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Friday, 6 January 2017

3 PHOTOS of Maria Nepembe that would make any Man have a wet dream

Maria Nepembe PHOTOS 2017

maria nepembe 2017

maria nepembe 2017

maria nepembe 2017

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Prezzo's Nudes Surfaces online

Prezzo nud-e in a bathtub with two women

Prezzo, former All star BBA rep's nude have surfaced online. The former boyfriend to late Goldie is seen nude in a bathtub with two girls. There speculations that this could be a move to promote his new song, 'Liq Her' whose music video was launched the same day this nude photos surfaced online.

When contacted, former BBA contestant said that he does not have any idea how his private photos reached online. Prezzo says that he has just seen them online, just like everybody else. See the daming photo below.
prezzo nude photos

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

P0RN IMAGES Thought To Be Beverly Osu's Surface Online

Beverly in P0rn Videos?

beverly osu

Rumours have been going round that Nigeria's BBA rep Beverly Osu acted a ponographic movie. Some explicit and nasty pictures have surfaced online containing an image of a black woman suspected to be Beverly Osu who was in BBA The Chase.

Could this rumours be true? Remember when BBA The Chase started and a seex-tape of one of the contestants found its way online? Why is this happening to famous people, especially celebrities who have featured in Big Brother Africa?

Our correspondent came across blogs claiming Beverly Osu has been acting p*rnographic videos with white men. Is this true? Read one message that was written in one of the blogs below..
It is had to believe that desperation would actually pushed Nigeria's representative in BigBrother Africa show, Beverly Osu into selling her body acting a porn movie with white men.
Is it true that Beverly Osu could be acting p0rn with white men? Take a look at the pictures below. V!ewer discretion is advised. Images are not su!table for young viewers. 

beverly osu acting porn

We have not been able to verify the identity of the woman in the pictures above. Would Beverly Osu really do this?

Beverly Osu P0rn Picture from video one

Beverly Osu  P0rn Picture from video two [Expl1cit]

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BBA The Chase Winner Dillish Mathews Bashes Bloggers For Saying She Posted Nude Pictures on Her Instagram Page

Dillish Posts 'Nude' Pictures On Instagram

In what seemed to cause anger to Dillish Mathew's die-hard fans, bloggers have found themselves in trouble for putting up blog posts claiming that BBA The Chase winner Dillish Mathews has posted 'nude pictures' on her Instagram page. 

Some bloggers across Africa have been saying Dillish Mathews is posting nude pictures on her Instagram page, something that is uncommon in Africa's culture. This is the 'nude' picture that that has been doing rounds across the internet belonging to Dillish Mathews...

Dillish Mathews 'Nude' Picture

Nude Dillish Mathews

Dillish Mathews who has been recieving lots of questions from her fans about the alleged nude pictures laughed off the allegations. She says she can't start reasoning with the story...

"a few of my fans have been telling me that bloggers have been writing about me posting 'nude pics' on IG. I went through all my pics on instagram and this is the 'nude pic' apparently! haba, where do i even start reasoning with story lmao" - Dillish Mathews

With the help of her fans, Dillish Mathews has been making fun of bloggers trying to 'earn money from other people's sweat'. Some even claimed that the same bloggers were unable to spell Dillish Mathew's name correctly from the first day she stepped into Big Brother Africa

Some bloggers have been calling her Dellish, others Dilish among other names with mistakes. She insists her name is Dillish Mathews

At the end of it all, Dillish and her fans agreed that bloggers need to mind their own business. "There is no big deal about Dillish being nude. We have already seen it all while she was in BBA. She can do whatever she wants with her body" said one of Dillish's Fan
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Sunday, 13 October 2013

[Full Video] Beverly Osu being FINGERED by Angelo Collins From BBA The Chase

Beverly Osu Fingered by Collins B

beverly osu fingered

It reached a point where Beverly Osu and Collins couldn't get enough of each other. They decided to get cosy while in Big Brother Africa The Chase.

See the full video footage below

Beverly Osu Video From Big Brother Africa

 Click To See Full VideoVideo Beverly Osu Fingered

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Kenya's Huddah Monroe Posts More N*de Pictures. Is this her only Fame Strategy?

Huddah Monroe N*des

Huddah monroe has reportedly posted more nude pictures on her Instagram page. Follow her on Instagram here.  As Kenya's popular celebrity news site quotes it, "Her Ass Is Real". Scroll down to see her pictures. 

Proud to be a P*rnstar

If you have not read why the author would hate to be in Huddah Monroe's shoes you can read it here. Today we ask, is this the only strategy she can use to keep her head above the "famous and popular" waters? 
huddah monroe ass

huddah monroe in bed half naked

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Friday, 4 October 2013

Pokello and Cleo Shower Hour Video BBA The Chase

Shower Hour; Pokello, Cleo 

Cleo From Namibia

Is Cleo shy or does she has a blush-y permanent face? She is like ever smiling, a face full of expression all the time. This video was not very vivid but it sure lives up to the expectation. The scene begins with Cleo, soaping herself. She is too careful not to scrub her butt-crack for too long.

