t do anything to embarrass my country. But the truth is that if you didn’t go for it, you won’t know how real it is in that house. And I was not with the phone and didn’t know anything that goes on out here at all while in there,”
Meanwhile, Beverly has turned down the porn role offered her by the controversial porn movie actress and producer, Afro Candy, even as she said no one has actually contacted her.
“Afro Candy nibo? No oooo…..Thanks for the offer. But NO!” Beverly fired back.
On Tuesday, Afro Candy had posted on her Facebook page an open invitation to Beverly to come and feature in her next soft porn movie production.
“Sorry for losing at the BBA. They did their mago mago and gave it to Dillish after all you did for them. If not for anything, they should have given it to you for all the entertainment you gave the whole of Africa for free. If you had put all that in a DVD, you would be laughing to the bank now. They didn’t deserve you at all,” Afro Candy wrote to Beverly.
She continued, “Anyway, don’t worry, I am still casting for my next movie and I can already see you got all it takes to partake in my kind of productions, (guts, the heart and the ability to get naked and have sex in public without giving a crap). So babe, bring your sexy self to me and let’s get to work ASAP…My phones will be on and I’ll be waiting for your response!”
But the new BBA star explained that those steamy and erotic visuals of her while in the house that went viral don’t make her a potential porn movie actress. She, however, said she has no regret revealing much of her body.
“I wasn’t ashamed of myself and couldn’t have had my bath wearing swim suit. All of us take our bath naked in our different homes. So, I shouldn’t be different because I went for a reality show. I should not be judged by what people saw during the show since I didn’t intentionally bring out my video for all to see, Big Brother did that,” Beverly said.
About her plans for the future, Beverly, who made it to the last day with her compatriot, Melvin Oduah, said she will have to continue with her online reality show ‘Beverly Says’ as well as go back to finish her Mass Communication degree at the National Open University.
“That is what is so important to me now,” she said.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

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Beverly Osu to Appear on Rubbin’ Minds this Sunday

Beverly Osu to make an appearance on Rubbin’ Minds 

beverly osu

Fresh out of the Big Brother ‘The Chase’ Africa House, one of Nigeria’s representatives, Beverly Osu is the guest on the entertainment segment of the number one talk show for young Nigerians, Rubbin’ Minds. The show airs this Sunday, 1 September on Channels TV at 3pm.

The daring video vixen will face host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s (himself an ex-Big Brother housemate) on her 91 days in the house in the first television appearance since her return from South Africa.

Beverly and Angelo

Perhaps the most controversy-prone housemate, she marked a milestone as the only housemate in Big Brother Africa history never to have been nominated for Eviction and is expected to speak about that, her torrid relationship with South African housemate, Angelo Collins, with whom she spent intimate moments in the house bath tub and the loss of $300,000 star prize to Namibian, Dillish Matthews.

“I can’t wait!” Obi-Uchendu, who has in the past half-year interviewed some of Nigeria’s most sought after young celebrities including Davido, Iyanya, Tonto Dikeh, Tiwa Savage, Omawumi, amongst others, said.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Why Beverly Osu Has Been Hospitalized (Getting Worse)

As you read this short article, Beverly has been admitted into a hospital:
According to NET, Beverly was said to have sustained an ankle injury during the grand finale of BBA The Chase reality show while climbing the stage and we hear the situation was getting more serious than she had thought.

Beverly who returned on Tuesday night was admitted on Wednesday at FaithCity Hospital, Oju Olobun Close, off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

She is said to be responding to treatment. Fellow housemate Melvin and Uti Nwachukwu were some of the first people to visit her in the hospital.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Melvin Bows Out Too, Bye Bye Nigeria

Melvin is Evicted, BBA The Chase

melvin bba the chase eviction

Its a round up for Nigeria as Melvin is evicted from BBA The Chase after Beverly Osu was evicted. Seems like Nigeria will have to try out their luck next time. We however have to give credit where it is due. 

Melvin has had a great run on the show and became the most decorated HOH in this season of Big Brother The Chase.At one time, the soft spoken model put himself up for possible Eviction and he was lucky enough to survive back then.

Well, sad for Nigeria but at least her reps have been good ambassadors on the Chase no wonder they made it to the grand finale.

Now still in the running for the USD 300.000 are Zambia’s Cleo, Namibia’s Dillish and Ghana’s Elikem.

BBA The Chase

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Beverly is Evicted, Big Brother Africa The Chase Finale

Beverly Bows Out

Beverly finally bows out of the chase. Beverly is evicted from big brother Africa besides being the contestant who broke the record of being in the house for 91 days without being on the eviction list. Her time has finally come. Bye Beverly

Related News

BBA The Chase Blogspot

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I Fought Beverly Because She Wanted $**x- Angelo

Bengelo BBA The Chase

Few days ago, Before he was evicted Beverly & Angelo Claim They NEVER Had S-ex In The House. Now, The South African house mate who was evicted yesterday alongside Bimp. reveals their secrets.
One major highlight of his stay was s*x with the Nigerian vixen Beverly, who herself has been a source of controversy. Angelo who approach 5 of the ladies in the house, said during the eviction interview that Beverly kissed him first before he kissed Beverly.
“I like Beverly because she is a strong woman and she would go for whatever she wants”. He also emphasised that his relationship with Beverly was initiated by Beverly, when asked if the relationship was initiated or induced.
Although he stated he loved Beverly. When quizzed about why they fought he said, Beverly wanted more.
“Beverly told me it has been over one week since we last did it ( referring to the s*x in the bathtub) but i said NO. I promised my mother i would not do such, so i can’t do it again”.
After Angelo and Bimp were evicted yesterday, there remain 5 house mates including the Nigerian duo of Beverly and Melvin.
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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Feature: The future of Bengelo!


