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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

EX-Big Brother Africa star, Nando, Ravished by drugs

army nando

EX-Big Brother Africa star, Nando, Ravished by drugs

from: Mediamaxkenya

After getting disqualified from the prestigious continental reality show, Big Brother Africa (BBA) in 2013, Tanzania’s Nando Khan is now deep in drugs.

Nando who participated in the BBA edition which featured Kenyans Annabel Mbaru and Huddah Monroe, blames his addiction on peer pressure and a lifestyle that his friends imposed on him.

Countryman Feza Kessy, a former contender of the reality TV series, is said to have raised concerns about Khan. He is not the only one in the clutches of drugs.

Rapper Rashid Makwilo, popularly known as Chidi Benz, is feared to have bactracked shortly after a rehab stint footed by heavyweight promoter and Diamond Platnumz’s manager, Babu Tale.

Chidi Benz is alleged to be living in deplorable conditions, something that saw Tanzania’s minister for Internal Affairs visit the rapper’s mother. Khan is rumoured to have been writing a book dubbed Mhuni Huyo Mwenye Akili, before his drug woes.
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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ammy Nando Speaks Swahili In An Interview With Swahili T.V

ammy nando
If you missed it, this was BBA's contestant Nando being interviewed when he left for Los Angeles. It is interesting to watch Nando speak Swahili, as we are all used to him speaking English in BBA house. Nando speaks next to her mother, who surprisingly is supporting him in his endeavours. 

It is rare to get celebrities partying with their mother in clubs, isn't it?

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Nando's 10 - Day Birthday Party Finally Comes To an End

10 Day Party

Nando's 10 - Day birthday party has finally come to an end. From what we are getting on our news desk, the party was not as 'lively' as we expected. These guys just went there to get drunk and take photos. There was absolutely 'no fun'.
nando birthday party

nando birthday party

nando birthday party

nando birthday party

nando birthday party

nando birthday party

nando birthday party

Fellow BBA contestants Angelo,Pokello and Motamma failed to make it for the bash as they had promised,and save for his royal crew Bimp,Beverly and Fatima,no other BBA contestant graced the event.
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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Don't Miss Nando's Birthday Party at Club Bilcanas, Tanzania

Army Nando's Birthday 

army nando birthday

Its just a matter of time before Army Nando's birthday party goes down, on 5th October. It will be hosted at club Bilcanas, you don't want to miss Army Nando's craziness. 

Among Ex-Chasemates contestants who have confirmed attendance are Fatima, Bimp, Angelo, Motamma, and LK4. Be there.
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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

See Nando's Mother | Who Produced this African Prince?

Nando's Mother

After seeing pictures of Ammy Nando here, you will agree with me that beauty could indeed lie in the family. From mother to the son, see how the two look good together. 
ammy nando's mother
So this is the woman who gave birth to this African Prince, she is such a beauty!
Now that Nando has been removed from our screens, who will  be our eye candy? Who has been your eye candy so far on your T.V screens?

BBA The Chase Blogspot

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Annabel Defends Nando

Annabel Defends Nando

Kenyan representative in the ongoing Big Brother The Chase said that people should be more understanding to housemates behaviour in the reality show. Tanzanian housemate Nando was disqualified for threatening to stab Ghanaian housemate, Elikem.
Annabel who spoke to Word Is in a phone interview from Johannesburg said, “It is not easy being in the house and not everyone is perfect. You are put in a house where you are away from people you know and are living with people you have just met. For the viewers watching it is easy to look at the housemates and draw conclusions because you wake up and go through your normal routine then sit down and watch the show. You don’t understand the reason why people behave the way they do, when they are pushed to the wall.”
On being evicted, she explained, “I cannot say I feel sad because I gave my all in the house and I’m happy for the platform I got. This is my chance to be myself and do much more outside here.”
Her plans outside the house include completing her masters degree and creating a foundation that will cater for children with special needs and living with disabilities. Annabel said that she grew up with a smaller brother who has special needs. “He is lucky to have come from a family that understood and accepted him for who he is. Most children don’t. I will use the foundation to lobby governmental bodies to do something about it.”
So, are you related to business magnate Jimnah Mbaru? “Woow, I don’t want  to talk about my family I want to keep that private.”
nando annabel
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nando Tweeted His Attempted Suicide Same Time Last Year (See Tweet)

Nando Suicide?

nando suicide
A few days ago, Tanzanian representative in BBA, The Chase, Nando was disqualified from the game for instigating and provoking another contestant.
What many people do not know however, is that Nando appears to be a troubled child. In 2012, he tried to take his own life, see his tweet below after the cut: Some weeks ago, the Tanzanian lad also admitted to being addicted to a variety of ‘medications’ in his past.
He also gave insight to a very troubled childhood which may be responsible for his nonchalant attitude.
nando suicide
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tanzania's Nando Changes His Name, Returns to LA.

