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Wednesday, 2 November 2016



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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Spinlet Interview with Eazzy

Spinlet Interview with Eazzy

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Big Brother Africa Amplified Bhoke and Ernest Get Steamy

Big Brother Africa Amplified Bhoke and Ernest Get Steamy

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

THEMBI SEETE Shakes her booty in a night club - VIDEO

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

BASS by Kacey Moore (Official Music Video)

Ex Big Brother Africa housemate and Award winning Songwriter/Poet Kacey Moore’s new offering titled BASS will blow your mind.
BASS comes barely a few weeks after the release of his most talked about single in Ghana “African Lady” featuring legendary music producer Zapp Mallet.
The song 83 bar song which has no chorus was recorded live at EMOH Recording Studios. the entire song has just one instrument -the Bass guitar- and it was played by his personal guitarist, Nee Mants3.
The song has numerous underlying themes- varying from love to hard work to respect.
Kacey Moore released the audio for BASS online yesterday, and it’s accompanied with a music video which is directed by SHERATED- the first Ghanaian female music video director. ‘There is a subtle theme in the video, Kacey Moore says, I hope you catch it.’
Watch Kacey Moore’s BASS on youtube NOW and share with your friends.
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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Official video: Rain by Mbali S.M.A.T

Official video: Rain by Mbali S.M.A.T featuring Chelsea, Soxx, Mathias and Ex. Enjoy

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

VIDEO: How to find Dillish Mathew's Salon from Namibia's town

VIDEO: Dillish shows willing customers and fans how to find her high end salon right from Namibia town

Many people have been saying they can't find my salon. Here is a short video to help. :) happy Monday
Posted by Dillish Mathews on Monday, June 22, 2015
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Sunday, 24 May 2015

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: K2 & Blue Bonking:

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Two Videos of K2 and Blue Kissing in Big Brother Mzansi

Video One: K2 & Blue Kissing

Posted by Blue and K2 - Big Brother Mzansi 2 on Sunday, May 24, 2015 at BBA Kenya

Video Two: K2 & Blue Romantic Kiss

You would swear that K2Blue went to kissing school....yhooo...their kissing always melted me
Posted by Blue and K2 - Big Brother Mzansi 2 on Sunday, May 24, 2015
 BBA Kenya
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Housemates Lose Wager Again!

Come rain or shine the Housemates pulled out all the stops and danced, twerked and swayed their lives away under testing weather conditions. After losing last week’s Wager and another 100% worth of Bucks, the Housemates were determined to crump, jive and strut their way into a win this Dance Week.

The bunch wanted it so much this week, we could taste it!

With the colorful proudly South African flag draped in the background, the Housemates showcased the melting pot of the dances our rainbow nation has to offer.

First up were Big Brother’s miners, Thando, Jase and Sol and boy did they stride and stomp to their own rugged beat. Their gumboot dance was nothing short of delightful with Jase scoring an A for effort!

Then it was the turn of popping Pantsula’s Mzamo and MK with a talented Loko leading the darting vagrants. This style of dance demands skill, agility and a sprightly lower body. This threesome displayed as much edge as they did dexterity.

The rain was never to be a barrier as Sophiatown made its way back from the 1950’s in a swanky rendition of disco jiving. Led by famme fatale Kat the Housemates paired up and danced fiercely in the rain. Heels were clicked, skirts were tossed this way and that, and sexy was brought back.

Sexy Lexi got on the platform and led Lola and Poolie in a series of Hip Hop crumps and stacks. She topped it all off with some waist jutting twerking to a gallery of applause. How short were those shorts again Lexi?

With all that flair and swagger the Housemates were confident that they had sailed into a win and flurry of booze would be unfurled but it wasn’t to be so. As impressed as Biggie was a thumbs down was all the floored Housemates got. After all that work they had lost another Wager simply because Loko foiled Thando’s Secret mission when she couldn’t keep a Secret.

