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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Watch Pokello Shower Shower Hour Video

Donload Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Video of Pokello in the shower, Day [13]

Pokello, Shower Hour video

Pokello Zimbabwe

Pokello is a contreversial BBA contestant from Zimbabwe. Hours after getting into the house, her sex tape was all over the internet. This did not go well with the normal society out there. For us Big Brother Africa fans, this is just part of THE GAME, THE CHASE

Pokello from Zimbabwe is becoming more unpopular by the day. Most people find her not so interesting. They don't feel her. Others don't like the fact that she goes to sleep in make-up, and wake up in the morning with make-up. It is like she breathes air and make up to survive.

Watch more shower hour videos here Free. Download them and enjoy as we continue watching The Chase

Also, Watch Pokello's S3x Video Tape here Free Download


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Friday, 28 June 2013

Shower Hour Pictures Big Brother Africa

More Shower Hour Pictures From Star Game

Shower Hour Pictures Big Brother Africa

Shower Hour Pictures Big Brother Africa

Shower Hour Pictures Big Brother Africa

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Natasha, Shower Hour Video Big Brother Africa

Shower Hour Videos

Housemates Decisions, Actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother Africa producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or any communities

Natasha Shower Hour Video

natasha big brother africa shower hour video

Natasha is one crude lady, this might explain why she has been nominated for eviction ever since she stepped into Big Brother Africa. She however manages to escape eviction but for how long will she manage this?
Natasha showers like a real African woman, scrubbing herself well, especially her feet. As she is completely nude, she clearly resembles a real African woman, full with features.
From her well rounded body, to thick thighs and butt, she would be very suitable to make a King's wife. Men would pay a very high price as dowry for her. See more how Natasha depicts a typical traditional African Woman.
natasha shower hour

See Natasha Shower Hour, Big Brother Africa The Chase

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Watch Motamma and Bimp Shower, BBA Shower Hour Videos

Shower Hour Videos

Housemates Decisions, Actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother Africa producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or any communities

Motamma and Bimp; Shower Hour Video

motamma bimp shower hour video, big brother africa

This is one of the most awkward shower hour videos in BBA. Awkward because of the tension between the two housemates and Africa itself.

Busy is seen busy in the shower, scrubbing himself. Motamma on the other hand *Motamma was evicted, there will no longer be shower hour videos of her* is relaxing in the shower.

Motamma seems to be showering cautiously, like she is waiting for a time bomb to explode. She is not even bathing, just touching and looking at herself. Bimp pretends to be busy showering, but is occasionally glancing at Motamma, like waiting for a sign to do something.

From time to time, Motamma is seen dancing. Soon, Bimp finishes showering and leaves. Motamma then bursts into a full dance, staring at herself in the mirror.

See Motamma and Bimp Shower hour video, Big Brother Africa

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Cleo, Shower Hour Video, Big Brother AFrica

Shower Hour Videos

Housemates Decisions, Actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother Africa producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or any communities

Cleo, Shower Hour Video

cleo, big brother africa shower hour video
Cleo is seen naked in the shower. The Cameraman is generous enough to show her full body, from knees to face. As her trademark, Cleo is having white stuff on her face. It looks like make-up, whatever the white stuff on her face helps her in.
Cleo is alone in the shower, looking as restless as a young teenager. She moves her legs synchronously uncontrollably frowning at herself. She goes ahead to soap her body. She is wearing a cap to protect her hair from water.
You will be interested to see how Cleo quickly washes her pubic area, before proceeding to wash herself clean and leave the shower room

See Cleo, Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Video

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Maria Nepembe Shower Hour Video, BBA The Chase

Shower Hour Videos

Housemates Decisions, Actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother Africa producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or any communities.

Maria Nepembe, Shower Hour Video

maria shower hour

Maria stands next to the shower, holding her body tight, reluctant to get into the shower. She is wearing a Jamaican hat to protect her hair from water. She steps into the shower, half body, and scoops water around her body with her hands.