Why Did Nando Change His Name?


Ammy Nando of Big brother the Chase has finally surfaced on social media since his disqualification.

The young Tanzanian took to twitter to show love to his fans and assure them that he is doing okay. He also announced that he has changed his name from Ammy Nando to Army Nando. I'm not sure about the significance of the name change,but I sincerely hope it has nothing to do with war...LOL.

Anyway, since Nando says he is only in the states for a bit,I guess that means, we would see him again at the BBA8 Finale which is barely 4 weeks away.
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Monday, 5 August 2013

‘Arrest Nando!’ – Bull Dog Appeals To Police

‘Arrest Nando!’ – Bull Dog Appeals To Police

Bull-Dog1After threatening to stab and kill Elikem, the Ghanaian representative at the Big Brother Africa (BBA), Tanzanian Nando has faced the fury of Africans, especially Ghanaians.
It is to this effect that the outspoken Chief Executive of Bull Haus Entertainment, Bull Dog has charged the South African Police to arrest and jail the disqualified BBA housemate.
“For me, I think disqualifying Nando from the competition is not enough. The Police there should arrest and jail him because threatening to kill someone is equally an offence as murder. Once he has said that he feels like stabbing Elikem, it means that outside the Big Brother House, Nando might go ahead and finish what he said he will do,” Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson as he is called in real life, stated in an interview with NEWS-ONE.
It would be recalled that over the weekend Nando stated categorically to his fellow housemates that: “I swear. I felt like stabbing that n*gga. These are the n*ggas that deserve to die.”
Some fans of the BBA have also said it is not normal for someone to always have the urge to stab people.
“It was not the first time Nando has done such a thing. The first time, he had the intention of stabbing Sulu. Now he opens his big mouth and threatens to stab and kill Elikem. It seems he has a mental problem,” one of the fans posted on
But according to Bull Dog, having a psychological problem is not an excuse to go round threatening the lives of innocent people.
“Even if he has a psychological problem, that is not an excuse for you to go around threatening people. If the organizers of Big Brother will allow people who have psychological problems or people who are extremely violent to participate in the reality show, then that is their problem. Nando needs to be taught a lesson that you cannot threaten to kill people in public and get away with it, that is a serious offence. That is my view, he needs to be used as an example for people who talk loosely,” Bull Dog noted.
According to the law enforcement agencies, anyone who threatens to kill anybody in any part of the world, can be arrested and charged with ‘threat of death’.
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Video: Nando Disqualified Movie [Trolls]

Nando's Disqualified Movie is out, 

Will you be willing to buy the video?

BBA The Chase

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See What Selly Tweeted After Nando Was Evicted | BBA Payback

Selly and Nando Drama

Selly must have hated Nando with all her heart. After getting intimate with Nando while in the Big Brother house, their relationship sparked huge rumor, Nando started spilling ill news about her (Selly) giving him STD.
I guess it was a stunt to keep him in the game. It almost worked until his bad behavior got him disqualified from the Game. See the joy in Selly’s eyes. She happily tweeted as below.
Selly Galley @therealsellyghMy God has fought my battle! All the stigmatization..hmm!! Fanx 2 all my friends and fans! Fanks to Africa!!

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nando has been Disqualified | BBA The Chase Update

Tanzania's Nando has been disqualified from the Big Brother House.

After tonight's Evictions that saw Annabel and Sulu being given the boot, Big Brother then gathered all of the Housemates in the living room.

Today Big Brother reproached Nando for the fight that he had with Elikem on Friday. The heated face-off with Elikem saw the two fellas exchanging fiery words between them. Nando is the one that instigated the fight. Instigation and provocation is a violation of the Big Brother rules.

For this fight Nando received his second Strike and Elikem was has served with his first Strike. Afterwards the Tanzanian was called into the Diary Room. He was given his third Strike for making threats against Elikem's life, saying: "I feel like stabbing him. A nigga like that deserves to die".

And he was also caught sleeping with scissors under his bed and this is not the first time that he has been caught with a weapon in the House. The troubled young fellow has had a dramatic nine weeks in The Chase. Last month he was served with a a Strike and a stern warning from Big Brother after he was found carrying a knife to the Channel O Party. The possession of weapons or intention to be violent in the House another violation of the Big Brother rules.

After the Diary session Nando was told to immediately exit the House. Big Brother then gave a warning to the Housemates to conduct themselves as adults.

Big Brother Africa
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Wanna know a secret? | Nando Spills Family Secret

What's Nando's Family Secret?

