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Monday, 8 June 2015

Dillish Mathews is Gorgeous on the Cover of Glam Africa Summer 2015 Edition

glam africa dillish

Dillish Mathews, winner of Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’, is the cover star of the Summer Edition of Glam Africa magazine.

The Namibian beauty talks to the magazine about the moment she realised she had won the USD300,000, the first thing she bought with the money and also addresses rumours that she has gone broke.
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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Oh, what a night! - BBA The Chase Videos

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

See This Little Hot Dress Dillish Had To Wear During Halloween... Wow

Halloween Dillish's Dress

Whoever designed this dress must have been a genius! It is priceless, and for Dillish to have won it makes it all magical. A thousand dollar dress...
dullish mathews dress

 After the cut, Dillish Mathews wearing the dress...

dullish mathews halloween costume

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

BBA Winner Dillish Shares Photos of Herself With Her Romeo

Pose of Life!

Just after returning from her visit to Edo State’s Governor Oshiomole, the BBA Winner took to her instagram page to share this lovely photo of herself and her boyfriend with the caption 

5 days away from u feels like eternity. ‘oh Romeo how art thou’?”
dillish man

The real reason as to why she paid a visit to Governor besides her lavish birthday celebrations hasn’t been ascertained. A lot of questions have been raised on the incidence, some accusing the governor of wasting funds on the party.
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Selly, Elikem and Pokello Meet Dillish, Maria, Melvin and Uti GH Airport

BBA Chasemates At Ghana's Airport

after the chase

As reported by Ghana's news media, The Ex-Chasemates were filmed as they arrived in Ghana for a party. It was during that time when Selly was organising a birthday party. In the video, Selly explained why she was charging her fans to attend the party... Check out the video below
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Monday, 28 October 2013

BBA The Chase Winner Dillish Says Melvin Has The Answers To Their "Failed Chemistry" in BBA

"Ask Melvin, Not Me.." - Dillish Mathews

It now seems like Dillish was indeed waiting for Melvin Oduah to make a move on her while she was still in BBA The Chase.. 

dillish mathews

Attending Acoustic Night in Abuja, BBA The Chase winner Dillish graced the stage twice with the second time dressed in a glittering suit with matching shorts and heels. On stage, she thanked her audience for the huge support saying that she was informed that Nigeria gave her the most votes. 

She then said that those interested in the chemistry between her and Nigerian housemate, Melvin Oduah, and who wondered why the two never got together, should direct their questions to the Nigerian.

Her second time on stage, she was called out by Melvin Oduah. They both held hands as they introduced the event’s headliner and last artiste to perform, Timi Dakolo. Unfortunately, there were no question and answer session from the audience or any more involved interaction.

Read The Shenanigans that went on between Melvin and Dillish in BBA The Chase here and here.

What would have happened if the chemistry between these two 'hot' contestants worked?
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dillish Mathews To Sue Entrepreneurs Selling Merchandise With Her Pictures

Entrepreneurs Selling Merchandise with Dillish's Pictures in 'Trouble'

dillish mathews bba

It has come to Dillish Mathew's attention that some entrepreneurs are be making a profit out of her own sweat. According to one whistleblower named Pulchra, some boutique owners are selling merchandise including shirts containing Dillish's picture on them. See one of the pictures below.

Dillish mathews merchandise

The pictures was seen in one of the many boutiques in Nigeria. Dillish Mathews had no idea these merchandise are being sold with her pictures. She is supposed to be informed about it. Furthermore, her consent needs to be sort before these entrepreneurs start selling these merchandise.

The owners of the boutiques could find themselves in trouble, paying huge amounts of money as fines to Dillish if she presses charges against them and they are found guilty.

 Dillish Mathews says she will sue somebody, but will she make the move and go to court?

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BBA Winner Dillish Mathews Posts Pictures of USD 300,000 She Won in The Chase

See USD 300,000 Dillish Mathews Won in BBA The Chase

dillish mathews maxi dress green short

Dillish Mathews the other day posted pictures of USD 300,000 she won in the chase. This money seemed to be small in size and could easily fit in her small purse. Thats the manifestation of the strength of the economy the currency comes from..

usd 300,000 bba the chase winner

If it was in Nigeria's currency, the money (around 47 million Naira) would be like a luggage. You can't carry that amount of money easily in your purse can you?
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Going Down Tonight Acoustic Night in Abuja, Nigeria With Dillish Mathews

Acoustic Night in Abuja

accoustic night abuja

Dillish Mathews has confirmed attendance to Acoustic Night today in Abuja.  The event will be held at Blue Velvet Marquee from 5pm to 10pm. Some of the Guests in appearance will be Zainab Balogun and Ebuka with Dillish Mathews gracing the event.