The Housemates, although a flabbergasted bunch, were weary but forgiving with the attitude; ‘if winners can win together they can lose together’.
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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Please Give Me A Kiss

Please Give Me A Kiss

Mandla is not one to wast time in the Big Brother Mzansi House, he wants to take his and Lexi's relationship to another level and seal it with a kiss.
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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Elikem features in new Music Video by ABENA as Mr. Right

Elikem Kumdorzie in video 'Regiulate'

elikem kumdorzie in ghana
Elikem arriving in Ghana
Elikem had a rare opportunity of featuring in a music video by a Ghanian sensation artist. Elikem acts as Mr. Right in the video as Abena, the Ghanian musician calls unto him to come and 'regulate' her body, and make her dreams come true.

Abena is a model cum musician from Elikem's home country, Ghana. Check out the music video below and see how chemistry between the two worked out...

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

DKB Slaps Zainab BBA Stargame [Video]

DKB Slaps Zainab 

dkb slaps zainab

Zainab and DKB get into a heated argument before DKB loses his cool and slaps Zainab hard on her face. Her glasses fall off as she tries to fight back. Housemates intervene before more damage is caused. DKB was disqualified, he said he was sorry for his acts later on.

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Watch Maria and Beverly Shower BBA The Chase

Shower Hour Videos


This is a video showing Maria and Beverly in the shower during the popular shower hour sessions. Maria is one of the cutest girls in Big Brother Africa as well as Beverly.
big brother africa shower hour maria

Maria and beverly in the shower. Maria is a contestant from Malawi, while Beverly Osu is a contestant from Nigeria. See Beverly osu tw3rking with Denzell here.

Shower Hour Video

See the shower hour video of maria and Beverly now!!



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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Watch Selly Shower Hour Video; BBA The Chase

Download Video of Selly Big Brother Africa Contestant here

Selly Shower Hour Video

selly shower hour

  :{ Picture Removed Due To Its Explicit Nature :{

Shower hour videos are now coming with background songs. You no longer have to be clueless watching in silence as the contestants clean themselves. You enjoy it, and Big Brother Africa loves entertaining us. We will be uploading videos that can be downloaded with small handsets. Only high quality videos are available for download now, (HD).

Watch this and a couple more shower hour videos just for you. For more information on Selly, the Big Brother Africa contestant, click here, otherwise click on the download links below and enjoy the shower hour videos.


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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Watch Bolt and Betty having [Video] BBA The Chase

Ethiopia's Betty and Sierra Leone's Bolt 

See, Download Video Of Bolt & Betty getting intimate in Big Brother Africa The Chase, 2013 Part 1 and 2 right here

Big Brother Africa 2013 

I can't believe what I saw. It is kind of weird when you get to watch this video, you wouldn't know what to say. It is Betty, from Ethiopia and Bolt from Sierra Leone . I bet you saw their pictures earlier on this site. This is a video of what actually transpired before the two posed that way in that picture.

bolt and betty bba the chase video

Betty Disgraced her country

Many women in Ethiopia were disgraced by Betty's act in Big Brother Africa. They claim that what she did was the complete opposite of what was expected by their culture. Biggie says the acts of the contestants are not representative of any community, individuals or Big Brother Africa show. 

Video and Pictures [Un-Cut]

The video begins with the two grinding and humping each other. What you will see is a hand grabbing the blanket, such that no body part can be seen. A few minutes later, we see Betty removing her head from the blanket. Her hair looks furry. Bolt follows suit by emerging part of his head from the blanket.

BBA Bolt Does it All

The humping and grinding continues for a while before we see Bolt gets un-interested and starts resting. All this while, Betty seemed pretty un enthusiastic on what was going on, so she just lied there, letting Bolt do the work. How could she be pleased by such petty small work?