Could it be that the Tanzanian lad Nando is the way he is because of the hardships that he has gone through in his 22 years of existence? Tonight he sat in the lounge narrating stories of how his little brother has managed to cause commotion thus affecting the whole family.
Needless to say we all have crazy family stories to tell but Nando’s story took the cake this evening when he started telling his fellow Housemates, Bimp, Bassey and Annabel about how his family is so messed up from a missing brother to a father he wasn’t convinced is dead. ‘I don’t know whether my dad is dead or alive, I didn’t go to his funeral and nobody told me anything, including my sister” he said confused.
Apparently Nando’s dad had been admitted in a hospital in India and the family was told that he had died from diabetes but Nando was not entirely convinced. “My dad had a big construction company with caterpillars and all but all that disappeared along with him,” he continued. He realized that as soon as he can he needed to go and see his father’s grave in India so that he can put his mind at ease.
As if that was not enough, his younger sister also died and he didn’t know where she was buried nor does he know where his stepmom is buried either. His older sister got married to some guy and is not that close to him. The only time they had any contact was the one time she had called him to say that he doesn’t keep in touch anymore. The other time she contacted him was on his Facebook page where she went on about being scarce.
Nando hasn’t seen his little brother in forever and the only time he heard from him was also on Facebook where his brother told him that he was fine and had a company he had started but again Nando wasn’t comvinced by his story because their grandma had told him that the boy was back on drugs and can’t be trusted because he once stole their maid’s cellphone and went to sell it.
Annabel told him that he needed to go and find his brother when he leaves The Chase and he said that he’d do that and also fix his family tree while he was at it because he had a lot of questions he needed answered.
It’s now crystal clear to see where most of Nando’s animosity stemmed from and as much as we all have our family stories, bad as they may be, they differ by the hardships we’ve all experienced. We can never judge people because of their backgrounds but we can have an idea of the way they think. Nando couldn’t commit to Selly, even though he could see that she liked him. And by his own admission he didn’t know the love of another woman except that of her mother and father. Could this be because he has never opened himself up to the love of a lover? Better yet, who could ever be able to break the wall that he’s spent his whole life building around his heart?
Do you think Nando will ever find love he can trust?
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Friday, 19 July 2013

I Miss Nando, I Wish He Would Win The Money – Selly

Evicted Ghanaian representative in the ongoing Big Brother Africa (The Chase) Selorm (Selly) Ghalley has disclosed that she misses Tanzanian representative Nando and wishes that he wins the reality show.
The Ghanaian was evicted from the 91-day reality show after 49 days amidst controversies and allegations that she had sex with Nando.
Although Selly vehemently denied having sex with Nanado, the Tanzanian confided in Ethiopian housemate Bimp that Selly had infected him with an STD and he was undergoing treatment.
Speaking in an interview with organizers of the reality show, Selly disclosed she is sad she had to leave the house and that: “I miss being in the house and also the food. I also miss Nando.”
Touching on the sex issue Selly stressed that: “We never had sex. We got intimate but under the blankets. I did that [because I] respect myself and Africa. But that said I wouldn’t do anything differently when it comes to my moments with Nando.”
Asked who she is supporting to win the US$300,000 prize money since she is out of the game, the actress said: “Of course, My brother Elikem first and foremost, but if he doesn't make it, I would like Nando or Melvin to win.”
Selly said she hopes Nando wins the money because, “I realize he is real and doesn't mince words, he says his mind. And Melvin because he is my brother (West-African brother), and we shared some likeness for each other.”
On her future plans, the actress said she will continue with her acting career and disclosed that she has already received a call from a Nigerian film maker who wants her to star in his film.
“So I will do that film and other projects. Big Brother has given me the opportunity to have my name put out there so I will use that to go further. I would just like Africa to continue showing me love like they did when I was in the house,” she said.
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Selly Denies Giving Nando An STD

Selly and Nando STd Saga

Evicted Ghanaian housemate Selorm (Selly) Ghalley, has denied allegations made by Tanzania’s representative Nando that he contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) Chlamydia from their sexual escapade in BBA.

“I am not a person who talks about my private life, but what i can say is that we had physical intimacy which did not progress any further.” said Selly in a telephone interview from South Africa.

Nando told Bimp that Selly gave him Chlamydia. When Bimp asked him why he did not use a condom, he said Selly refused. Nando is alleged to be undergoing treatment for the disease.

The Ghanaian actress said as of Monday, she had already received a call from a movie director in Nigeria to star in a movie. She says she would not trade her experience in the house for anything else.

“I can do this over and over again” said Selly
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Friday, 28 June 2013

Nando Punished For Walking With A Knife

Nando KnifeGate Scandal

nando knifegate

Tanzania's Nando has been punished by Big Brother Africa for carrying a weapon (knife) during the Channel O party. He sat quietly in a corner after being punished. This is what other housemates had to say about the ordeal.

