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Friday, 7 March 2014

Hakeem Drops a Brand new Track "Gimmi a Minute " Watch its preview plus iTunes link here

Gimmi a Minute! - Hakeem

The Chase housemates have really stepped up their careers this year and some of them like Hakeem and Cleo have decided to join the music industry.

Hakeem has just released his lates single "Gimme Space" which is already a hit! The song is currently being played in most radio stations in Zimbabwe. Here is a preview of what the song is all about

"Gimme a minute" - Preview by Hakeem

Message from Hakeem The African Dream

"As an individual that wears his heart on his sleeve, Hakeem's style is one that is expressive and emotive and uses big notes to get a point across. Music is not only about singing, Hakeem aims to use this platform as a way to draw you into his own experiences. His first single "Gimme a Minute" doing just that."

Get Gimme a Minute on iTunes Here 

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Its All Black For Hakeem and Beverly Osu

Hakeem and Beverly Step Out in Style

hakeem and beverly

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hakeem and Huddah Controversial 'sex' Pic Emerges After He Breaks Up With Cleo

'Hakuddah' Kissing Naked? In Bed

hakkudah kiss in bed

hakeem and huddah

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Picture of The Day, Selly With Melvin and Hakeem

Melvin, Hakeem and Selly

Selly poses for a picture with one of BBA The Chase finest men: Melvin on right and Hakeem on the left. Selly loves these men, doesn't she?

melvin selly hakeem
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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Is Hakeem Ready For Cleo? Cleo Is "A Big Girl Now"

Cleo is 'Ready' For Hakeem

ice queen cleo

Romance seems to be more rewarding after Big Brother Africa than winning The Chase. So far, we have not heard much of Dillish and Melvin, but the romance that started in the house seems to be giving some contestants more limelight than others. 

After Pokello and Elikem showed interests in getting married, Cleo is now giving Hakeem 'a shot'. Speaking at Sund International hotel during a media briefing, this is what she had to say.

I can’t say a thing for now will just wait and see what the outside world has for us. I’m a big girl and I can decide what is best for me.
Would you  wish Ice Queen Cleo to hook up with Hakeem? Post your answers in the comment section below.
(website version)
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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Cleo Spotted With a Mini-skirt, exposing her legs to her thighs as Hakeem Arrives In Zambia [Pictures]

Hakeem's Warm Welcome In Zambia

cleo hakeem hacleo

cleo hakeem hacleo

cleo hakeem hacleo

cleo hakeem hacleo

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Watch Hakeem and Cleo [Video] Shower Hour

Hakeem and Cleo 

Ever since Hakeem was evicted, Cleo's future remains unknown. She is going strong as she currently is not on eviction. She has since found new friends and hopefully, she will become someone's lover soon. This can not make us forget the 'happy moments' she had with Hakeem.

hacleo hakeem cleo

Hacleo Video

These are to videos of Hakeem and Cleo in the shower. They are both lying in the bathtub, as they share their personal moments together. The video is intriguing as Hakeem in seen to be making very questionable movements and one asks himself, what his intentions really are. The video is in two parts, part 1 and part 2. See the videos and judge by yourself what really was going on in Hacleo's head.

Part one, Hakeem and Cleo, Shower Hour Video
Part two, Hakeem and Cleo Video, Bathtub, Shower Hour

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Monday, 15 July 2013

[Photos] After-life, Hunk Hakeem, BBA The Chase


Hakeem, BBA The Chase
By now we all know that Hakeem is no more but there are a few things which will remind as of the hulk from Zimbabwe. Probably his love with the Zambian diva Cleo and who will forget Hakeem Big Brother Got singing talent.
After being booted out, Hakeem promised to pursue his music career, and it seems he is just doing that according to the latest photos on facebook.
Hakeem, BBA The Chase
Hakeem, BBA The Chase fatima boity
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

[Photos] Hakeem arrives in Zimbabwe

Hakeem's Homecoming Pictures

His family was at the Harare international Airport to welcome him back.

Unlike past participants like Munyaradzi Chidzonga,Rockford Josphat who were welcomed by a legion of fans, Hakeem must have found the airport a little bit lonely as Zimbabwe literally stayed away.

He is however set to meet his fans by Joina City and Avondale Shopping Center.
Hakeem was evicted from the reality TV show on Sunday evening.
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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hakeem and Cleo, Shower Hour Pictures

These are Hacleo's Pictures just before they did their Wedding. What do you think?

Hakeem and Cleo, Shower Hour Pictures

Hakeem and Cleo, Shower Hour Pictures

Hakeem and Cleo, Shower Hour Pictures

Hakeem and Cleo, Shower Hour Pictures

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

And Hakeem is Playing Dumb Pokello

hakeem pokello

Hakeem Doesn't have Feeling For Pokello

In yesterday's Diary Session, Biggie asked the two Zimbabwean Housemates about their relationship, and no one anticipated the differing answers Biggie got. In fact,Pokello would probably be surprised if she heard what Hakeem had to say about their relationship.
While Pokello considers Hakeem her baby brother, Hakeem has a contradictory view. Hakeem made an honest assertion during his Diary Session today.