These are some of the photos Dillish Mathews has posted of herself preparing for the event today. See you there

dillish mathews acoustic night

accoustic night abuja

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BBA The Chase Winner Dillish Mathews Bashes Bloggers For Saying She Posted Nude Pictures on Her Instagram Page

Dillish Posts 'Nude' Pictures On Instagram

In what seemed to cause anger to Dillish Mathew's die-hard fans, bloggers have found themselves in trouble for putting up blog posts claiming that BBA The Chase winner Dillish Mathews has posted 'nude pictures' on her Instagram page. 

Some bloggers across Africa have been saying Dillish Mathews is posting nude pictures on her Instagram page, something that is uncommon in Africa's culture. This is the 'nude' picture that that has been doing rounds across the internet belonging to Dillish Mathews...

Dillish Mathews 'Nude' Picture

Nude Dillish Mathews

Dillish Mathews who has been recieving lots of questions from her fans about the alleged nude pictures laughed off the allegations. She says she can't start reasoning with the story...

"a few of my fans have been telling me that bloggers have been writing about me posting 'nude pics' on IG. I went through all my pics on instagram and this is the 'nude pic' apparently! haba, where do i even start reasoning with story lmao" - Dillish Mathews

With the help of her fans, Dillish Mathews has been making fun of bloggers trying to 'earn money from other people's sweat'. Some even claimed that the same bloggers were unable to spell Dillish Mathew's name correctly from the first day she stepped into Big Brother Africa

Some bloggers have been calling her Dellish, others Dilish among other names with mistakes. She insists her name is Dillish Mathews

At the end of it all, Dillish and her fans agreed that bloggers need to mind their own business. "There is no big deal about Dillish being nude. We have already seen it all while she was in BBA. She can do whatever she wants with her body" said one of Dillish's Fan
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bad Girl Dillish Back in High School | Gangster Girls..

Dillish Back in High School 

Dillish Mathews back in high school trying to act like a 'gangster'. She says she is just a princess and being gangster is not in her at all. Do you agree?

dillish mathews school

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

BBA The Chase Winner Dillish Mathews To Lavishly Spend Her Holiday in Hong Kong, Thailand and Shanghai China

Dillish's  'Dream' Holiday

dillish mathews

Pretty Dillish has finally found something to do for her holiday, which happens to be in the beginning of September 2013. Whether it was her dream as a child to visit these places or she is on a business trip, we may never know but yes, she is expected to be on her way there. 

Dillish Mathews is expected to visit Hong Kong, Thailand and Shanghai in what she terms as a 'Holiday'. Yes she won USD 300,000 as BBA The Chase winner: Thats about 47 million Naira or 3 million South African Rand. She might not feel a pinch during this visit that is if she doesn't spend the money recklessly, but women love shopping...

Dillish says she is really looking forward to this trip. As she was chatting with one of her many fans online, these are some of the conversations that seemed to be eye catchy...
As much as Dillish will be visiting Asian countries speaking different languages, she argues that the trip will be educational and fun! We will keep you posted on her progress and pictures during her holiday trip.
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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How a Kenyan Man Fathered Dillish While on a Military mission in Namibia

So Dillish is Kenyan? 

dillish kenyanA man claiming to be the father of Dillish Matthews, the winner for Big Brother Africa, came to the limelight recently after  he declared he was the biological father of the Namibian queen.
Abdi Galgalo Guyo, a retired army officer told The Counties he met Selma, Dillish’s mother, in 1989 in Namibia when he was on a peacekeeping mission.
 “We had been deployed for a peace keeping mission in Namibia when I met a girl and fell in love with her,” Galgalo said. He said he was 20 and Selma was 18 when they met.
He says after staying in Namibia for a year, he came back and could only communicate with Selma through letters.  “We sent each other letters through my colleagues,” he explained.
Galgalo, a Borana from Moyale, said he left Namibia when Selma was eight months pregnant. When the peacekeeping mission ended, he says, they never communicated again. Earlier, sources from the Internet indicated that Dillish had denied the allegations, but matters took a turn of events when the ex-soldier communicated with her mother via skype in The Standard Group offices and Galgalo was invited for Dillish’s birthday on September 16.
Selma, who communicated with Galgalo from the office of the Kenyan Ambassador to Namibia, Peter Gitau, was accompanied by two of Dillish’s uncles.  He expressed joy for the invitation. Selma asked him to bring along photos of his other five children.
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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Someone Tell Dillish "Fame Is An Opportunity Not A Curse"

Dillish Mathews Growing Fame

Dillish Mathews has to catch up quickly with the reality of her new-found stardom and try to understand what reality TV - for which she was handsomely rewarded – means.