Maria takes the soap and starts soaping herself. She starts with her armpits, good to notice her armpits are clean shaven. She then goes ahead to soap the area below her hips. She turns round and round, topless. She stands too close to the camera, you literally get to see everything above her hips

See Maria, Shower Hour Video View/Download

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Feza, Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Video

Feza Kessy from Tanzania

feza bba

Roki said, "I would touch the sky, just to be with The Chase ladies". It is no secret that Big Brother Africa 2013 has had beautiful ladies. Find out who was voted the most beautiful woman in Big Brother Africa The Chase. There was a 'most handsome' man category too. 

Feza might have lost The Chase, but she was a woman to watch out for. Her character set her apart from other contestants during Season 8 of BBA The Chase. She won the heart of many when she and Oneal teamed up to form Oneza.

Oneza did not manage to win the coveted prize for the most romantic gesture but their relationship has survived the turbulent waves. The two are still going strong, 6 months after the end of BBA The Chase.

Feza, Shower Hour

feza kessy shower hour

Feza's Shower hour video begins with her seated in the bathtub. She plays with the water, swirling it round her playfully. She swirls the water, as she adjusts the tap. All this time, she is wearing a bikini.

As Feza waits for the water to fill up the bathtub, she moves nervously in the bathtub, occasionally glancing around the washroom.

See Feza, Shower Hour Video, Download/View

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Annabel, Shower Hour Video 2 BBA The Chase

Shower Hour Video Criticism

Blah Blah Blah Sordid pictures,,,, Blah Blah Blah Sordid Videos,,,,,, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah United Kingdom..

Big Brother Africa Started in United Kingdom. They are the ones who came up with the original idea of Big Brother Africa reality T.V show. Yes we all know that.

That explains why United Kingdom guys are enthusiastically interested in condemning us Africans for paying for Big Brother Africa VIP  Access.

annabel mbaru,big brother africa

Annabel Shower Hour Video

This is Annabel's shower hour video. The video is for adu1ts only.

See Annabel Shower, Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Video 2

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Maria, Cleo, Shower Hour Video BBA 2013

Shower Hour Video

This is one of the most awkward Shower hour videos ever shown on BBA The Chase. The video is of Cleo and Maria during Shower Hour. The video starts as the two, Maria and Cleo are already in the shower.

Cleo From Namibia

Cleo stands, soaping herself at the furthest end of the Camera. She looks busy and is facing away from the camera. She faces away from the camera most of the time. In fact, if you don't check clearly you may not notice her presence as the video progresses.

Maria From Namibia

As the video starts, Maria is seen soaping herself. She stands next to the camera, and all the focus rests solely on her. Maria is wearing a ganja head-gear to protect her hair. The camera zooms in as she turns and we see a cute necklace from behind her back.

Music plays as Maria and Cleo shower. The two looked bored, or too engrossed in their shower session, they utter not word throughout the video. Cleo eventually finishes and leaves Maria behind. Maria continues to shower, cleans herself, dries herself before leaving.

Click Here to View/Download Shower Hour Video Cleo and Maria

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Latest Shower Hour Videos Big Brother Africa

Lates Shower Hour Videos

This is the only place where you can get info on how to get the latest shower hour videos from Big Brother Africa. Big Brother is a world-wide reality TV show that is aired in various parts of the world, including Africa where it appears to be most popular. 

From Australia, we have Big Brother Australia, Big Brother Canada, Big Brother US and in Africa we have Big Brother Africa. Each reality TV show has it's own rules concerning shower hour videos and how they are to be aired. 

Remember, in Africa, you can always subscribe to the VIP member in the official Big Brother Africa website to see all the content without restrictions. You can also see some latest shower hour videos and pictures from around the internet, as some can be found when users share them on social networking sites. 

Enjoyed the current shower hour videos so far? Remember, in Africa we have Big Brother Mzansi, Big Brother Angola and the continental Big Brother Africa. You will have to be specific when looking for particular videos and images from the official BBA sites. 

