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Saturday, 29 June 2013

See Bassey Displaying his Private Parts To Beverly To Win

Bassey displays his privates to Beverly to win himself a bang but it was a flop!

bassey private parts beverly osu

“I will make love to you, like you want me to….. I will make love to you when you want me to,” These are the lyrics in Boyz ll Men’s hit ‘I will make love to you’ but seemed not to work for the sexually starving Bassey.
Well, it was Bassey’s evening while in Rendezvous Room with Beverly. The pint-sized Seirra Leonean dude who is never taken serious, ran wild today as he begged for a bang with Beverly.

Bassey who recently kicked off with a smaller request for a kiss using both peaceful and forceful means,later went more wild with an attempt to use the given Rubber for a bang of course! We wonder if he was serious or not but that could only be told if Beverly had submitted to his demands which she didn't.

Bassey then decided to exhibit his privates to the Nigerian lady, to see if it could change her mind and put her in the same state he was in. After showing Beverly his penis he asked her is she had liked it! Hmm boy no one liked that small boy that is why she even lost her appetite!
(In Biggie’s voice)…..”Hmm, Bassey what were you up to? You thought by displaying the size of your little boys to the sexy Nigerian diva would buy you a ride?”.
Do you think Bassey was drunk or he did it out of his normal mind?
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Watch Hakeem and Feza, Shower Hour Video 2013

Shower Hour Videos

First of all, we would like to defend shower hour videos of contestants that are being uploaded on this site. Big Brother Africa is 18+ rate reality show, and these are some of the perks that come with it. The decision to watch shower hour videos solely remains on the viewer. Viewers are not force to watch them

The housemates are well aware that cameras are all over the house. They are well prepared an adequately inform on the rule of the house before they are let in. If they want to get naked, they do so knowing the consequences of their actions. This would be a good time to see the moral uprightness of the contestants we daily watch on our T.Vs.
hakeem feza kiss shower hour bba8

N-ude Hakeem (Big Brother)

Hakeem is the hottest dude in Big Brother Africa the chase (According to the on-going polls). The shower hour video begins as Hakeem is in the shower. The camera shows his upper body, as he soaps himself. Minutes later, Feza is seen on the other end in the washroom.

Feza (BBA Shower Hour)

Feza is one of the few decent contestants in the house, with Koketso. With her trademark red hair, she showers with her bikini on. Hakeem then takes advantage of her and asks her to wash him. The video ends as Feza is seen scrubbing Hakeem's back. Where the ladies at?

Click here to See Hakeem an Feza Shower Hour Video

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Watch Elikem and Fatima Shower, Shower Hour Video

Shower Hour Videos

For the latest (The Chase) Big Brother Africa videos, click here. You need not to go anywhere else as we will do the hard work for you. We will search it for you, download it and make it available for you. All you have to do is bookmark this page and wait for the most recent shower hour videos from BBA.
elikem fatima, big brother africa the chase

Elikem and Fatima

In the video, Elikem and Fatima are seen spending quality time together. They are chatting, smiling as they shower. Elikem is seated inside teh bathtub. Fatima on the other hand is seated in the bathtub too, but her legs are outside. She is fidgety with her neck-less as Elikem speaks to her, with direct eye contact.
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Watch Oneal and Fatima Shower, Shower Hour Videos

Shower Hour Video

Of all the shower hour videos we have seen, none of them is as explicit as this Fatima and Oneal Shower Hour Video. It shows literally everything, leaving the contestants at the mercy of viewers. You are not supposed to watch this video and viewer discretion is adviced. Watch at your own peril

oneal, fatima, big brother africa shower hour video

Fatima, Shower Hour Video

This shower hour video begins with Fatima, busy in the shower. She showers like an old-age woman, scooping water with a bowl and shoving it down her body. And we thought that BBA is meant to show us the plus side of contestants

Oneal, Shower Hour Video

Oneal is more relaxed in this video and showers like a gentleman. He is casual, stress free and occasionally looks at the mirror to see himself. Women will actually love it when they see this video. It is specially suited for their needs. Enjoy!!


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Watch Maria, Cleo, Bolt Betty Shower Hour Video

Shower Hour Video

This is another extremely long shower hour video involving Maria, Beverly, Bolt and Betty. It is one of the many shower hour videos which are broadcasted live, if you have a VIP access. To get Big Brother Africa VIP access, you will have to pay some money.