The minute she entered Big Brother Africa (BBA) - The Chase three months ago, she volunteered and laid herself bare to public scrutiny, and millions of people in Africa watched her every move, even in the bathroom.

She was voted to stardom by the people, like any politician, and she’s has a duty to be accountable to the people, amidst the respect for her privacy like anyone else.

Our brave beauty must take cognizance of the actuality that her victory was not only as a result of Namibia, but an African ruling since the continent voted her to eminence.

The Kenyan media did a follow up on the story that appeared exclusively in this newspaper on the search for her father, and she should appreciate that Kenya expanded on her fame in the East African country to find her father, notwithstanding the embodiment of Pan-Africanism she represent, with a Namibian mother and a Kenyan father.

She is not compelled to have a responsibility to her biological father if she so wishes, but she can use her status to alert Namibia and Africa alike about the menace of men, who impregnate women and then do not care for the offspring.

As a celebrity and a public figure, Dillish should exploit the opportunity to aid thousands of other children who have grown up without knowing their fathers.

In Namibia, like elsewhere in the world and across cultural divides, there’s nothing unusual about growing up without a father.

Hundreds of thousands of children have been raised by single mothers or by their grandparents, who should be regarded as the real heroes of this country, and this an undisputed fact.

It was her wish to meet her father one day, as she told housemates while in the BBA house, and her mother repeated her wish, and this newspaper has evidence of that call from the latter.

Albert Einstein, today known as the father of relativity, was rejected by his father as a fool, while one of the greatest scientists, Isaac Newton who discovered the law of gravity, grew up without a father.

Dillish was under scrutiny for 24 hours and 91 days in the BBA house, nevertheless she persevered by any means. That’s why she and her grandfather, the only father figure she has known, are true heroes of society, because he brought her up and she became a success story.

That’s an inspiration to thousands of fatherless children in Namibia, and subsequently millions of children in Africa. There are also many children who can be inspired by the way she handled herself in BBA, regardless of her strategy in the house.

The continent embraced her as an African role model and for that Namibia should be grateful that a daughter of the land of the brave has become an icon of Africa. She is an African champion that beat the challenging status quo of her birth.

If Dillish sees her situation as bad now that she’s famous, and perhaps well-off, she should see how the foreign media haunt their stars for all the wrong and right reasons.

The brave beauty is in good company, and unfortunately, this is not the time to say the media must leave her alone or that Informant√© lied about the search of her biological father, that’s not going to happen.
dillish as a kid

When Dillish and her friend Maria Nepembe were campaigning for support through the media before they entered the BBA house, the media gave their support without reservation.

Even if the media wishes to stay away from her and her family, she will never be out of the public eye and scrutiny, that’s the price one pays for being a public figure voted for by the people.

She was lucky in the first place to be chosen from thousands to enter the house, and her victory in BBA was an honour bestowed on her. Our advice to Dillish is to make the best of her status and inspire millions of people on the continent who look up to her for motivation.
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Sunday, 29 September 2013

No Wedding Bells Just Yet For Dillish - Says BF

No Wedding BellsYet For Dillish 

dillish bf no wedding
Despite a report in a local weekly, Steve Gaeseb has dispelled any notions that he was going to pop the question upon Dillish’s Big Brother Africa exit. Although some may have even expected Gaeseb to get down on one knee and pop the question as he got up on the BBA live stage, all he brought out was a diamond encrusted tiara.

Speaking to The Namibian right after his girlfriend was announced as the winner of the reality show, Gaeseb said even though he does have intentions of marrying Dillish one day, it won’t be any time soon.

“Yes. We have been together for a long time and I do plan on marrying her one day but not now. Maybe from next year or so,” he said.

The record label owner and businessman also said he was not all that surprised by Dillish’s conduct throughout the game, saying that that is how he knows her.

“It isn’t really surprising to me that she managed to be faithful throughout the 91 days as she has been faithful to me throughout the five years we have been together.”

Dillish surely made Gaeseb proud by going three months without falling prey to all the advances from the male housemates. Apart from that, she also avoided any serious confrontations and scandalous behaviour during her stay.

Regarding various negative rumours that have plagued the couple and will surely not go away with Dillish’s new-found continental stardom, Gaeseb is unfazed by it all. “I am a very humble man who has been through a lot in my life. I deal with people all the time so I don’t get angry easily,” said Gaeseb who added that the fact that he studied psychology also helps him deal with all of this.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Elikem Spotted In Bed With Pokello [Photos]

Elikem Spotted In Bed With Pokello [Look]

elikem pokello
Elikem and his girlfriend-in-the-making Pokello have already gotten down to some serious romance business, days after the former left the Big Brother Africa reality television show, which wrapped up on Sunday evening.