Its like the camera is placed behind the mirror, as Cleo stares at it all the time. She moves her body into posses, as she looks at herself (in the camera). All this time she showers with her pants on. Who does that in the 21st Century?
pokello cleo big brother africa shower hour pictures

Pokello From Zimbabwe

We have had enough of Pokello already. One tape and we are all done with her. Regarding her career and future plans, Pokello has the ball in her court. She has to deal with her consequences and deal with them hard. She is seen bathing in a bathtub, comfortably seated.


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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

[Video] Angelo and Beverly Under-covers BBA The Chase

Angelo Collins and Beverly Osu

It all started with tipsy kiss. Most people would like to say Angelo took advantage of Beverly. Apparently, Angelo and Beverly where drinking alcohol when it suddenly happened. Angelo kissed Beverly, a deep wet kiss.
beverly angelo

 Many people thought the kiss was disgusting, why? Is it because of the contrast between the light skin of Angelo and dark skin of Beverly or is it because of the looks? Whatever happened happened, but things seem to turn into a very interesting twist.

Angelo the other day admitted that he was into Beverly. "She is my girl". It is now apparent that Angelo and Beverly are into each other. Who is having real feelings for the other, and who is just messing around with the other? Can Africa please tell us their observation?

Under-Cover Video

This is the latest under-cover video of Beverly and Angelo. We can not for sure say that they were having sex, but the two were surely getting intimate. We see Beverly acting really enthusiastic in the video, like she is having a time of her life. Angelo on the other hand looked relaxed, and cool with himself.

See/Download Video, Angelo and Beverly Under Covers

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Meet Lil Melvin Oduah, Big Brother Africa

Melvin Oduah

Is this Melvin Oduah in Big Brother Africa from Nigeria? I am so voting for him!!" ~ Anonymous BBA female fan

big brother africa nigeria

Ever wondered how Melvin Oduah looked like when he was a kid? Most ladies wouldn't have picked him when he was a kid. Where did he get the abs from?
melvin oduah kid child small back in them days
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Monday, 17 June 2013

7 Contestants On The Chopping Block!! [Nominations]

Evictions Sunday 

chopping block big brother africa

This week, we will be having 7 contestants up for a possible eviction this Sunday.
They are;

  • Nando
  • Bolt and Betty
  • Elikem
  • Natasha
  • Motamma
  • Oneal 
Vote for your favourite contestant on the on-going polls on our site. Don't forget to vote out the contestant you don't like from the house.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Is This Why Women Watch Big Brother Africa?

African Women

Ever wondered why some women watch Big Brother Africa? We all know men are drawn to shower hour videos, but our dear African women have their own fetish. This could be the main reason why many women are drawn to The Chase.
Hakeem working out in boxers, bba the chase

Seems legit, doesn't it? At least, this is not as sordid as the shower hour videos we are getting from our female contestant. I can't imagine how it feels watching Hakeem like that as a lady, considering the fact that Hakeem is the hottest dude in the house (according to our polls).

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Natasha Caught On Camera Using a S3x Toy [Photo]

Natasha, Big Brother Africa

Curious things tend to happen in the Big Brother House when the lights go out as Natasha proved in the wee hours of the morning.
She purred to her fellow Rubies, “Don’t be scared if you hear a zZZzzzzZZZzzz sound while you sleep, it’s just me and my v!brator,” and then smiled mischievously like the cat that got the cream.
big brother africa natasha

Where is The Toy Natasha?

Natasha with her dirty mouth of hers you just never know what is true and so the intrigued Rubies asked her for proof. She suddenly played coy and merely giggled but as she giggled Elikem who was sleeping in the bed next to her with Pokello jumped up from under the covers and exclaimed, “I heard it”. “You are hearing things,” Natasha said in a fit of laughter.
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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Watch Dillish Shower [Picture n Video]

Big Brother Africa The Chase

dillish bba

Just when we thought we would go 24 hours without another nice picture hitting our screens, BOOM, we are served with one of the hottest food in Big Brother Africa The Chase. Don't you love the show? Everyone is now talking about Big Brother Africa, some in a bad way, others in a good way. We care less as we go for what we want and we get it.

She is wow! I will love this picture for the rest of this week. Dillish is so Dellishious. Keep your eye on the full video that is coming up, just around the corner.

Good News,

We found the video!!

Click Here to Download/View Dillish Shower Hour Video

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Watch Cleo, Koketso Shower, Hour Video

Koketso Shower Hour Video

South African Evictee

Koketso, a very hot chick from South Africa is in the scene, taking a shower. She is on the eviction list and might get evicted, if our dear South Africans don't do enough to save her. Koketso stands nearest to the Camera and is wearing a pink Bikini

koketso cleo south africa big brother africa the chase shower hour

Cleo Shower hour Video

Spoiler Alert!

There are many bad things about this video. First of all, cleo doesn't live up to my expectation. She is not firm. She doesn't have firm chest. Does she have a baby? How old is she? We just might check that out in her bio here. If you have checked her bio, I think you now know why we are disappointed.