It’s strange that Pokello had nothing but good things in response to Biggie; "I've loved him from the first day I met him" and "he confides in me and considers me an older sister", while Hakeem responded "…we have never and will never be friends. She's from uptown and I'm from downtown". Ouch!

Pokello clearly thinks everything is fine between the two but it would seem that is not the case. Who is fooling who?
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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hacleo Romantic Gesture [Pictures]

HaCleo, Romantic Gesture

These are pictures of Hakeem and Cleo. The two lovebirds are among the best [Romantic Gesture] in Big Brother Africa. Dedicated fans have been busy voting for them the whole week on our site. Hakeem and Cleo are among the top most group with many votes. Click here to see which group won the Most Romantic Gesture. The polls for this category has been closed

Hacleo Romantic Gesture [Pictures]

Hacleo Romantic Gesture [Pictures]

Hacleo Romantic Gesture [Pictures]

Hacleo Romantic Gesture [Pictures]

Hacleo Romantic Gesture [Pictures]

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Watch Hakeem and Melvin, Shower Hour Video

Shower Hour Videos

Housemates Decisions, Actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother Africa producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or any communities

Hakeem and Melvin, Shower Hour Video

hakeem and melving shower hour video big brother africa

You will have to see this video to determine who has taken more steroids than the other, these guys have real muscles. Hakeem is closest to the Camera and his muscles are seen clearly. 
Occasionally, Hakeem moves and blocks the camera, cutting Melvin away from the scene. Whether he does that intentionally or not is for the viewer to decide. It is very obvious that the two either don't like each other, or don't like each other. 

See Hakeem and Melvin, Shower Hour Video

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hakeem and Cleo Kiss

HaCleo's Hot Bed Action

hakeem and cleo kiss

After a dramatic reunion courtesy of yesterday's HoH House swap, Hakeem and Cleo didn't waste any time and got right down to business. Hakeem is probably the happiest man on the planet right now. 

After pining and shedding tears for his love, Cleo, the Zimbabwean hunk finally got the chance to share a bed with and hold Cleo in his arms. The two were like a duo of high school lovers, as they giggled and play fought under the covers.After playing catch up until the wee hours of the morning, the two lovebirds, finally kissed. 
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Is This Why Women Watch Big Brother Africa?

African Women

Ever wondered why some women watch Big Brother Africa? We all know men are drawn to shower hour videos, but our dear African women have their own fetish. This could be the main reason why many women are drawn to The Chase.
Hakeem working out in boxers, bba the chase

Seems legit, doesn't it? At least, this is not as sordid as the shower hour videos we are getting from our female contestant. I can't imagine how it feels watching Hakeem like that as a lady, considering the fact that Hakeem is the hottest dude in the house (according to our polls).

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Watch Hakeem and Feza, Shower Hour Video 2013

Shower Hour Videos

First of all, we would like to defend shower hour videos of contestants that are being uploaded on this site. Big Brother Africa is 18+ rate reality show, and these are some of the perks that come with it. The decision to watch shower hour videos solely remains on the viewer. Viewers are not force to watch them

The housemates are well aware that cameras are all over the house. They are well prepared an adequately inform on the rule of the house before they are let in. If they want to get naked, they do so knowing the consequences of their actions. This would be a good time to see the moral uprightness of the contestants we daily watch on our T.Vs.
hakeem feza kiss shower hour bba8

N-ude Hakeem (Big Brother)

Hakeem is the hottest dude in Big Brother Africa the chase (According to the on-going polls). The shower hour video begins as Hakeem is in the shower. The camera shows his upper body, as he soaps himself. Minutes later, Feza is seen on the other end in the washroom.

Feza (BBA Shower Hour)

Feza is one of the few decent contestants in the house, with Koketso. With her trademark red hair, she showers with her bikini on. Hakeem then takes advantage of her and asks her to wash him. The video ends as Feza is seen scrubbing Hakeem's back. Where the ladies at?

Click here to See Hakeem an Feza Shower Hour Video

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

About Hakeem Mandaza BBA The Chase

Hakeem's Biography from Big Brother Africa 

Hakeem Zimbabwe Big Brother

Hakeem is a model from Harare. He entered Big Brother because he is a huge fan of the show and passionate about the experience. “I like the idea of taking simple and exceptionally talented people like me and thrusting them into stardom,” he says. “Also, I’m a model and aspiring actor seeking bigger opportunities”.

He says the best thing about Africa is the people, the culture, resources and history, which is “so rich, authentic and intriguing”. His favourite place in the world outside of his home country is Jamaica, because of the food, drink and climate – “and the parties are out of this world”.

Hakeem’s role model is Tyson Beckford because he was the first black male model to become a supermodel. “He was picked from the streets, yet so humble, ambitious and composed,” says Hakeem. If Hakeem wins Big Brother, he’ll invest in property, pay tithes, go to college, take care of his son and own the biggest model agency in Africa to help open doors for others.

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