Meanwhile,  let us give you a trick on HOW you can watch the LATEST SHOWER HOUR VIDEOS from Big Brother Africa. These videos are enjoyable by both Male and Female African viewers. Read carefully, this is how you can get to watch the Latest Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos

Latest Shower Hour Videos

Shower Hour Videos are posted on a daily basis. If you have taken your time to read the labels of the videos, you should have seen something like [LEAKED].

This means the videos are leaked into the internet, that is how people like you get to see them over the internet.

However, these videos are not leaked on a daily basis. It is ILLEGAL! The initial goals of Big Brother Africa have to be achieved, and that does not include turning it into a p0rn show. That won't be acceptable.

Get VIP Access Big Brother Africa

If you would like to watch the latest shower hour video, just get yourself a VIP Access Ticket. That way, you will be able to see the latest, and most recent shower hour videos from Big Brother Africa, PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE. This is how you get yourself a VIP ticket. Click here to find out.
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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Watch Sulu and Motamma Shower hour Video, BBA The Chase

Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos;

Ladies can now have a moment of relief as this is one of the few shower hour videos that have men in them. Women had started complaining tha there were not shower hour videos of men being release. They should worry no more.

Watch Sulu and Motamma shower

Sulu is a Zambian contestant, to read more about Zulu, click here. Motamma on the other hand is one diva from Botswana. To know more about Motamma, click here.
motamma big brother africa

Shower Hour Videos

The video begins with Sulu, seated in a bathtub with a wash cloth in his hands. The Zambian contestant is seen soaping his arms and back while seated in the water. Moments later, he rises from the bathtub and his weiner is seen, kinda small (prob due to the water).

The Scene is then switched and we see Botswana's Motamma. The water seems hot as steam is all over the bathroom. Motamma is seen scrubbing her body with a washcloth. She is wearing a red hat, she has fake hair that is not supposed to touch water. In the last scene, Motamma is shown scrubbing between her legs. She likes to keep that area clean.


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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Watch Maria and Beverly Shower BBA The Chase

Shower Hour Videos


This is a video showing Maria and Beverly in the shower during the popular shower hour sessions. Maria is one of the cutest girls in Big Brother Africa as well as Beverly.
big brother africa shower hour maria

Maria and beverly in the shower. Maria is a contestant from Malawi, while Beverly Osu is a contestant from Nigeria. See Beverly osu tw3rking with Denzell here.

Shower Hour Video

See the shower hour video of maria and Beverly now!!



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Friday, 7 June 2013

Watch Fatima Shower, Shower Hour Videos

BBA The Chase, 2013 pictures
Download from Youtube, Shower hour videos here

  Fatima Shower Hour Video

Fatima is generally good in shower. Of all the contestants, she is seen taking a good decent bath. She doesn't act weird, or shower in an un-usual way. Fatima showers thoroughly, unlike other contestants in the shower hour videos.
big brother africa shower hour pictures


Fatima as seen in the shower. She hails from Malawi, a renown T.V presenter. To know more about Fatima, click here


  Fatima Shower Hour Video

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Watch Selly Shower Hour Video; BBA The Chase

Download Video of Selly Big Brother Africa Contestant here

Selly Shower Hour Video

selly shower hour

  :{ Picture Removed Due To Its Explicit Nature :{

Shower hour videos are now coming with background songs. You no longer have to be clueless watching in silence as the contestants clean themselves. You enjoy it, and Big Brother Africa loves entertaining us. We will be uploading videos that can be downloaded with small handsets. Only high quality videos are available for download now, (HD).

Watch this and a couple more shower hour videos just for you. For more information on Selly, the Big Brother Africa contestant, click here, otherwise click on the download links below and enjoy the shower hour videos.


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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beverly Osu BBA Shower Hour Videos 2013

Beverly Osu,  Shower Hour Video

Beverly Osu is a Nigerian contestant in Big Brother Africa The Chase. She is one of the best contestant in the house as she has never come anywhere close to eviction, as per the writing of this article. She is hyper-active and has maad energy. You can read more about her info here

Nigerian Drama

A little technology with a country full of people is a brief description of Naija people. They are full of drama, with never ending obnoxious ways of life. Think about anything crazy about African and you will be sure it has already happened in Nigeria. Nigerian blood runs in the veins of Beverly Osu.