Betty from Ethiopia

Minutes later, we see Bolt struggling to do something under the blanket. It is like he is trying to wear his pants or grab something that is held up under the blanket. It is during this scenario that we get to see Betty, un-cut. The blanket moves further down and we see the small camel toe Betty has. For more info, check out the video below. You can find us on google plus

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Watch Pokello S3x Tape [Pictures n Video] Big Brother Africa

  Pokello S3x Video Tape With of  Stunner Chideme 

pokello zimbabwe seex tape

These are the pictures of Pokello Nare and her boyfriend Desmond Chideme (Stunner) which was leaked during BBA The Chase. The pictures surfaced online after Pokello joined Big Brother Africa, and staying for two weeks.

BBA The Chase

The effect of the video and pictures has been immense. Many people are asking where is the moral code for BBA The Chase contestants. Pokello Nare surprised many when she eloped with Elikem after The Chase, despite the damaging leaked tape of her and stunner.

The two are now a fashion powerhouse with Elikem running Elikem The Tailor designs and Pokello running Queen of Swagger. Together, they make Polikem fans proud of them. Word has it that the two are planning to get married soon.

Big Brother Africa Pictures 

There are only three pictures which has been released. Click (and view/download) on the title to see exactly on the photo you want. 

Pictures Removed Due To Explicitly 

Find us on google+ here
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Friday, 31 May 2013

Big Brother Africa The Chase Latest News: This Week So Far

The first week of The Chase has been eccentric so far. Things have gotten complicated and more complicated as more and more surprises have hit us real hard. So far the trending housemates this week were Denzell, Beverly, Dillish, Angello and the rest

 BBA Survival Tips:

prezzo big brother africa

- Prezzo unleashed BBA survival tips to the contestants. As he was interviewed, this is what he had to say

You have to put all of that behind you and focus on what you want achieve. If you spend too much of your time thinking about loved ones back home that will kill your game and you won't perform to the best of your ability because your mind is not focused, that can lead to you cracking under pressure.
- We were then presented by five housemates up for a possible eviction. We are supposed to vote for the one we want to save. The housemates on the evictee list are
  1. Huddah - Diamonds
  2. Sellly - Rubies
  3. Natasha - Rubies
  4. Betty - Diamonds
  5. Denzell - Diamonds

The housemates were getting to know each other well. However, two of them seemed to be hitting on FAST!! Meet Bolt and Betty, with The First Kiss
- We saw the first Kiss from the Beauty and the Beast. The loverbirds Bolt and Betty seemed to hit on the first day. How could that happen? That can only be understood by Beauty and the Beast.

Contestants were then given tasks of preparing gifts for their secret crush. Who knew Beverly would be left out in the cold?
natasha big brother africa

Natasha won't stop talking. She must be a talking machine, but not compared to one irritating Denzell. Besides getting most votes as the most annoying person in our blog, it seems like he needs clothing donation from other housemates.

Huddah discovers he only way out is by using her body. Yes, back here at home (Kenya) her body is her business. She is now wearing hot bikinis and africans are responding to her. Africans are finally talking about her. Did I hear a housemate saying she looks like a chinese?

huddah big brother africa kenya shower hour pictures

Dellishious Dillish, xo xo. Can we get enough of her? Big Brother needs to zoom into her cute face more frequently for us to enjoy her beauty better. On twitter, her pictures are the most shared among all other contestants.
maria and dillish

 Melvin becomes Thee Ladies man, not only in the house, but with almost all African girls. He is from Nigeria and Nigerian girls love him!

Angello's dreads seem to be annoying and pleasing people 50-50. Some like them, some think it is too much. He decided to hook up with Huddah as he request

Denzell decided to play his witt on Africa. He has been trendig for the past few days instead of Big Brother Africa. I think is symbolic of the guy in the video below.

Notice the guy starts running but is disadvantaged by the blast. Somehow, he manages to overcome it and runs past the other contestant in the chase. After becomming too unpopular, Denzell is making his way into many African's heart
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Profile Extra: Huddah Monore [Video]

huddah, big brother africa

Video of Huddah Monore as she enters the house, Big Brother Africa. Isn't she cute? The top Kenyan flag looks good on her...

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