Maria and Cleo

The shower hour session begins with Maria and Cleo in the shower. The shower session is hot and steamy, thus visibility is not 100% clear. Luckily, Maria is the contestant closest to the camera. They shower in silence as everyone minds their own business

Bolt and Betty

This is another shower hour video, similar to the steamy shower video earlier posted. Bolt and Betty seem to be having fun int he bathtub. They are seated on both extreme ends of the bathtub, looking passionately into each other's eyes.

Click Here To Watch/Download Video, Maria, Cleo, Bolt and Betty, Shower Hour Video

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Watch Natasha Shower, Shower Hour Videos

Dear Natasha

Polls on-going in our site indicate that Natasha is one of the most disliked contestants currently in the house [Day 19]. On the category of 'Who to Vote Out', Natasha is leading with the most votes, with a whooping 38% . That is a lot of votes compared to Angola's Neyll who has only 16%.
natasha, shower hour video

Shower Hour Videos

Natasha's shower hour video is out of this world. First of all, she is fat. Actually, she is not fat, she is just curvy (lies we tell our women). The video begins as Natasha is scrubbing her butt-crack with a white wash cloth.

Crazy Natasha, Shower Hour Video

The camera shows Natasha, scrubbing her butt-crack as she looks at herself in the mirror. She has something wrapped around her hips to her lower thighs. She continues soaping herself as the music is played.

A few moments later, we see Natasha dancing seductively looking at herself (the mirror which happens to be having a camera behind). The video is hilarious as you look at what she tries to portray, verses what we really see. YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE THIS VIDEO.... Speechless...

Click Here To See Natasha, Shower Hour Videos

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bolt and Betty, Steamy Shower Hour Video

Betty BBA

Betty's backlash continues.....
Many women agree that Betty is not behaving well in The Chase. She is not a description of what Ethiopian women are like. She is just one lost teacher, who don't deserve to be a teacher.
Other women claim she is just a human being with feelings. Betty happens to be having feelings for Bolt in BBA The Chase and its just unfortunate that she is behind cameras.

Bolt and Betty

This is just another shower hour video,and not a sex video as most of Africans may think. This is a shower hour video of Bolt and Betty. They are seated in a peculiar way in the bathtub. After a while, they crouch facing each other, then they start embracing each other.

Lets hope Betty is not getting played in this game.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Latest Shower Hour Videos Big Brother Africa

Lates Shower Hour Videos

This is the only place where you can get info on how to get the latest shower hour videos from Big Brother Africa. Big Brother is a world-wide reality TV show that is aired in various parts of the world, including Africa where it appears to be most popular. 

From Australia, we have Big Brother Australia, Big Brother Canada, Big Brother US and in Africa we have Big Brother Africa. Each reality TV show has it's own rules concerning shower hour videos and how they are to be aired. 

Remember, in Africa, you can always subscribe to the VIP member in the official Big Brother Africa website to see all the content without restrictions. You can also see some latest shower hour videos and pictures from around the internet, as some can be found when users share them on social networking sites. 

Enjoyed the current shower hour videos so far? Remember, in Africa we have Big Brother Mzansi, Big Brother Angola and the continental Big Brother Africa. You will have to be specific when looking for particular videos and images from the official BBA sites. 

Meanwhile,  let us give you a trick on HOW you can watch the LATEST SHOWER HOUR VIDEOS from Big Brother Africa. These videos are enjoyable by both Male and Female African viewers. Read carefully, this is how you can get to watch the Latest Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos

Latest Shower Hour Videos

Shower Hour Videos are posted on a daily basis. If you have taken your time to read the labels of the videos, you should have seen something like [LEAKED].

This means the videos are leaked into the internet, that is how people like you get to see them over the internet.

However, these videos are not leaked on a daily basis. It is ILLEGAL! The initial goals of Big Brother Africa have to be achieved, and that does not include turning it into a p0rn show. That won't be acceptable.

Get VIP Access Big Brother Africa

If you would like to watch the latest shower hour video, just get yourself a VIP Access Ticket. That way, you will be able to see the latest, and most recent shower hour videos from Big Brother Africa, PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE. This is how you get yourself a VIP ticket. Click here to find out.
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