Shower Hour Video

This is a short clip of Beverly Osu in the shower. We see Beverly Osu turning off the shower, naked, as she grabs her towel. She wraps the towel around herself and jumps in-front of the mirror. Beverly Osu is then seen dancing like a mad woman. Remember when she was dancing naked in the garden with Uganda's Denzell? This time she is all alone, and has to hold her towel tight, lest it falls down.


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Watch Dillish Shower Hour [Video] BBA

Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos

  • Download video Dillish in the shower. Watch and download shower hour videos here free

big brother africa shower hour video dellish namibia dillish

Dillish Mathews managed to prove to the world that indeed she is The Chase.  At the end of BBA The Chase, she managed to outrun all BBA The Chase contestants to win USD 300,000.

Dillish Mathews, who happens to be very good friend to Maria Nepembe, is that humble, polite yet outgoing bad girl. She was a bad girl since high school, standing out in most events.

Dillish from Namibia

dillish mathews shower hour

This is Dillish's Shower hour Video, exclusively of Big Brother Africa The Chase. From this site, you can trust us to ALWAYS provide you with the latest Shower hour videos. Google + See Delicious Dillish in the shower, BBA Gossip.


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Friday, 31 May 2013

Big Brother Africa The Chase Latest News: This Week So Far

The first week of The Chase has been eccentric so far. Things have gotten complicated and more complicated as more and more surprises have hit us real hard. So far the trending housemates this week were Denzell, Beverly, Dillish, Angello and the rest

 BBA Survival Tips:

prezzo big brother africa

- Prezzo unleashed BBA survival tips to the contestants. As he was interviewed, this is what he had to say

You have to put all of that behind you and focus on what you want achieve. If you spend too much of your time thinking about loved ones back home that will kill your game and you won't perform to the best of your ability because your mind is not focused, that can lead to you cracking under pressure.
- We were then presented by five housemates up for a possible eviction. We are supposed to vote for the one we want to save. The housemates on the evictee list are
  1. Huddah - Diamonds
  2. Sellly - Rubies
  3. Natasha - Rubies
  4. Betty - Diamonds
  5. Denzell - Diamonds

The housemates were getting to know each other well. However, two of them seemed to be hitting on FAST!! Meet Bolt and Betty, with The First Kiss
- We saw the first Kiss from the Beauty and the Beast. The loverbirds Bolt and Betty seemed to hit on the first day. How could that happen? That can only be understood by Beauty and the Beast.

Contestants were then given tasks of preparing gifts for their secret crush. Who knew Beverly would be left out in the cold?
natasha big brother africa

Natasha won't stop talking. She must be a talking machine, but not compared to one irritating Denzell. Besides getting most votes as the most annoying person in our blog, it seems like he needs clothing donation from other housemates.

Huddah discovers he only way out is by using her body. Yes, back here at home (Kenya) her body is her business. She is now wearing hot bikinis and africans are responding to her. Africans are finally talking about her. Did I hear a housemate saying she looks like a chinese?

huddah big brother africa kenya shower hour pictures

Dellishious Dillish, xo xo. Can we get enough of her? Big Brother needs to zoom into her cute face more frequently for us to enjoy her beauty better. On twitter, her pictures are the most shared among all other contestants.
maria and dillish

 Melvin becomes Thee Ladies man, not only in the house, but with almost all African girls. He is from Nigeria and Nigerian girls love him!

Angello's dreads seem to be annoying and pleasing people 50-50. Some like them, some think it is too much. He decided to hook up with Huddah as he request

Denzell decided to play his witt on Africa. He has been trendig for the past few days instead of Big Brother Africa. I think is symbolic of the guy in the video below.