See also Koketso Evicted From BBA The Chase

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Huddah, Elikem Shower Hour Video BBA The Chase

Huddah and Elikem Shower Hour

Day 5; Huddah hits the shower with Elikem. Yes, Big Brother Africa contestants share only one washrooms, and will have to queue if anything goes wrong with their tummies.

Huddah looks too conscious in the video, something I don't like. The video starts when Huddah is already in the shower, with her trademark yellow Bikini. She is seen scrubbing her butt-crack, but the cameraman in is too cautious not to go down below.

She then removes her thong, followed by her vest, err, whatever was on her shoulder. She showers for two seconds then grabs her towel. She wraps the towel carefully around her breast, exposing her camel-toe. Elikem enters the scene, with a towel around his waist. He looks confident.
big brother africa shower hour pictures elikem

Elikem Takes The Spotlight

Elikem then becomes the focus of the camera. He removes his pants without a second thought and his wiener jingles as he moves. Huddah giggles, like she has never seen one. They are both in the same shower. From there on, its a series of laughs and talks as the two argue about god knows what instead of jumping into action.

Click Here To View/Download the Video

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Big Brother Africa 2013 Shower Hour Pics

Shower Hour Pics

Here are some of the exclusive shower hour pictures from BBA The Chase. Starting with each contestant from every representative country, here are some of the shower hour pics that are on the internet. Remember, you can always get the VIP  membership from the official BBA site to view all the content without restrictions.

Picture Removed Due To Explicity

Annabell Mbaru

She is the owner of the latest damning pictures. She is from Kenya, a student and a fashion designer. She is doing well in the reality show, but only time will tell if she will get the price. Below is her photo. If you want the video, you can get it from this site. Just look around
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Watch Annabel Shower, Big Brother Africa Shower Hour videos Annabell

Download Video, Annabel shower hour free. No VIP access needed. These are Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos, 2013.

Ann Mbaru a.k.a Annabel from Kenya

Annabell from Kenya shows Africa what she has. She is well endowed and is not afraid to show what she has. The Video begins with Annabell washing her undies. It is a red thong which seemed to be real dirty (She washed it for a very long time.)

ann mbaru big brother africa

BBA Shower Hour

The video then skips and we see Annabell soaping herself. She soaps her whole body and most importantly, her two cargos that she struggles to carry with her around. She washes them in a very interesting style, how she holds them at once, soaps them and scrubs them.

Shower Hour Video

Annabel's shower video seems to bring all the boys in her hood. It might be the reason why she is in BBA in the first place. Big Brother Africa is slowly turning to an immoral site and everyone is following. It is now a CULT. This world is surely ending.


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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Watch Pokello S3x Tape [Pictures n Video] Big Brother Africa

  Pokello S3x Video Tape With of  Stunner Chideme 

pokello zimbabwe seex tape

These are the pictures of Pokello Nare and her boyfriend Desmond Chideme (Stunner) which was leaked during BBA The Chase. The pictures surfaced online after Pokello joined Big Brother Africa, and staying for two weeks.

BBA The Chase

The effect of the video and pictures has been immense. Many people are asking where is the moral code for BBA The Chase contestants. Pokello Nare surprised many when she eloped with Elikem after The Chase, despite the damaging leaked tape of her and stunner.

The two are now a fashion powerhouse with Elikem running Elikem The Tailor designs and Pokello running Queen of Swagger. Together, they make Polikem fans proud of them. Word has it that the two are planning to get married soon.

Big Brother Africa Pictures 

There are only three pictures which has been released. Click (and view/download) on the title to see exactly on the photo you want. 

Pictures Removed Due To Explicitly 

Find us on google+ here
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Watch Pokello S3X TAPE BBA The Chase 2013

Struggle To Be Famous

The struggle to become famous is ever increasing day by day. We are seeing people do the unthinkable, just to become famous. Is it really worth it? Or, is this part of the big conspiracy called Illuminati  We may never know, but one thing stands for sure that it is here with us.

Mad Sk!lls In B3d

Big Brother Africa Shaming Video

Pokello is one expert in bed. I have never seen a woman ride a wiener like that. The scene starts with the camera focusing on Pokello's tummy. It looks enlarged, like she had eaten too much, or she was pregnant, or she just has a tummy, as big as that of a man, who drinks too much beer, and eats lots of roasted meat.

Pokello is the main actor in the video. The camera focuses on her hips as she rides the poor guy like a uni-corn. She won't stop, she keeps going and going and going. The camera then shifted to her face, where we see handsome woman, with a mo-hawk style of hair, 

She seemed to be in deep pain, or is it pleasure? She is holding down her moans, as she holds her breath. She is all sweaty from her forehead to her neck. She is brown skinned and men love brown skin women.Then Stunner, a.k.a her boyfriend a.k.a the poor guy does the unthinkable and puts the camera right where his D is entering her P. 

Men tend to like yellow yellow girls more than dark-skinned girls, the reason why this video has gone viral. Girls on the other hand want to learn a thing or two from Pokello's visibly good skills. Where is this world surely going to?

updated, without text on screen
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