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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Diamonds ‘lover’ Dillish Mathews hints she is pregnant

Dillish Mathew's Boyfriend 2017

Namibian Big Brother winner Dillish Mathews who has for the past few weeks been linked to Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz could be pregnant.

This was after the singer posted a photo of a baby bump while on vacation in Qatar.

Dillish who is also a successful businesswoman back in Namibia captioned the photo

“Baby or burger”
dillish mathews boyfriend 2017

However the photo has raised doubts as Dillish looked flat when she visited Zanzibar around two weeks ago.

Diamond has denied any links to the Namibian beauty however fans were quick to link him to the beauty after they posted photos of themselves in almost the same helicopter at almost the same time.

Diamond’s baby mama Zari Hassan was also quick to hint at her less of concern over a cheating on snapchat the same week that Diamond is rumored to have spent the week with Dillish.

However its is not known if Zari was talking about Dillish or Hamisa who Diamond later confessed to have fathered a baby .

Dillish has had an on and off affair with his Namibian businessman boyfriend Steve Gaeseb and she has also been linked to Nigerian singer Flavour and fellow housemate at the big brother house Melvin Oduah.

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Flavour finally reacts to reports that he is dating Dillish Mathews

dillish mathews n flavour

Flavour finally reacts to reports that he is dating Dillish Mathews

In a recent chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the singer and Glo ambassador, Flavour reacted to the on-going reports that he's dating Dillish Mathews.
“It’s just a professional picture. For now there is nothing between us. She featured in my video and I went to pick her at the airport and also hosted her. That’s it. I wonder why they are spreading the falsehood all over the net. We are not kids and if their is something between us why hide it? It’s strictly professional for now.”
According to reports online, BBA 2013 winner, Dillish appeared in Flavour’s Ikworikwo video last year but that was strictly professional. Flavour even paid for her appearance. Then they became friends.
It was alleged that after she broke up with her boyfriend,she came for a movie in Port Harcourt.
Afterwards, she came to Lagos, on a visit and had dinner with Flavour.
Then she spent the night in his house at Chevron Estate, Lekki, Lagos, which he bought in November 2013. Thus, a secret affair allegedly emanated.
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Dillish Mathew's Age - 27

Here is Dilllish Mathew's Age

Dillish Mathews is an actress and a model who was born on September 16, 1990 and hails from Namibia. She is known for wining the 2013.

dillish mathews age

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Dillish Mathews Net Worth And Businesses

What is Dillish Mathew's Net Worth?

dillish mathews net worth


Dillish Mathews is the winner of the 2013 Big Brother Africa - The Chase winner. She represented Namibia in the BBA contest making her the first Namibian housemate to win the continental reality TV show. Dillish Mathews net worth will be how much now? She invested the money she won from the Big Brother Africa show into many businesses. The entertainer and entrepreneur won $300 thousand from the contest.
Dillish Mathews was born on 16 September 1990 in Namibia. The celebrity is a Namibia but her father Abdi Guyo, a retired Kenyan soldier said that he was part of the Kenyan contingent peacekeeping force of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG).

Dillish Mathews Net Worth And Businesses

Dillish Mathews net worth is now $2.5 million, she is into Ice Cubes business branded as "Dillish Cool Cubes" the ices is been delivered to bars or restaurant in the country. In 2014 she launched her lipstick and lip gloss line called "Vault by Dillish" in Namibia and it was also launched in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.
Dillish also co-owns a high definition hair Salon with Hellen Ngenokesho called "High Definition Spa" which she launched in 2014. High Definition Spa is a brand that prides itself by providing customers with high quality Brazilian hair, Lace wigs, Lace closures and products to maintain them such as curl activators ,silicon's ,conditioner and shampoos at affordable prices.
Dillish Mathews opened a restaurant in 2015 called "Bolster Restaurant" that serves cuisine and class in equal measure. The restaurant serves both traditional Namibian favorites as well as international cuisine like the Portuguese food.
UPDATE: From what we have gathered so far, the net worth could be more since The Real Life Princess did start wine business that has so far been doing well. Just like her lip gloss line, Dillish's wines have different varieties and are available to users in Namibia and across the borders as well. 
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Dillish Mathews - I'm Broke

Winner of BBA's 300K USD says she is broke

dillish mathews broke

Big Brother Africa (BBA) winner,  Dillish Matthews has revealed that she is broke.
In a video she posted on her instagram page a few days ago, Dillish Mathews, who won the grand price of $300k as winner of the 2013 Big Brother Africa contest, said the money is finished
“Read about what I did with my money that I got from Big Brother? It’s finished. A couple of Rolexes, kept going to Milan, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai…it’s finished. Kaput!” she said.

Watch Dillish Mathews talk about how she spent her 300K USD till she got broke

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

We Are Friends For Life! Declares Maria Nepembe, Dillish Mathews and a friend Tjuna.k

Not many people have friends in this life. As a matter of fact, in this earth full of billion people, statistics show that many people are suffering from loneliness and depression... but not former Chasemates Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews.

The two friends have declared that they are friends for life... coupled up with a friend named Tjuna. Whom do you consider to be your friend for life?

maria, dillish, tjuna friends for life

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Engaged? Checkout Big Brother Africa Winner Dillish Mathew's Finger

Dillish Mathew
Looks like Big Brother Africa reality show winner Dillish Mathews is engaged! Or maybe not.