Beverly Osu

Beverly told Selly "You must go to the Rendezvous Room for your date with Nando with a knife of your own. Clearly, people are walking around the House like we're in the hood. I feel like I'm watching a movie", she said.

Melvin Oduah and Annabel

Birthday boy Melvin, whose main mission is to spread love and have fun, especially considering that today is his day, was clearly not impressed. "We're here for fun, not to stab people". Annabel seemed more concerned with what might be happening on Big Brother's social pages. "I'm positive Nando and his knife are trending on Twitter right now", she said with a giggle.

Hakeem and Maria

Hakeem also weighed in on the issue and seemed to understand where Nando was coming from. "Nando loves knives. He always carries one around and he's never threatened anyone". The Zimbabwean also conceded how shady the whole scene looked because Nando wasn't looking Sulu in the eye. Maria on the other hand came in with an opposing view. "My first impression is that he was scared and he wanted to protect himself. I didn't even know Nando carries knives", she said.


The Housemates seemed to reach a consensus that Nando had carried the knife to the Channel O party, in case Sulu tried to lunge at him, after he spent some time with Sellyin the Rendezvous Room and subsequently, in the bedroom.

What do you think of Nando carrying a knife to the party?

Annabel, Bolt, Dillish, Hakeem, Maria, Natasha and Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 27; Selly, Nando Un-Cut Video Big Brother Africa

Selly and Nando

If you still don't believe they didn't do it, we would refer you to this link. Go and watch it all by your self. Viewers will be believers.
selly nando video un-cut

Un-Cut Video

The video begins with Nando and Selly cuddling in Bed. At first, nothing much is seen as both of them are below bed covers. 
Minutes later, the blanket slips down and we See Nando and Selly, passionately kissing. You can not mistake them for other contestants as they are unique. Their hair fill up the pillows they are lying upon.

Nando and Selly Video

The two kiss for some time, before Nando decides to do the un-thinkable. Nando hand is seen as it reaches down to Selly's pants. The two attempt to bring their hips together. Getting intimate in Big Brother Africa seems to be a huge task. Bolt and Betty tried this method and didn't work.

Nando gives up whatever style they were trying to do. At this point, viewers may wan't to throw up, or close the video and do something else as Nando does something very unusual.

Nando goes down on Selly

In this scene, viewers may think Nando has left Selly and gone somewhere else, only for Selly's unusual face impression to give away. Nando's head is seen, moving under the sheets, around where Selly's hips are. Nando could actually be giving Selly head!!

Download/See Nando and Selly getting Intimate Video, Big Brother Africa The Chase

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Watch Selly and Nando S3x Video, Big Brother Africa

Selly and Nando Tape

selly nando video

Selly from Ghana and Nando from Tanzania decided to get a little too cosy. Selly, a.k.a Selly is this beautiful lady from who struggles a bit too hard to get the attention. It might be interesting to know how Selly managed to get from here, when she was still in the village to here.

Nando on the other hand is Tanzania's playboy who can make any girl scream. His looks are good enough to make the ladies ogle.  Nando is rumoured to be featuring in BBA Season 9 but we will give you the final confirmation here.

Bolt and Betty Saga

After Bolt and Betty saga, fans across Africa have become discontent with the actions of some contestants. It is important for Africa to note that  the actions of contestants neither represent those of BBA The Chase reality show, country or any culture

Nando Bones Selly [Video]

Did Nando have sex with Selly? Many people say they didn't really do the act but you need to see the video for yourself. See the video here un-cut, you won't believe it. Nando went ahead to claim that Selly infected Nando with a bad STD. Selly vehemently denied the claims. She even threatened to take him to court for defamation!

Selly and Nando Video Tape, Download/View

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[Day 28] Selly and Nando Straightening Things Out

Selly and Nando

selly and nando, bba

Selly: I want to go back
Nando: why do you wanna go back, let's talk about it now, before I make the decision and then it's all bullshit, I hate bullshit
Selly: Everybody is telling me you just want to get laid, that's why you brought me
Nando: Yes, I told them before I was horny as fuck, and I told you yesterday
Selly: Now that you've gotten WHAT YOU WANT, I want to go back
Nando: Okay, is that your final decision? Ok I'll send you back on Friday
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Saturday, 8 June 2013

See Nando's Pictures BBA The Chase

Nando from Tanzania 

Ammy Nando is a Big Brother Africa Contestant Nando season. These are random pictures of him in the house, as well as in his hometown, Tanzania. Enjoy

nando ammy


nando bba the chase

nando tanzania flag

nando ammy

nando big brother africa

nando tanzania

nando pictures hot


Nando pictures


nando cassete


nando feza

nando blue shirt


Nando marvin


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