Images of both lovebirds, looking all intimate have surfaced online. The images are suggestive of how tight they’ve become post BBA, and just how serious they are taking this whole love-brewed-on-reality-television.

Both are set to go on a sponsored holiday trip worth some USD 10,000, his reward for winning the Most Romantic Housemate of The Chase, voted for by the show’s viewers.

Elikem’s prize package includes:

- A five-night, all expenses paid stay in a luxury room at the Sarova White Sands Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya.

- Two return air tickets courtesy of Rwanda Air as well as spending money.
pokello elikem bed
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Kenyan Man Claims To Be Dillish's Father, Gold Digging?

This Man Claims To Be Dillish's Father.

abdi guyo dillish father kenya

After emerging this year’s Big Brother Africa winner Namibia’s new millionaire Dillish now can smile even more after her big wish — that of meeting her biological father — came close to reality today.

Kenyan Origin

A man who claims to be the beauty’s father visited the Standard Group offices today afternoon and recorded an interview saying indeed, he fathered Dillish during his peacekeeping mission in Namibia.

Guyo claims to be part of the Kenyan contingent peacekeeping force of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG), deployed from April 1989 to March 1990 in Namibia to monitor the peace process and the first elections.

Last week Wednesday, Rinelda Mouton, a Namibian journalist carried an exclusive interview in which Dillish and her family sought to meet her real father.

Known as Dillish Mathew’s the beauty said she only learned about her Kenyan father through her mother Selma Pashukeni.

Abdi Guyo, a retired Kenyan soldier was unknown to many until now.

This is what Dillish had to tweet on the incident:

dillish father bba the chase

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Big Brother Africa The Chase Winner is Dillish Mathews

Winner | BBA The Chase Grand Finale

Dillish winner big brother africa the chase

Surprisingly, Dillish is the winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase. This comes as a suprise as many people expected Melvin Oduah to win.

Dillish wins bba the chase USD 300,000 winner

After expressing her desires to be the first woman to win the Big Brother grand prize, since Zambia's Cherise did so seven seasons ago, Dillish has done it for  Africa's women!

The sexy Namibian lass actually won it with one vote more than the Zambian female rapper Cleo, Dillish got five votes from Africa while Cleo got four from Africa. Dillish’s victory is one that won’t be forgotten by all the Big Brother Africa fans as she didn’t spent 91 days in the Big Brother house without being Head of House at any one moment.

1st Runners Up

cleo second bba chase

Cleo is the first runners up. She is the second contestant, who unfortunatelly was beaten by Dillish to win USD $300,000.

"Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" was a hit track in 1985 that was a collaboration between the British pop duo Eurythmics and American Soul singer Aretha Franklin and now 28 years later those words still ring true. Congratulations to both of the ladies!
Please note: DStv channels 197 and 198 will be terminated at the end of tonight's Live Eviction Show.
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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Beverly's Dirty Dancing On Angelo Makes Me Horny - Dillish -

Beverly, Angelo and Dillish

dillish melvin oduah

All the play, relationship and sex accomplishments in the Big Brother's House is making Dillish 'horny'.

The Namibian model confessed to Melvin during Beverly and Angelo's raunchy cuddle on Thursday night that the two lovebirds were making her horny.

Tho' Melvin tried to console her pointing out that they bed right two more weeks to brace 'trapped', his consolations yet lapse on thoughtless ears as Dillish went on to declare 'I cannot hold on anymore. She subsequent got off the seat and, plainly screamed to the camera 'Stephen I love you 'referring to her boo back home.

The housemates have been living together in the house for almost three months,but Dillish whom is notoriously viewed as a ‘tease’ of the house, the Namibian beauty is one of those Housemates who have not been linked with any man within the house, as she claims to be involved with someone on the outside.
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Monday, 1 July 2013

Maria Vs Dillish | Whom Do you like more?

BBA Polls

Between Maria and Dillish, who is better than the other? We took this question to Africa and let them decide between Maria and Dillish, whom do they like most. The polls question has been up for a week, but has since been closed.
maria vs dillish mathews

Dillish Wins 

Africa decided to vote and vote for Dillish. She won hands down with a whooping 57% vote, againist Maria who only had 42%. Besides, Maria got evicted meaning Africa had had enough of her.

Maria Looses it

Maria was once among the best contestant in The Chase, but somewhere along the way, she lost it. After rejecting Angelo's proposal and jumping into Melvin's bed, she made many people angry. They didn't like the way she was behaving, some labeling her arrogant.
Maria will be heading back to her country [Namibia] this week.

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