Notice the guy starts running but is disadvantaged by the blast. Somehow, he manages to overcome it and runs past the other contestant in the chase. After becomming too unpopular, Denzell is making his way into many African's heart
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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Chase, Do You Remember This? Shower Hour, Big Brother Africa Season 8

Remember the famous shower hour in the past season? Check the wet hot clip here. 

Shower Hour Videos 

Wealthy people with access to DSTv VIP show of Big Brother Africa get to see some interesting scenes that we ordinary people don't see on our Dstv decorders. 

They charge extra money for people to have close-up views and detail coverage of many interesting scenes that happen in Big Brother Africa.

 For us, we will depend on the internet to get to see some of this beautiful, God's creation scenes when we get internet connection. 

Thanks to the generous people with VIP, I have partial access to some of the shower hour videos that some people would like to see. We will be posting them here as we get to find them, in videos.   
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

All Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos

All The Shower Hour Videos From BBA

Excited yet? Let's go on a trip and see all the videos so far we have had from Africa's reality TV show, Big Brother Africa. Some are exclusive, others have been edited out and some are just laid plain in front of your eyes to see what's happening,

Remember when we never had shower hour videos in Big Brother Africa? The videos were never there from the start. They were only introduced recently, after a couple of series had been aired. All shower hour can be gotten from the VIP section of Big Brother Africa's official website. You will be asked to pay a one time fee and that is all, here are some of the videos and pictures that were l3aked into the internet..

In Big Brother Hotshots

Many stunts were pulled in 2014's Big Brother Africa Hotshots. Many people had been complaining that the show was boring... and that was until when biggie decided to bring in surprises and twists that many of us never expected. 

Ten contestants from various Big Brother Africa seasons were randomly chosen and told to come and join the final hotshots. Their task....? To bring mayhem and chaos into the house. Among those selected were Uti, Vimbai, Elikem, Luclay, Miss P and Feza from Tanzania. 

Continental Stars, Diamond and Fally Ipupa were also brought into the hotshots house... See their captions below

diamond bba

fally ipupa bba

Butterphly BB Hotshots Shower Hour

Esther BB Hotshots Shower Hour

Luis Screws Mira

Other Big Brother Hotshots Shower Hour Videos

big brother africa shower hour videos

This is just a small collection of shower hour Videos from Big Brother Africa. They arise the interest of many people due to the intense emotions, and feelings that are usually conveyed in the videos. Its like wanting a piece of cake so badly but you can't have it because someone is watching you. What happens when you get a chance to bite it? Watch it for yourself right here.

Ola and Dalphine

These shower hour videos happened a long time ago, most people may not know about them. They probably happened during season one, two or three of Big Brother Africa. Since the show started, those who managed to watch the first show may be old!

First ever s3x in Big Brother Africa UK

The interesting, exciting bba reality TV show is not only found in Africa. We do have Big Brother competitions from all over the world. Among them, Big Brother Australia, Big Brother UK are among the most watched BB reality TV shows. Here is one hot video from Big Brother Africa UK that got many people talking ...

Huddah In BBA shower

The videos were hard to find, some of them were just found lying around the internet. Here is Huddah Monroe, from BBA Season 8 in shower with Bolt. Huddah was a contestant from Kenya, while Bolt was from Sierra Leone. That was when they were still in the show,

big brother africa shower hour huddah

For the video, we managed to find the shower hour video of Huddah Monroe and Bolt. You can click on that link to take you to the site where you can download the videos freely.

Selly Shower Hour 


Selly is the real definition of Started From The Bottom Now We Here. See her picture back in the days when she was still a village girl here.  Now that she is here, get to see her shower hour video right here. See Selly shower hour video here

Cleo and Pokello

cleo shower hour

Cleo and Pokello were not that close friends but they both spent some personal moments in the shower. The two seemed to be close, yet so far away from each other. See Cleo and Pokello Shower hour here

Beverly Osu, Angelo Shower Hour

beverly osu uncut

The sexual action took place around 11pm on Friday 2nd August. Angelo took Beverly from behind under the sheets. They were grinding like mad and you could hear loud moaning. Choi! See Beverly's Shower hour scenes below...


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