Bengelo is the last standing couple in the House having survived the 'curse of the couples'.

After the likes of Cleo and Elikem lost their loved ones to Evictions, we saw LK4 and Koketso booted out togetherwhile Bolt and Betty, as well as Oneza followed each other out of The Chase.

LK4 koketso ik

As much as we love Bengelo and wish them all the best in their relationship, it seems Africa is not entirely convinced.

We ran a poll recently about what Big Brother Africa fans thought about Beverly andAngelo's relationships and the results prove that this looks like one of those convenient arrangements.

With 793 fans convinced that the two are just enjoying each other's company for now. A close second came in with 779 votes saying "there's no love here, they will separate after BBA".

There are 573 that have no doubt at all that the two love each other but also know that they will still separate after The Chase.


Then how mean can people be though? a whole 486 think the two are just using each other. Anyway, there's no hope lost as a certain fraction of the respondents believe that the two are a solid couple and may get married.

We still wish our Bengelo stay together and have all the fun in the outside world. What about you?

Angelo, Bimp and Dillish are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.
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Beverly's Dirty Dancing On Angelo Makes Me Horny - Dillish -

Beverly, Angelo and Dillish

dillish melvin oduah

All the play, relationship and sex accomplishments in the Big Brother's House is making Dillish 'horny'.

The Namibian model confessed to Melvin during Beverly and Angelo's raunchy cuddle on Thursday night that the two lovebirds were making her horny.

Tho' Melvin tried to console her pointing out that they bed right two more weeks to brace 'trapped', his consolations yet lapse on thoughtless ears as Dillish went on to declare 'I cannot hold on anymore. She subsequent got off the seat and, plainly screamed to the camera 'Stephen I love you 'referring to her boo back home.

The housemates have been living together in the house for almost three months,but Dillish whom is notoriously viewed as a ‘tease’ of the house, the Namibian beauty is one of those Housemates who have not been linked with any man within the house, as she claims to be involved with someone on the outside.
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Beverly & Angelo Claim They Didnt Have Sex In BBA

Beverly Osu and Angelo Collins

angelo beverlyHere comes another turn of events in Big Brother Africa The Chase. Now the latest buzz hitting our desk has it that Angelo and Beverly claim that they did not have sex in the Big Brother house.
The Bengelo’s distanced themselves from any sexual act as they were chatting about keeping their relation candid from sex.
Angelo asked Beverly“What do u think of me not tryna Be Intimate with u? ” She replied
“It’s good, it’s a nice thing cos its rare”
Just like Nando who came out yesterday to deny that he did not run down while in the house yet claimed that he had sex with Selly and that she had given him Chlamydia a thing he called a Big Brother game
What are we to believe now? All those steamy bath sessions, video, etc, are you both telling us that there was no penetration?
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Friday, 16 August 2013

Nigerians Using Juju To Win BBA? | Finale BBA The Chase

Having Two Nigerians In The Finals a Blessing In Disguise

MELVIN oduah

Talking of finals and Africa’s favourites, it might surprise people that the two Nigerians have continued to enjoy a nomination-free stay in the Big Brother house. To Beverly and Melvin, this is a plus to them, but to Africa, it might be a different story.

Facing the facts, the two Nigerians can be the housemates’ favorite and NOT Africa’s choice. The danger is that Beverly has not tasted nominations ever since she entered the house. Could she surely be Africa’s choice? This platform does not think so.

What about Melvin? Yes, Melvin was once made to face the gallows of eviction but played his game smartly by choosing not to save himself but maintain the nominees list that included himself as it were.

This was an attention-grabbing tactic by the Nigerian, which won him many votes. He is a threat, this platform believes.

Talking of Delish, it would only be a fair game for the beautiful Namibian to walk away with with the cash if Zambia’s Cleo does not make it.

The Namibian has proved to Africa that she is one of the strongest contenders of this year’s show. She has surely maintained her cool and played the game well.

Just like Dellish, Cleo has equally survived several nominations and eviction as she was surely perceived a huge threats to many housemates especially evicted Tanzanian, Feza.

Feza confessed that she indeed wanted Zambia’s Cleo out of the game because she felt the Zambian beauty could not be trusted around her evicted love interest Oneal and that she was a strong competition.

Feza, a budding singer, told the Times of Zambia via a telephone interview that contrary to what Zambians and Cleo fans might think that she hates Cleo, she holds nothing against the Zambian beauty.

She said that ever since she got into the house, her aim was to win the life-changing money, thus playing her cards wisely by nominating threats in the game like Cleo.