The Namibian beauty showed off this engagement ring on her Instagram page some minutes ago. Only to suddenly delete it after fans flooded her page with congratulatory messages. 
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Sunday, 18 October 2015

BBA 2016: Dillish Nominated In "African Women Awards":


Winning a reality TV show like Big Brother Africa comes with it lots of fame, publicity, financial opportunities, pressure to stay relevant and all thus it needs one strong and committed soul to be able to keep their feet on the ground and head up.

The Inaugural African Women Awards 2015 are on later on in the year and our very own winner of BBA 2013Namibian Dillish Peya Mathews is among the nominees.

The beautiful entrepreneur will be competing in the "Promising Personality" category with others but hopefully she brings it home.

There's no doubt Dillish has been an inspiration not only to her pretty self but also to the youthful ladies out there.

Congratulations and all the best to Dillish!

source: BigBrotherMzansian
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BBA 2016: See Who Dillish Is Kissing In This Picture

dillish kiss

Who is the mystery man that Dillish Matthews is about to kiss? New man? Maybe!

Namibian hottie Dillish Matthews who won Big Brother Africa: The Chase might have a new crush.

Dillish who was rumoured to be dating Flavour at one point (she exclusively revealed to Pulse TV that they are friends) shared a picture of her about to kiss a lucky man.

Well, not to worry guys. Dillish hasn’t been taken yet. The former BBA winner was about to kiss a statue when the picture was taken

source: BigBrotherMzansian
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BBA Winner Dillish Pays Tribute to Her Kenyan Dad As He Fights In Afghanistan:

dillish mathews
For those who do not know, the 2013 BBA winner Dillish Mathews has Kenyan roots as she is of Namibian-Borana descent.

She met her dad for the first time immediately after winning BBA in 2013 and we have not heard much from him since then. Dillish however gave us an update about her dad whom she says is fighting in Afghanistan.

She then went on to write this beautiful message to her dad:

My mom just sent me this picture of my dad in Afghanistan. It's mind blowing to know that I'm a result of a UNTAG soldier who came on mission to Namibia 25 year ago haaai! These soldiers are naughty anyways, God is amazing I could've lost him ages ago but he kept him for me. He's still on the battlefield as we speak. God continue to protect him amen. Good job baba Dillish. Keep fighting the bad guys You are a result of every shooting star and all the birthday candles I blew out each year till I finally met you at age 22 . Thank you Jesus

source: BigBrotherMzansian
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Friday, 16 October 2015

Big Brother Africa: The Chase Winner Doesn’t GET SPECIAL Celebrity TREATMENT

Big Brother Africa: The Chase Winner Doesn’t GET SPECIAL Celebrity TREATMENT . She became a celebrity in Namibia when she won Big Brother. But Dillish Mathews is treated like any other citizen on the roads.
“I got stopped by lady cop. Fortunately I’m a law abiding citizen and had no unpaid speeding or parking tickets etc. I’m a smooth rider ya dig? See how neutral our traffic cops are? Love it. No special treatment whatsoever. Work mama work!”

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dillish Mathews Acknowledges Her Most Hardworking HairDresser at Her High Definition Hair Salon

Thursday, October 15. Hard work pays and good things come to those who wait. Queenyetkandjo was privileged to be acknowledged by her boss, Dillish for her impressive work at High Definition Hair Spa. It is rare for bosses to acknowledge their hardworking employees, as most of them are simply given more work to do.

QueenYetkandjo was privilaged to grace her boss's front page on s.m as she was posted as the best employee. Dillish went on to add that HighDefinitionhairspa was privilaged to have her as her input as a hairdresser was incredible. She is currently Dillish's favourite hair dresser, see her picture below


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Monday, 5 October 2015

Dillish Mathews shows off Her New Quad Bike at Motor Show

At my friend Rickys show fest. I love cars and this is my kinda thing. He also pimped my first car 'red chili' a few years back anyways, I'm about to draw the winner of the BMW so excited. Lucky fingers - Dillish dillish quad bike

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Friday, 2 October 2015

It's Pink Friday for Princess Dillish Mathews with her Flawless Fashion

dillish mathews

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sexxy Dillish Teases With a Selfie While Still N4ked in her Bed - PHOTO

Thursday, October 1st. Do not open this photo if there is anyone around you.... Dillish posted a revealing selfie while n4ked in her bed... See photo..

dillish mathews namibia

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BBA 2013: Winner DILLISH MATHEWS takes a Groundie in HOT NAMIB desert

dillish mathews namibia

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dillish Mathews Arrives Home To Another Big Party for her Birthday

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

DILLISH MATHEWS Breaks Her Virginity Again - BBA Winner Dillish has Decided to Break Her Virginity Again

BBA Winner Dillish Mathews has decided to break her virginity again. Dillish, who turned 25 years old told BBA Kenya why she decided to break her thirst for alcohol again. After the ordeal, the 25 y.o beauty said she couldn't do anything because she was too drunk.

This is why I couldn't do anything today 😂 imagine! I stopped drinking ages ago and had to break my virginity again 😑 thank you Monaco lounge I had a great time 😂

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Is DILLISH MATHEWS Pregnant? See Photo

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Monday, 24 August 2015

BBA 2015: Five Things Dillish Mathews Does To Maintain Her Beauty

We have compiled five things that BBA Winner Dillish Mathews does in order to maintain her beauty and good looks. These things are done on routine and they are necessary to maintain the looks that ladies desire.

1. Dillish Visits The Gym Often

2. Dillish Mathews vissits the Massuese Very Often

3. Dillish Mathews Sleeps in 5 Star Hotels

4. Dillish Mathews Always Eats a Balanced Diet

5. Dillish Mathews has a Pedicure and Manicure Specialist

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