“I don’t hold anything personal against Cleo, only that at first I thought she wouldn’t be trusted close to my man Oneal and that we both have a similar personality … she sings and raps just as I do. Those were the only reasons and

she is very smart too … I felt she was competition,” she said.

Asked how she would feel if Cleo won the 2013 Big Brother Africa, Feza surprisingly said: “Wow, I would be very happy for her, really I don’t hold anything against her and it would be a good feeling for me to see her win the cash,”

What do think, do you agree the two Nigerians In Finals are Blessing In Disguise when it comes to winning the money. Who will you be backing.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Watch Beverly Osu Shower Hour Video BBA Big Brother Africa

Beverly Osu In The Shower

Housemates Decisions, Actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother Africa producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or any communities

beverly osu

Beverly Osu, Nvde Shower Hour Video

Shower hour video of Beverly Osu, big brother Africa the chase. The video is long, about 10 minutes. Beverly Osu is seen as she finishes taking a shower and is in the dressing room. She proceeds to dry her wet body and put on blue pants. Check out the video below

See Shower Hour Video Beverly Osu, BBA the Chase

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beverly Osu's Wish: To Know More Of Angelo

Beverly and Angelo

beverly angelo

This is getting serious, Beverly is taking her relationship with Angelo to another level and very serious.

Alright, let’s get it right, If right now and here you were asked to be granted three wishes, what would they be and why?…..For Nigeria’s Beverly, Winning the money, Have love opportunities out and knowing her man better are the priorities.

During her Diary session this afternoon, Beverly couldn’t keep it yo herself that she’d like to know more of her man when they get outside the Big Brother House.” I would like to win the money of course that is the main wish, to also know what people think of me and lastly I would like to know my man more and better when we are outside,” Beverly replied when Biggie asked the three wishes she’s ask for is she’s to be granted them. Talking about her man, there is no one alse except the South African dread-locked guy.

Despite the fact that Beverly connected with Angelo in a tipsy state, she feels the thing real and wants to take it to the next level. The two have been craving for each other and good eough God has been on their side as that he had embraced them with a romantic Rendzvous date where they got to know each other. We also cant’t help it to say that the twosome got some time to do frisky in a hot night bed action.

For those who have been following Beverly and her confessions, it is pretty clear that she finds Angelo the right man to marry. Beverly was recently heard confessing the following.

  • “I think he’s husband material” (Monday Diary room after the first kiss)

  • “My life is in God’s hands, I hand it to God everyday,mother is praying for me,a prophet told me i will marry this year and I can see it closer” (Wednesday night to Cleo after first kiss)

  •  ”Even me, I am almost in a relationship” (Diamond house Friday night during the truth/dare game)

  •  ”Elikem, I love Angelo, I love him love him “(Saturday night after getting caught)

  • On Monday during her Diary session, Beverly referred to “my Angelo” and Biggie wants her to clarify and she says; “he’s my man Biggie.”

  •  And today her wish is “To know her man better…her man being Angelo”!
There’s a pattern forming here and I strongly believe that Beverly is praying to be with Angelo for the rest of her life…..What is your say on this couple? 

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

See Bassey Displaying his Private Parts To Beverly To Win

Bassey displays his privates to Beverly to win himself a bang but it was a flop!

bassey private parts beverly osu

“I will make love to you, like you want me to….. I will make love to you when you want me to,” These are the lyrics in Boyz ll Men’s hit ‘I will make love to you’ but seemed not to work for the sexually starving Bassey.
Well, it was Bassey’s evening while in Rendezvous Room with Beverly. The pint-sized Seirra Leonean dude who is never taken serious, ran wild today as he begged for a bang with Beverly.

Bassey who recently kicked off with a smaller request for a kiss using both peaceful and forceful means,later went more wild with an attempt to use the given Rubber for a bang of course! We wonder if he was serious or not but that could only be told if Beverly had submitted to his demands which she didn't.

Bassey then decided to exhibit his privates to the Nigerian lady, to see if it could change her mind and put her in the same state he was in. After showing Beverly his penis he asked her is she had liked it! Hmm boy no one liked that small boy that is why she even lost her appetite!
(In Biggie’s voice)…..”Hmm, Bassey what were you up to? You thought by displaying the size of your little boys to the sexy Nigerian diva would buy you a ride?”.
Do you think Bassey was drunk or he did it out of his normal mind?
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Sunday, 26 May 2013

About Beverly Osu BBA The Chase

About Beverly Osu BBA The Chase

beverly big brother africa the chase

Beverly is a model from Lagos. She describes herself as “smart, sexy, humble, loyal and crazy”. One of her favourite qualities is her sense of humour. In other people, she values “consistency, cleanliness, truth and humility” and dislikes unkept promises, lies and pretence.

Beverley says that viewers can expect “a total packaged African young diva to command the right qualities and characteristics of a blunt, sexy go-getter”. She doesn’t really have any role models, choosing rather to take unique attributes from different people. Asked who has influenced her life most, Beverley says “who I want to influence me all depends on the situation at hand”.

Her favourite musicians include John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Phenom and Rihanna.
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